Achievement from a feminine perspective : 3 ways to let go without giving up

IMG_2251This week in the interview  for the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine interview to be released tomorrow, Jessica Nazarali spoke about how she had set the goal of getting 15 sign-ups for the affiliate program to get on Gina DeVee’s radio show. After she had created the bonus and sent out several mailers, she had 8 sign-ups and at that point, she said, she had to let go and trust that either this would happen or something better. She ended up getting 18 sign-ups!

I find this is symbolic of our weekends (also the time when my clients tend to come to me). We do the work during the week and then on the weekend we have to trust that we’ve done what we can do and now it’s time to let go, relax and get back to being. What I’ve found is that it is not so easy for us women to switch off like that.

But we must commit to our free-time – if not for our sanity, then for our success!

It also allows us to make the space to receive what we have been working towards.

And I know this is easier said than done.

We hear things like….


The more you live, the more money you’ll make

– Martina Zorc



Your success will come when you commit to joy.

– Gabby Bernstein


and we know it in theory, but we think, “I’ll just answer a few more emails and then I’ll be able to relax” or we have a nap and think about work as we sleep.

How can we be happy and commit to joy AND pursue our goals?

The answer?


Our feminine essence and power is the attractive, receptive place

( and desperation is not sexy!)

We still do the work but half the work is this….

1. Mindset

Even after finishing sending out all the mailers, Jess didn’t stop to repeat her mantra or visualize herself talking with Gina on the radio show and this is something I’ve been working on a lot with my clients this week.

You may be feeling positive one day and negative the next, but these negative thoughts are neutralizing or offsetting the positive. That’s why it’s important to have someone to support you who believes in you and helps you to uncover those limiting beliefs and to hold you to a higher way of being and thinking. This is what my coach has done for me and what I do for my clients.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles, teaches that we have to “pray without ceasing”, meaning holding steadily to your vision.

This is no mean feat. In choosing to believe in one thing, you have to refuse to believe otherwise.


Doubt or unbelief is as certain to start a movement away from you as faith and purpose are to start one toward you…

– Wallace D. Wattles



2.Be the empowered you

The empowered you is sexy.

The empowered you is open to solutions and gets support.

Ask yourself, who is the empowered me?

The empowered you may love to spend Monday sorting out her schedule for the week and clearing out her inbox.

The empowered you may love a morning in bed or a clean bathroom (and a cleaner).

The empowered you is queenly. The empowered you is magnetically attractive so go be the empowered you. 


3. Commit to joy

Yes, right… this one. But how do you commit to joy when you’re not feeling it?

Ask yourself this question, ‘How am I feeling?’ and either reflect on it or write it out in your journal.

Then ask this next question, ‘Given that I’m feeling this, what do I need right now?’

And go do that.

You’re allowed to feel a whole range of emotions without ‘offsetting your positive mindset’ on your goal. Taking time to reflect like this is much simpler and easier than spending whole days or weeks in self-doubt and worry – don’t you think?

IMG_2254I know for me, I needed to not write this post until it came to me. I needed to go to yoga class this week. I needed to take a nap in the park and then journal about how I was feeling (after dreaming about filling in forms). I needed to close my lap top and walk away. And now I need to go outside and enjoy this beautiful day.

And you my love… if you need the support to start believing in yourself, work on your mindset and have the faith to be taking consistent inspired action to create your beautiful business AND life (e.g. launch your upcoming program and/or bring in clients without burning out), I’m offering an introductory special that is only available now until the end of November (sessions must be used by then so that means now).  Please click this link for more details.

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