Eat for Pleasure workshop

11 – 1.30 pm Saturday 3rd December 2016 in South Perth : *** $47 (or 2 for $80) to Nov 30th ***


7.30 – 10 pm Monday 12th December 2016 in South Perth: *** $47 (or 2 for $80) to Dec 8th ***


Would you love to be your Hot, Happy + Healthy self with ease?

Mireille_228Learn how to eat for pleasure!

So that you can show up with confidence in your life, relationships, business and career.

Join us for this workshop to learn and experience :

How to eat for pleasure – it’s not about eating whatever you want – but listening into what your body (mind and spirit) is actually craving. You’ll be taken through this process, which you can use to transform the habits that are holding you back.

How to silence your inner critic and instead harness the power of your mind, stop comparing and feeling ‘less than’, create more peace within and be your naturally beautiful self.

How to work with your inner rebel so that you can stop trying to be perfect and enforcing rules on yourself that are made to be broken. No you don’t need another diet, detox or willpower!

The Power of Pleasure + Beauty to keep you free of obsessions and unhealthy habits. And how to incorporate more of what you love into your daily life so that you are your hot, happy and healthy self with ease.

Feel more in tune with your body, peaceful in your mind and connected to your spirit.

The start of a beautiful summer.

Imagine not feeling guilty over how and what you ate.

And looking forward to stripping off for the beach.

You really don’t need more willpower and discipline.

Instead learn to work with your nature and not against it.

12111917_10153620015801885_1628655301491431263_nHi! I am Mireille Parker! I’m a women’s empowerment coach and speaker for those who want to heal their relationship with their body, feel connected to spirit and transform habits with pleasure and ease.

I help women to feel beautiful inside and out and BE the best version of themselves.

The world needs us in our power.

I went through 14 years of body obsession and periods of binge eating, low-carb diets, calorie counting and extreme exercising (plus the self-loathing that came with it!), until I got on this path and discovered ways of eating intuitively and with pleasure. Then the food and body obsession fell away with ease.

I’ve barely weighed myself since!! Today at 37 I use what I teach every day and look and feel better than ever! I’d love to help you be your hot, happy + healthy self with ease. You deserve that freedom.

IMG_8023This is what I have been teaching through my Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program and now I’m bringing it to you as a one off opportunity to learn how too. If you would like more information before joining, receive the guide to Loving your Body Beautiful here.

Ready to set yourself free?

The Details:

11am – 1.30pm Saturday 3rd or 7.30-10pm Monday 12th December 2016

at the beautiful Sage Yoga Studio, Como

***$47 pp***

*** or 2 for $80 ***

Bookings available up to Nov 30th (Dec 3rd session) and Dec 8th (Dec 12th session).

Choose a date and register above or below and make payment via the link to confirm your booking. Space is limited to 20 per session.

You will also receive a follow up email with all the details to save.

Eat for Pleasure (and be your Hot, Happy + Healthy self with ease!)

11 – 1.30 pm Saturday 3rd December 2016 in South Perth : *** $47 (or 2 for $80) to Nov 30th ***


7.30 – 10 pm Monday 12th December 2016 in South Perth: *** $47 (or 2 for $80) to Dec 8th ***



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