The Artist’s Way & Creative Flow!

Allowing myself to just be here in this creative cocoon on a Monday. Going slowly. Listening & Receiving. No TV. Pottering round. Black coffee and a fresh peach. Being here.

There are many people who have read and applied Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and I am one of them.

It was 2006 and I was 27.

A musician at the school where I worked on Murray St in the city, Jayne, had the book and was doing the program.

That was how I discovered it.

The book is actually a 12-week program for discovering your artist, writer, director, poet, singer.. whatever is calling you..  and allowing her/him/them/it to breathe.

It teaches you how to be an artist in whatever form you choose. 

And what kind of beliefs to the contrary you must uncover and transform.

You may have heard about The Morning Pages?

Journal 3 pages every morning before doing anything else.

I started journalling at age 11 because of reading about it in The Babysitter’s Club.

Or Judy Blume.

But I hadn’t done it every day consistently till The Artist’s Way.

Nowadays I do still journal every day for the emotional release , manifesting and mind mastery.

As well as capturing moments of life.

For the fun of it.

The memory.

And to use it in my writing.

Another practice from the book is The Artist’s Date.

This is where you go out by yourself for a few hours and explore something new.

Something to nourish the artist.

Most of all what this book gave me was the permission to be a writer.

I started thinking about The Artist’s Way yesterday because on the weekend I watched some shows that seemed to have provided much nourishment.

I felt it.

Paul Goes To Hollywood.

The Double Life of George Michael.

Soft White Underbelly.

And then on Monday, it flowed.

Creativity, as I experience it, is not about trying to do anything but about allowing the flow to move through you. 

I used to have difficulty turning it off when I was working in my coaching business.

Before I knew that I should.

But now it is as easy as deciding to switch frequency and do a crossword instead.

Or plan what is next.

The beauty is that the more rest and normal work we do,

the more there is to continue

on with

when we sit to receive the flow.


I have really been enjoying making these YouTube videos about books and authors I love intertwined with my personal stories.

The latest was on THE ARTIST’S WAY & CREATIVE FLOW and I tell more on what happened to lead me to Julia Cameron’s book and about last weekend too.


If you would like to kick back, relax and hear some stories this is for you.

I feel the same.

We’re human and we have been loving stories since before we could even speak!


Many people watch the news because they want to hear stories.

So here are some good ones that will help you feel what an amazing place this world is!

With so much love,

Mireille xx

ps. I have finally finished posting my birthday adventure @mireilleparker_xx on Instagram. The world is my oyster!

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