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I’m Mireille Parker, writer, creator, teacher, global voyager, life lover and Divine Living Certified coach.

There are two women inside of me. One is the Zen French woman, taking pleasure in the everyday, and the other is the Warrior Queen who roars to life in times of need – brave and fiercely empowered.

I’m sure you can relate. We all have a story. You’ve had your big challenges, the struggles, and the daily challenge of managing it all, everyday.

My everyday best self is  the Zen French woman, the one with almond-milk cappuccino, pen in hand and journal open, wondering, learning, appreciating and tuned in. She is the one savouring the simple pleasures of life, enjoying food and wine with family and friends, yoga, aerobics, dancing, budgeting, saving, scheduling, enjoying a clean and tidy home and time for reading and observing alone in a cafe. She is conscious. She enjoys simplicity. She is present.

She has presence.

I have always craved two things : one was to be conscious (and not waste time doing stupid stuff) and the other was to live a creative, adventurous, artistic, passionate life. Yes. I grew up in the suburbs of the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Australia, dreaming of being a pilot and having an apartment in Paris to go back to when I flew in (with a French boyfriend, of course).

When I started high-school, I didn’t take art (should have) and didn’t start to explore my creative side till years later. I learned French though and while studying psychology, english literature and history at university, worked and saved to go travelling.

So it was that I travelleled extensively in Europe and India (my mother’s homeland), lived in London and later in New York to go to hip hop dance school and in Lucerne, Switzerland, on and off with my Swiss German husband from 2008.

I had to learn German but French was always my first love.

At the age of 24, after a difficult break-up when my egoic mind was going crazy, I discovered a life changing book that taught about how to use the power of our minds and energy to create calm and happiness. I read two books ; one was Absolute Happiness and the other was Holy Cow. Afterwards I went on a transformational journey travelling in India. There I started exploring my creativity and learning to meditate.

In my late twenties I lived in Montpellier, France briefly but have travelled the country extensively before and since. So yes, this fascination with France. I used to want to live there until I actually did and realized that France is a place that exists inside of me. Being “French” is a feeling. It feels like presence, pleasure, style, moderation, self-control, culture, cuisine and beauty.

It feels like paying radical attention to my surroundings. It feels like living in the moment. It feels like hanging out with friends just for the enjoyment of being together. It feels like having a glass of wine at a side-walk cafe. It feels like laughter, not taking like too seriously. It feels like dressing up to visit a museum. It feels like fun.

Joie de vivre!! I’m big on Joie de vivre. The Joy of Living through practising the Art of Living.

What happens when we are enjoying living so much and not so hooked on this desired future that we forget to fully participate in the present is that good things naturally happen. Right?

That’s why I’m all about Loving the Life we’re Living today.

There are some things that used to keep me from being present. The biggest one was this forever wanting to lose 5kg.  The never being happy with who I was. I dieted, detoxed and exercised… but I always rebelled.  It was only when I stopped that cycle of deprivation, obsession, binging, restriction and rebellion and became conscious to how I was speaking to and about myself that I was able to easily be my natural weight and love my body beautiful. What freedom!

Well, I grew up to be an English as a Second Language Teacher, went back to uni for a year to study Creative Writing and and three years ago became a Life Coach and started my own business. Business was certainly one thing I never thought I’d be interested in. But doing fulfilling work and developing my creativity… very interested!!

I spent 7 years writing a novel and am just so damn happy that I finished it.

I learned so much in that time! About creativity, persistence, determination, consistency, priorities and actually doing the work – no excuses! One of these days I’ll publish it. After all the experiences I’ve had in the last three years, there’s also another book in me that will be written in due time.

At the start of 2015, I made the biggest decision of my life and returned to Perth to live for good. This was a huge decision because it meant completing the relationship with my husband and starting again on my own here.

In 2014, at the age of 35, there was a cancerous lump in my breast that was removed and following this I went on a healing journey and at the same time became a coach and started my business. Then in mid 2016, after suffering terrible migraines for several weeks, a scan found a significant tumour in my head.

I went straight from the MRI to the GP to the neurologist to the hospital and two days later. Luckily, it was operable and so this tumour was excavated too (the whole brain sac removed and replaced! It was a 7-hour operation, starting at 3 and finishing at 11pm on 28/07/2016).

Unfortunately though, it too was an estrogen-receptive tumour. The time in hospital and the 6 months recovering body, mind and spirit afterwards was so deeply profound. I took time off to fully work through this experience. There was a lot to process, a lot of consequences, so much that I questioned about my beliefs and my life that ultimately, it has been the greatest transformation I have ever experienced.

I feel so whole. So happy. So joy-filled.

This January 2017, I went on a silent 10-day vipassana meditation retreat and I am as committed as ever to the art of living, to living well, to helping others, to having fun. Because life may not be short (in fact for most it’s long), but it could be and I intend to do it well. Living now.

Releasing all that intrudes on and distracts from presence. Transforming it with ease and pleasure.

I know how to do this for myself and to facilitate others in their own awakening, their own conscious journey. I’ve been learning about the power of the mind since I was 24. Now, 14 years on, I can use my knowledge and experience to help others.

The most effective way I can help you personally is through private coaching

Otherwise, there is my Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program

Though coaching, teaching, fascilitating and connecting with so many women, what I know is that there are two areas we feel most disempowered. One is our relationship with ourselves ; our body and beauty. The other is our relationship with others, particularly men. If this is you, you can access the guide to being  Queen of your Love Life here. And learn how to Love your Body Beautiful here.

A real desire and calling I feel is coming is working with more men too. I love men!! Just as much as I love women!! So if you’re a man looking for guidance, the tools to use the power of your mind and simplify your life, connect and relate to yourself and others, to create your own happiness, I’d love to hear from you. Email admin@mireilleparker.com or book here.

If you wish to contact me for anything else, it’s admin@mireilleparker.com

To your joy and mine…


Mireille xxx


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The most important kind of freedom is to be who you truly are.

                                                        -Jim Morrison

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