Thankful Thursday – because there’s more to be thankful for than Friday!



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With my new site comes a new series! Today it’s Thankful Thursday and this week I am thankful for…

The return of summer weather ♥ fat fresh cherries ♥ learning again and again of the need to let go ♥ Unplanned America (thanks Nick Maher!) ♥ boat rides to restaurants across the lake ♥ pink sky ♥ getting up at 3am to have a conversation about gratitude ♥ beer can chicken made by M ♥ visitors from Oz ♥ reading ‘One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat’ ♥ not giving up ♥ mantra walks ♥ Elias & Susie’s wedding ♥ the dance floor ♥ Sunday morning  lake view with an espresso & my journal from the hotel balcony ♥ M being such a great host ♥ prosecco at Palace on a rainy Tuesday with Sara & Paula ♥ Wilde Mathilda beer excitement ♥ the thought of drinking coffee ♥ the re-entry of green smoothies into my life ♥ bagfuls of vegetables & fruit ♥ Dr Zhu & her wisdom ♥ recommitting to a schedule ♥ Pari’s light ♥ pink flowers ♥ lemon infused water ♥ my new web page ♥  graphic designer Jhun and virtual assistant Jacky Sue ♥ a late afternoon hour on the grass at the park ♥ new ideas ♥ fragrant roses♥

And you…. What are you thankful for on this Thursday? Love for you to share in the comments below 



Sharing is healthy
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