Creating your Sacred Space

Sacred coffee space

My sacred space on my travels often involved coffee…

It feels so incredible to be back working at my desk! It’s been months of traveling and working elsewhere  (months!) and I love having this sacred space to come back to. It feels luxurious. I’m swimming in my desk space.

It’s got me thinking about the importance of having a sacred space in our lives – a space for us to retreat to, and dream, reflect, plan and create our lives.

A sacred space is a place to connect with the Divine as well of course – whether you believe in and talk to God, the universe, your higher self, something else or all that and more. It’s a place to ask for guidance and to receive it.

So make it sacred. Make it a place of symbols and meaning with things that will support your faith (in you). Create a sacred space to take your desires seriously. A spot in your home just for you.

... and sometimes massages (:

… and sometimes massages (:

Creating space is of course much more than a physical thing. Space means time as well – so let it be a ritual that is strictly observed as a time for you to connect with yourself each day.

Not having kids, of course it’s easy for me to preach about time and space (you may be thinking), but I’ll have you know that I’ve spent the last month traveling with my family… so I know about creating space for myself!

Wherever you go, always take some space with you. No matter how many people you are with (and especially in a group), it’s important to create your sacred space – for your sanity and for those around you. If you’re like me (and I believe you are), you need your daily loner time to feel normal.

How long has it been?

When things get busy, that ‘space’ can be the first to go. That’s why it needs to be sacred. You need to defend it against intruders! You wouldn’t miss Christmas because you were too busy, would you? You plan your December around it!

The real questions are… Do you value yourself enough take up space in your world? Do you value your needs and desires as much as you would like to?

This is a potent time of year to reflect on where you want to be in the next 3 to 12 months. Who do you desire to be and what do you desire to create? Give yourself that sacred space to get clarity.

I’m offering a complimentary session for you to get clear on your desires for the next 3-12 months. You can apply for it here. I’ll take you through the process of gaining clarity from a place of feminine power. You’ll also know what the next steps are for you so that you are not merely letting the years ‘fly by’ but are actively creating your reality.

It’s a fun and transformative process that I’d love to share with you if you’re ready for this level of personal attention. Click here to claim your complimentary session.

 We have the desire, not just to live but to evolve.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

♥ Do you have a sacred time and space that is just for you?♥

♥What are your challenges in creating the time and space for you?♥

... and even Dunkin Donuts served as a sacred space!

p.s. Even Dunkin Donuts can be a sacred space!

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