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I’m Mireille Parker and I help people to train their minds, love their lives and be happy. I’m also a lover of long train journeys and the neighbourhood pets. One day I’ll get a cat. Perhaps I know nothing else except that.

There are two women inside of me. One is the Zen French woman, taking pleasure in the everyday, and the other is the Warrior Queen who roars to life in times of need. The Sascha Fierce to my every day Beyoncé.

I’m sure you can relate!! You have a story too I am sure.  You’re the hero or heroine of your journey. And most often just the superstar of your day doing the daily grind, rising and shining, as they say.

I always longed for an interesting life. The hero of my 20s was Anais Nin, living life fully with all her senses. Exploring the world in her open and deeply feeling, sacred and unconventional way.

But although I studied French and later lived there, my reality was sometimes quite different.

At 38 now though I am happier and finally really here now, living in my hometown of Perth, Australia. In the last five years I’ve moved countries, become a Life Coach, taught in a Swiss hotel school/university, created and ran the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course and workshops, made massive decisions and had major surgery, including on my brain. I love to laugh, write, read, dance, meditate, explore language, eat well, swim in the ocean, go on train journeys, hang out in bed, tune out the world, rule my mind and travel.

The most effective way I can help you personally is through private coaching

Otherwise, there is the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program

Though coaching, teaching, facilitating and connecting with so many women, what I know is that there are two areas we feel most disempowered. One is our relationship with ourselves ; our body and beauty. The other is our relationship with others, particularly men. If this is you, you can access the guide to being  Queen of your Love Life here. And learn how to Love your Body Beautiful here.

A real desire and calling I feel is coming is working with more men too. So if you’d like the tools to use the power of your mind, have healthy relationships, simplify and create well-being to have a more satisfying experience of this life, I’d love to hear from you. Email admin@mireilleparker.com or book here.

If you wish to contact me for anything else, it’s admin@mireilleparker.com

To your joy and mine…


Mireille xxx


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The most important kind of freedom is to be who you truly are.

                                                        -Jim Morrison

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