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Washed-up life-coach, Mireille Parker, aged 37, is grounded at home in Perth, West Australia, the most isolated city in the world. She can’t date or travel, she can’t escape! For the first time in her life she just has to BE. HERE. NOW. Told with real journal entries, Love Queen : The Making of a Master is the true story of the transformative power of relationships and what we can learn along the way to create happiness and health in life and love.

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Sarah can’t escape herself, even overseas. Will she call hot Oliver? Who doesn’t even know she’s there! But who is this beautiful artist Bonnie? Set in Lucerne, Switzerland, and starring a travel agent from Perth, Australia, Wonderlust is a unique modern philosophical romance about creative women.

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Sarah can’t escape herself, even overseas. Will she call hot Oliver? Who doesn’t even know she’s there! But who is this beautiful artist Bonnie? Set in Lucerne, Switzerland, and starring a travel agent from Perth, Australia, Wonderlust is a unique modern philosophical romance about creative women.

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5 Ways to Deal with Negative People (+ those who insist on living in ‘the real world’)


Hello beautiful!

Today is an amazing day!

I just made some peanut butter raw balls with cacao nibs that taste like cookie dough!

I may get around to rolling them but then again, I may not. I like to keep things wild around here on the weekdays too (;

I’m also feeling wonderful as I have spent the last 3 hours working on my energy and mindset before I start my working day!

I am definitely not living in ‘the real world’.

It’s an alternative reality.

But one I choose to live in.

I choose it almost every day.

Even when I have to leave the house by 8am, I still spend an hour working on my energy and mindset – and then get dressed etc in 15 – 30 mins.

Starting our day off right is about way more than what we eat. You know this!

We go within before going out into the world.

(Even if you only have 10 minutes)

This is the way of the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Goddess Warrior!




In the last month or so I’ve held 5 workshops and met so many lovely women here in Perth. One of the questions I often get asked is how to deal with people ‘out there’ and how to be your authentic self, even at work.

It’s true that the workshop is a sanctuary. We get to spend a few hours with people who actually believe the same things as us or are at least open and willing to explore this new way of being.

But there are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, co-workers, employees, employers, friends and a whole society out there that still seem to exist in ‘the real world’. What to do about that?

That’s what I’d love to address today…

Once you get on the spiritual path it can be pretty exciting.

You’ve found gold! Naturally, you want to share it with those around us!

We wonder ‘Why isn’t everyone doing this? They must know! I must tell them! People come get saved! It’s better than drugs!’

But ahhh! Too often we are met by the naysayers and skeptics and we slink off with our tail between our legs like the cat that just crapped on the good couch.

You feel like the fool!

So how can we be our authentic selves without the risk of persecution?

Some of the following advice may seem contradictory, but that is because each situation is unique and it also depends on where you are at on your journey.


Here are 5 ways to deal with the negative people, the naysayers, the skeptics and the ‘the real world’ tribe :


1. Be the Lighthouse

Don’t go blabbing like your spiritual life is the latest Thermomix. Thermomixes are totally acceptable! Your spiritual life and your beliefs may not be. Why? Because it questions a common version of reality.

People can get really offended by this!

Have you noticed?

Remember you are part of a spiritual underground. Say the right thing to the wrong person and you feel like the fool.

You are a member of La Resistance! And you don’t go introducing yourself as such to everyone you meet. Only the comrades you can trust.

In particular, when we have something that is new and fragile we must protect it from those who could easily crush it, especially when it comes to our dreams and our beliefs.



“Be the lighthouse. In your light others will be illuminated.”

– Gabby Bernstein

Gabby tells a story of how when she first started Kundalini Yoga she was so excited she asked her teacher, Gurmuck, how she could share it with her husband.

“Don’t say anything,” Gurmuck advised. “Take off your turban before you get home. When he is ready, he will ask.”

This is how we deal with going back into the real world.

Don’t say anything.

Be the light.


2. Mind your own Vibe

We can pray, meditate, say our affirmations, exercise, be in gratitude, invest in weekly massages and private coaching, go to yoga, read and watch stuff to deepen our understanding and maintain a miracle mindset…

But then we come home and there’s that person who wants to tell us about their shit day and how they hate their boss. They just need to get it out. They just want to tell you how negative the boss is and how she complains… but wow it brings you down!

Do you not realise I’m working on my vibe like I’m training for the fight of my life?!

You just want to say, ‘Please stop you’re killing me!’

Every word they speak feels so amplified!

They feel passionate. You feel like they’re shouting at you.

How in our greatest moments of peace can we stop ourselves from flipping out?

My answer?

Don’t take on their shit!

Close up your energy like you’re closing the gates on your magical kingdom.

You are.

They want to get it out.

You say, ‘That must be really hard for you.’

Don’t make it a bigger deal than it is.

They want to vent.

You say, ‘What do you want to do about that?’

Offer no solutions! This is what I’ve learned.

It will only make the both of you frustrated.

Stand back and expand into that self that observes without judgement.

Be the light.


3. See it differently

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

– Wayne Dyer


If you believe that no one around you understands, they won’t.

If you believe that the world is full of beautiful souls, they will show up more and more on your path.

You’ll also be surprised by how many people who are currently in your life take an interest in the real you, ready for the juice.

I’ve met such wonderful people here since coming back to Perth!

If I refused to believe it was possible, I’d be home alone every Saturday night pining for Switzerland.

Instead, I get to create my own reality!




Also, so much turmoil is caused by how we think people should be.

“Sisters are supposed to call and be close!”

“My hair dresser really should be more positive!”

“If only John would meditate!”

Could it be that you’re the one being the pain in the arse?

Often we are so busy thinking of how things should be that we miss the beauty in how they actually are.

We do this all the time when we expect love to look one way and we don’t see the way love is really being expressed.

Why do you expect it to be different?

When you expect someone to be different, you are the one resisting reality!

Accept! Let other people have their journey and be where they’re at.

Be the light.


4. Love your Sexy Spiritual Self!

When you are confident in the person you are and the choices you are making, you don’t need the outside validation.

Being yourself allows others to be themselves as well.



As I’ve grown more and more into this person I feel I really know, the more others love this too.

Not everyone’s my ideal client, just like not everyone’s your ideal friend.

We outgrow people and take different paths.

But if we are willing to stay true to ourselves, we will meet new companions that will uplift and support us.

Be the light.


5. Crowd ’em out

People may still question you and want to remind you of who you used to be or what this ‘real world’ is we’re living in, but when you focus on the people who uplift you, you start not to notice the others as much. 

Crowding them out is like focusing on all the healthy fresh vegetables and fruit and peanut butter + cacao raw balls you can eat, rather than on what you can’t have.

It is moving towards pleasure and away from pain.

Like plants we grow towards the light.


This is exactly why I have created the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program as an in-person course.

I’m helping 10 women to create their own beautiful version of reality.

We come together once a week to focus on the beauty in each other and in our lives and learn new skills and techniques for dealing with our day-to-day challenges as we create our desired life.


12016649_10153735651078313_1019687066_n“In such a short space of time so many amazing things have been coming into my life because I have been given the skills to receive them – thousands of dollars, a job, positive and supportive people and various other fantastic opportunities.”

– Katie C

Screenshot 2015-10-09 10.05.02“The experience has been grounding and enlightening. I’d recommend this course for any woman! … I feel a lot of new tools have been added to my mental toolbox that I will use throughout my lifetime to bring in abundance, health, happiness and power.”

– Janelle L


Last year I was in the Divine Living Coaching Certification Program with 200 women from around the world. The very best part though was when we came together – in L.A., Paris, Sydney and Miami.

At this time we got to share our challenges with each other, laugh and cry together, get excited and inspired by each other and open ourselves up to just what is possible for each of us.

That’s what I wanted to create too for the women of Perth!

And that’s what I’m doing.

The course starts next week : On Monday night in South Perth and Wednesday night in Fremantle.


7538_10202854542876519_2028508618_n“I have more clarity, my creativity is flowing and I feel I am on the right path. I have much less anxiety and worry. I feel more balanced, centred and connected. I am feeling more in control and less stressed about finances and I even (I believe) manifested $5000!

-Leah G


If you feel this is for you, please don’t miss the opportunity!

I won’t be offering it again till next year so if you would like to end the year and start 2016 with more ease and grace…

Click here to join the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program and/or find out more information


I’d love to know what you think of my suggestions or if you have any comments or advice to offer. Remember, what you share may be just the thing someone else needs to read.

Be the light!

Sending so much love,

Mi xxx

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Sarah can’t escape herself, even overseas. Will she call hot Oliver? Who doesn’t even know she’s there! But who is this beautiful artist Bonnie? Set in Lucerne, Switzerland, and starring a travel agent from Perth, Australia, Wonderlust is a unique modern philosophical romance about creative women.

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