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Mireille Parker ParisI’m Mireille Parker and I help people to train their minds, love their lives and be happy.

I always longed to live an interesting and fulfilling life. First I had to learn to love my body beautiful and give up the endless dieting and comparisons, then, following a break-up at age 24, I learned to quieten the inner critic and judge and in the process started learning how to use the power of my mind to create the life I desired.

For many years I was pretty good at that. But since discovering how to use a schedule better and be more organized while using the principals of the law of attraction / art of allowing even better, life is seriously magical.

I’ve heard so many people’s personal stories through my work and through my love of people. So really and truly I know, life is what we make of it.

Would you love to experience more ease too?

What can I help you with ?

** Setting up the systems and structures needed to simplify, ease overwhelm and have time for your desires and dreams.

**Using the power of your mind and aligning your energy to have a more fulfilling and more magical experience of life.

**Creating peace within, tuning into intuition and quietening the inner critic.

**Transforming the habits that are holding you back into healthy habits that stick – with pleasure.

** Loving your body beautiful and releasing obsessions.

** Creating a life that you love so that you don’t crave the drama of unhealthy relationships.

** Letting go of the past and truly living in the present.

I’ve coached and mentored lots of small business owners, artists, writers and musicians, as well as those feeling lost and under-utilized in their careers. I’ve worked with those going through difficult break ups, divorces and body image issues to uncover subconscious blocks and train their minds to think positively, trusting that everything is working out for the best. See the testimonials here.

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Feminine Energy Success

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Option 1 : a 90-minute session


Option 2 : 4 x 50-minute sessions (used over a month-6 weeks)


You’ll also receive…

*Welcome Pack to get the most out of your session(s)

**Email, Facebook or Text message contact with me.

***Plus handouts, notes and practices from the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program (as required).

All sessions are over Skype so are available to you wherever you are in the world.






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Suzanna Broughton

Intuitive Financial Healer and Trainer

When I decided to work with Mireille I was ending a much needed break from biz and redefining what I really wanted to achieve in my business. I knew I needed support and weekly accountability to keep me on track.

Mireille provided that and so much more. She got that what was coming up as a challenge in my business was really about what was happening with me at a deeper level. She wasn’t afraid to hold the space while we explored, moved through and let go of a lot of what was making it challenging for me to move forward with playfulness and ease.

During our time together I made some very significant moves in my business and life. Not the least of which was delivering my 12 week transformation program in a group for the first time, moving interstate, starting a new relationship, letting go enough to hire more help in my business than ever before as well as delivering a talk to the largest audience I have even spoken to (and with the biggest revenue result!).

Mireille’s wisdom and skill helped me navigate from near business oblivion towards the most successful year in my business yet. Thank you so much Mireille.”


Rosemarie Lawless


I came across Mireille by chance. It was a very bleak time in my life and I saw her offer thought why not. I had always wanted to find out what life coaching was about. That was the beginning of my recovery! At first I thought this is going to be fluffy and feminine and not for me however Mireille is such a personable and beautiful person that I was drawn to what she had to say and I could relate to her.

There was homework to be done and the weekly coaching sessions meant I was accountable so I did it. This became a source of sanity and I firmly believe assisted me to develop an inner strength that I am still building on to this day. Each session was different and Mireille’s intuitiveness would seek out the help I needed to unblock my thoughts every time. It was amazing really!

I recommend Mireille to all of my friends and tell them that she will change their lives as they know it when they are ready! That is the secret – when you are ready to receive from the universe Mireille is there to guide and nurture you towards a more BEAUTIFUL life!”



Paula Constant

Sowilo Soul Centre owner/operator, author of Slow Journey South and Sahara + speaker at TEDx Perth 2015

“I had a sense of several difficult issues (love, food, and money, to be precise) dancing together on the edge of my conscious mind, and not in a positive way. I felt that I was blocked in all those areas, and that there were old beliefs in there holding me back. Mireille took me through a powerful guided meditation… leading me down a pathway into my own being and opening doors to my subconscious beliefs I hadn’t known were there. In doing so, she literally helped rewire my thinking, so that in the weeks following, I can still return to that meditation to help me do things differently.

The results were immediate, and are still resonating. Mireille’s private coaching has been something of a revelation to me, as it went against my own instincts to take it up, but has proven to be one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.

She is a beautiful soul with genuine insight, and a true desire to help and inspire. I trust her completely, and highly recommend her.



Option 1 : a 90-minute session


Option 2 : 4 x 50-minute sessions (used over a month-6 weeks)




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