Abundancing & Living Deeply

On Saturday night I went out dancing to drum & bass and I felt so contained in my body.

I am the prize.

Never in my life have I ever really felt that, not from an ego trying to place but from a real deep centre within.

I am the prize.

The last few years all my medical issues and dating disasters have knocked my confidence about.

Or maybe I was never really here.

But every time I asked my Inner Being what it wanted me to know this year, I heard,

Love yourself.

Like, every time that I asked.

Love yourself.

What, I thought I did?!

Love yourself.

Just as joy is not easy to describe.

Or a sexy thing that is lusted over.

Like abundance.

Loving yourself, is not something we may ever truly “get” until we find ourselves here.

Clues are left.

When I was dancing at Ness’s 40th, I felt the peace of how things work out on the dance floor.

Conclusions are come to.

The missing piece.

It reminded me of when I was twenty and would go raving or to see a DJ, dancing the whole night.

I wanted to feel it again.

But like with techno.

When you close our eyes and just dance.

Life works out.

In the mind.

Piece by piece.


The Body.


The Issues In Our Tissues.


A Spiritual Experience.

As the hours pass.

In Berlin for the Millenium. We went to a 2-day rave at The Tresor Club. On day 3, I turned 21.


This year one of my goals was to start a podcast again and I have!

It’s called Living Deeply Stories and is on Apple and most other places you find podcasts and also on my site.

Being in that induced menopause because of metastatic breast cancer, sometimes I couldn’t sleep.

Podcasts help me to sleep.


But when I tried to find a podcast with just stories, I couldn’t.

A friend recommended the Calm app.

But I didn’t want Mathew McConoughy to read me a bed time story.

The stories also seemed a bit basic.

No offence.

Businesses are often built from a gap in the market.

I’ve heard lots of stories about that!

So I decided to start my Living Deeply Stories podcast to fill the gap with what I was seeking.

Because perhaps if I was searching for a real-life story, someone else would be too.

Stories of travel, love, transformation, flow and manifestation.

Of course!

When manifesting it is important to have evidence for what we desire to create.

For our subconscious minds to know it’s possible.

Stories provide that.

Especially if they are about someone we know or someone who’s from the same place or age or background.

With similar issues.

If they can do it, so can I.

That’s what the subconscious needs to know.

So in manifesting, we look for the stories of what we want to believe.

My stories, like me, are positive, fun and uplifting.

And a bit crazy.

Just see.



Episode 3 Dumped At The Great Wall of China!

Episode 4 Replenishing & Working in Perth & Bali!

Episode 10 How To Be Happy In One Step!


With so much love,

Mireille xx

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