The Art of Living with Pleasure + Beauty


Yesterday I went to the Crown Lobby Lounge to do some work on the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Program and the Queening workshop this Saturday and enjoyed sipping a cappuccino as I absorbed the ambience.

I love being in high vibe hotel lobbies. In Switzerland I would regularly do my work at The Palace Hotel along the lake and I realized this was something I was missing in my life.

Another practice I’ve been incorporating this week is embodying my French woman.

The French woman is an archetype I’ve been drawn to since I was 12 years old and nowadays it’s a feeling and energy I embody to return to a state of presence, pleasure and attention to beauty and style, just as I embody the Queen’s energy to get over any attachments to past loves and attract abundance.

Since I was a teenager too, I longed to live an interesting and creative life, with elegance and grace, bringing attention and presence to everything I do.

So, when I would find myself watching the e-entertainment channel, reading celebrity magazines, drinking and eating too much and too fast, wasting hours and days of my life, it would cause a lot of inner turmoil and I’d really beat myself up over it.

Then when I discovered how I could transform these habits that were holding me back and actually be the person I really desired to be, I wanted to share this. So I created the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Program – which can now be taken from anywhere in the world!

We start the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Online Group Program with Self-Love and Sacred Rituals, because how we live our days is how we live our lives.

We bring attention and intention to our days and cultivate a life of beauty and presence.

Week Two is The Art of Radiance and Body Love, where we practice eating sensually and for pleasure and do the deep work to release any obsessions or preoccupations so that we can be our most peaceful and beautiful self.

Week Three is The Art of Desires and Energy, where we’ll open ourselves fully to our desires and learn to attune our energy to receive with more ease.

Week Four is The Art of Abundance, where we’ll uncover and release any subconscious limiting money beliefs and learn practices to create more flow so that we can be doing work we love and be paid well for it.

Week Five is The Art of Feminine Presence and Intuition, learning to lean back and release control so that we can be our most irresistible self. When we feel this inner beauty and glow, it really doesn’t matter what else is happening on the outside.

The final week is The Art of Receiving, from all the work we have been doing, we go deeper into our feminine energy and out of pushing and struggling to a state of receptivity.

Many women find that in relationships they are controlling and forcing things along, not feeling their most attractive self. The Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Online Group Program will help you be in pleasure, beauty and ease.



The Program starts On May 18th (next Wednesday) so if this is for you, I’d love you to join and that’s why I’ve made it completely accessible.

You will receive…

Preparation material as soon as you join.

6 live and downloadable training calls with me (plus time for questions and coaching).

6 modules with notes and practices.

3 extra guided meditations for releasing blocks and old beliefs and connecting to your power.

Membership to the online community to keep inspired, motivated, make friends and ask questions.

♥ A group of 3 to be your accountability girlfriends.


The investment for your most beautiful, powerful, feminine self is…

Best Value : AU$444 = US$326 = £225

Most Flexible : 3 monthly payments of AU$164 = US$120 = £83

Click the images below to join (currency conversions will be done for you) ….




I used to be forever craving a life somewhere else, but now the pleasure + beauty I longed for is right here at home. It’s in the air that I breathe and in the way that I am.

Would you love to bring presence, pleasure and beauty to your daily life?

Would you love to feel peaceful and powerful in body, mind and spirit?

Then give yourself what you desire my love.

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx


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