5 Surprising Things I Enjoyed This Week


Hello beautiful!

This has been a very interesting week in so many different ways. There are a couple of articles I wanted to write, but only this one feels right.

Today I feel like allowing what is coming to be without forcing anything. Not that I always or usually force. But today this feels right. Meandering.

Journey with me if you like.

I went to the cafe this morning to write this and, though I mostly work really efficiently there, today I sat in conversation with a Yin Yoga teacher I know.

I told her of my 2 ideas for this post – one on How to Feel like An Abundant Queen and the second on How to be Queen of your Love Life.

We spoke about the second.

Something she said I really liked. She’d done a yoga class for kids and noticed that the most disruptive one respond the best to gentle touch and attention.

Just like how women nag when they want attention, I said.

Just like everyone wants presence.

We do.

* This week I have really enjoyed being present with myself.

I have lain on my bed for an hour feeling my heart and my womb and allowing my desires to come and to be.

I have struggled with resistance to my growth and then I have settled and watched it and accepted it.

I have allowed the unexpressed parts of myself to be seen.

*I have enjoyed receiving my first male client.

Yayy. I feel LIFE opening to me in this way.

I LOVE men. I get along really really well with them.

I like to study the masculine too. I am fascinated by our differences.

I like to apply everything I learn. Sometimes this feels like a lot of information I’m carrying around.

Solution? Connect back to my truth in every moment. Release the drama and the stories (especially the ones other people tell you about how it should be) and all the teachings and just express openly, honestly.

Ask rather than assume.

*I have enjoyed tuning into the energy of abundance.

I really love working with energy. I also really enjoy remembering that I am here to help others and that in order to do so, it is part of my job to get into the space where I can hold my clients in a higher vibration.

I loved talking about Abundance for the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program this week. Actually a good part of the talk was about how to get back into your power after feeling weak. I felt Fluent. Divine. Natural. Led.

*I have enjoyed being my spiritual soulful self

Marianne Williamson said that when you’re spiritual it’s like you’re part of an underground movement and you don’t have to go around telling or trying to convert others.

True. Very true.

But I feel fine to be openly spiritual now and that book (A Return to Love) was written quite some time ago. I feel it’s not so fringe anymore. It depends on the world you’re living in really and how far on the journey you are I suppose.

Some people are more willing to show the light that shines inside and burns to be released and to be seen and to be true.

It really depends on how far we’ve been squashed into the box.

Doesn’t it?

How far our spirits have been pushed down.

But this is our work, I believe.

To allow ourselves to be seen and to be true.

To set our spirits free.

To find our truth.

* I have enjoyed being the real me, intimately.

Expressing my desires and allowing the other the freedom to work out what he wants to do. Letting go of attachment to a certain answer. Knowing who I am.

Trusting that everything is happening exactly as it should be.

How freeing that is.

I feel super fucking proud of that.

I have also enjoyed having red nails and dark hair.

And eating the wonder that is romanesco.

How about you lovely? How have you grown this week? What have you realised? Did you push past your comfort zone showing up as more authentically YOU?

I’d love to know.

Would you love to feel in your power and in your feminine energy as a Spiritual Goddess Warrior Queen? Do you require help transforming some habits to be the best version of YOU? Are you ready to release all that’s been holding you back and create your most beautiful life?

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Wishing you a beautiful week my friend!

From my wild and powerful abundantly loving heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

p.s. Have you watched this video on how to communicate as a Queen (or King) in relationships? It’s super short!! And I’ve received great feedback from it. Plus it kind of went viral.

It didn’t really but it has twice the views of the video I clicked on in an email where the coach said the same. What is going viral really? Maybe it did go viral!

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