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Imagine a life where you feel intuitively guided, calm and present.

You love your body and feel amazing in your skin.

You know how to go within and receive wisdom.

Your mind is clear.

You make decisions that feel right and you follow through on them.

And your life feels beautiful and fulfilling, joyful and abundant!


This is what it means to be Healthy and Powerfully Feminine.

But right now perhaps you are…

Experiencing the sinking feeling of never getting through your to-do lists.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do each day.

Pushing to achieve and keep up, which leaves you feeling depleted and stressed.

Struggling to have enough time for both your responsibilities and your dreams.

Experiencing financial struggle or a lack of abundance and ease to your bank account and bills.

Disconnected from your joy and slightly unfulfilled.

Feeling annoyed at wasting time, eating junk, drinking too much or overspending.

Having the thoughts that you “don’t have enough time/money/the energy” but when you do you will be able to do what you really want/take that trip/quit the job/start the exercise program etc.


Healthy + Powerfully Feminine is now available as a private coaching program to be done from anywhere in the world!

If you would LOVE to create a life, career + body you love… Click here for a Complimentary Discovery Session to find out what working with me could be like.

You ALREADY HAVE everything inside you to go from your present reality to creating a life of joy, fulfillment and abundance!

Hi! I’m Mireille and I would love to show you how…

MireilleLike you, I want to have it all : radiant health, passionate love, meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, an abundance of wealth and time for self-care and FUN.

As a result, I’ve had to make some big decisions in my life. I decided to go back to university and study creative writing and then to work part-time while I wrote my novel. I decided not to have chemotherapy. I decided to leave my marriage and the security of my life in Switzerland to move back to Australia. And I decided to become a Divine Living certified coach.

Throughout it all, I’ve had to dig deep to make decisions that were truly right for me. It wasn’t easy and I haven’t always got it “right” over the years. However, along the way I have learned amazing tools for harnessing the power of our mind, accessing inner guidance and releasing emotional blocks so that we can create a life that we LOVE living. I can’t wait to share these practices with you.

I’d love to help youcreate a life and a way of being that is in alignment with your values so that you no longer have a battle raging in your head or your body. For me, I know in my gut what feels right and what doesn’t – as I’m sure you do. As a result, when I’ve made a decision that went against what I was feeling inside, when I’ve had to pretend I enjoyed something or stayed in the indecision to avoid the difficult choices, I experienced a lot of inner turmoil and upset.

When we are not listening to our souls and following our true desires, when we are overworked or feeling like an imposter, our bodies will make us listen. Perhaps you have experienced this as chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, an auto-immune disorder or simply the flu. For me it was breast cancer.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping you to develop a loving relationship with your body so that you can experience the joy of being guided, to slow down and tune in, to glow with self-approval and to enjoy life as a healthy and powerfully feminine woman.

1544948_10152217842411979_1902442211_n“Mireille’s private coaching has proven to be one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.

I had a sense of several difficult issues (love, food, and money, to be precise) …  she literally helped rewire my thinking. The results were immediate, and are still resonating.”

Paula Constant

Sowilo Soul Centre owner/operator, author of Slow Journey South and Sahara + speaker at TEDxPerth 2015


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Healthy and Powerfully Feminine…

is a private coaching program that can be done from anywhere in the world for a woman who is deeply committed to her personal growth.


And it’s also a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.


In the weekly 45 minute Skype sessions you will learn to :

TUNE IN and access your deeper wisdom and inner guidance.

TURN ON YOUR LIGHT by training your mind so that it no longer controls you and through developing your feminine power.

GET TURNED ON BY LIFE in a way that is unique and authentically you…creating a lifestyle, career + body you love!

You’ll receive…

  •  Weekly 45-minute private coaching sessions over phone or Skype.

  • Notes covering the teachings and tools & techniques to practice at home.

  • Email support.

Your investment in the 12 week private coaching program for your Healthy and Powerfully Feminine self is AU$1500 or 3 monthly payments of AU$600. 

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New Picture“I came across Mireille by chance. It was a very bleak time in my life and I saw her offer thought why not. I had always wanted to find out what life coaching was about.

That was the beginning of my recovery! At first I thought this is going to be fluffy and feminine and not for me however Mireille is such a personable and beautiful person that I was drawn to what she had to say and I could relate to her.

Each session was different and Mireille’s intuitiveness would seek out the help I needed to unblock my thoughts every time. It was amazing really and that is what keeps me reading her articles as well following up her suggested reading.

I recommend Mireille to all of my friends and tell them that she will change their lives as they know it when they are ready! That is the secret – when you are ready to receive from the universe Mireille is there to guide and nurture you towards a more BEAUTIFUL life!”

Rosemarie Lawless



Screenshot 2015-10-30 15.57.34


Screenshot 2015-05-22 10.38.37I was amazed at how a weekly session with Mireille could simplify and prioritise issues that have been overwhelming me for years. Her calm and clever approach always put me in the right frame of mind to tackle the everyday obstacles that have stood in the way of me getting to where I want to be. I found the process very enjoyable and Mireille easy to talk and listen to. I can’t recommend her expertise enough. Thank you Mireille for all your help.

Shannah Nix, Artist & Mother


What is your Feminine Presence?

There are some women who can walk into a room and be noticed instantly. They have confidence and a magnetic quality.

It’s not because they are the perfect size ten or are wearing the most incredible clothes.

You don’t have to lose weight, look younger, wear your make-up in a certain way or get a whole new wardrobe to express this magnetic feminine presence.

You CAN BE this woman.


It all has to do with is what’s going on INSIDE.

Feminine power isn’t something we have to go out and get. It’s already within us. We only have to learn how to access it.


Because when you are magnetic in one area, you are magnetic in all : health, love, career, money and relationships.


Mireille_191The Art of Living

I believe that life is an art.  It’s something to be learned, practiced and cultivated.

We can learn how to live more fulfilling lives, to create a beautiful reality, to enjoy and appreciate more and we certainly can learn to make ourselves happy.

I don’t believe we have to be happy every moment of the day, but I do know there are simple tools and techniques we can use to create our experience of life. Then we can be happy when we choose it and we can even experience being sad or angry without being ruled and eaten up by it.



Each session is totally personalized to you and what you require in the moment and for that week but you will also receive notes and techniques to learn and practice The Art of…


Stop second-guessing yourself and putting everyone else first. Learn how to tap into what you truly desire with crystal clear clarity, as well as discovering the feminine practices for manifesting so that you can give up the need to force or struggle.

The Mind

Learn the importance of cultivating a beautiful mindset, with tools and techniques for using the power of your mind to create your life. Plus, experience the joy of letting go and learn how to still your mind and release attack and judgement (of yourself and others). Watch your relationships improve and your self-love grow naturally and feel what it’s like to have a mind still and at peace.

The Body

Give up guilt and deprivation and heal your relationship with your body once and for all so that she becomes a loving friend.  This will enable you to develop your intuition as your inner voice is no longer drowned out by chatter and criticism. Activate your feminine essence as you experience what it truly means to enjoy being in your body and turn on your light.


Turn everyday habits and routine into sacred rituals that you cherish madly and deeply. Raise your energy by ritualizing your life without any more time required. Become the Cleopatra of your world, that mesmerizing, sensual woman who makes time for her self-care and her beauty.


Learn how to feel your uncomfortable feelings so that you will never again have to be afraid of getting angry or sad or cover them up with food, alcohol, shopping, social media or other comfort behaviours. Explore feeling and expressing your feelings in this safe and encouraging space and discover how doing so in your life makes you a healthy and powerfully attractive woman.


Learn how to let go of the past and the future so that you can enjoy the pure bliss of the present moment. Stop reminiscing about how great life once was and start living your best life today. Let go of worry, fear and future tripping and increasing your personal presence. Become the calmest, most grounded and most joyful person you know!


Become a magnet for your desires by opening your channels to receiving. Remove emotional blocks, change limiting beliefs and learn how to receive with grace so that you can get the support your require and allow yourself to experience abundance and ease.


Develop your intuition with a simple process and let inner knowing, messages, creative inspiration and synchronicity be a natural part of your everyday life. Become a clear channel and create the space in your mind to receive the wisdom and guidance you desire.


Clear away the clutter in your life so that you experience more flow and abundance. Experience what it’s like when things are easy. Develop faith and trust that everything is working out and the insight to see the bigger picture when times are tougher.


Beautify your environment and see the world through a lens of beauty. Recognize and appreciate your authentic and unique beauty and be that radiant, light-filled woman. Upgrade in the quality of what you feed yourself in every way and see how luxury and aesthetics can be a spiritual experience.


Awaken your senses and learn why the current model of moving towards pain and away from pleasure doesn’t work. Discover what truly lights you up and gives you pleasure and how this will bring much more of what you desire into your life.


Let go of how you thought things should be and allow the magic to unfold. Learn how to a change in perception can open you up to experiencing wonder and miracles.





What if I don’t have the time right now?

When will you have the time? Time is not something we are gifted more of at some distant future date. It’s something we make today. And this course is designed to help you make more and more of it! So if you subtract 2 hours of TV watching time for spending an evening doing something that nourishes your soul, you will easily see the value in making this time for yourself.

What if I don’t have the money?

Again, we find the money for the things we truly value. This is an investment in yourself and you will get a return on the investment if you commit yourself fully to the process.

What if my partner doesn’t see the value in it?

If he feels that you doubt the value or are insecure about asking him, he will probably not be into it as he feels the need to protect you. However, if you decide that this programme is right for you and go to him with confidence and the sincerity of an open heart and explain why this is important to you (without being demanding), you will probably find he responds positively. If you feel secure, he’ll feel secure. He wants you to be happy.

What if I lose enthusiasm during the course?

That’s the beauty of being in a private coaching programme with a Divine Living certified coach. You will have the accountability to keep evolving and making progress. I guarantee that it will be something you look forward to each week!

What if I don’t see results?

Transformation takes commitment and energy but again you will have the accountability of your private coach. It’s a process and a journey, an opening up to life and a new way of being. If at any time you would like to discuss your progress, I’m more than happy to.


10425504_758505254256391_7984014027256414597_n“Before working with Mireille, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with getting my business systems in place alongside the challenges of working and running a family... The coaching enabled me to progress forwards with the little blocks that would sometimes keep me in indecision & hence I could move forward at a much more productive rate.

Mireille was always attentive to what was going on.  She listened to my needs and provided exactly whatever was required, sometimes advice, at other times just a bouncing board for me to explore what was really going on.

She was really eloquent in her phrases, helping me get great clarity with ways of marketing my next business venture.  Thanks so much for your support Mireille!”

Sally Dibden

Personal Coach + Physiotherapist

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