{Awakening} The Molasses Incidents!


What if everything

is perfect in this moment?

What if there is nothing

to do but breathe?


How do you feel now?

On the weekend I wrote this in my journal and was thinking about what you do when you have nothing to do. It’s not a situation many people can relate to in this modern day. Then so much went wrong last night! The coffee machine broke and there was another explosion of sorts.

I have been right into A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle in the time since I last wrote.

I read it a year ago and found it so life-changing but now even more so.

According to Tolle our primary purpose is to awaken into consciousness (Presence) and our secondary purpose will naturally follow. The primary is the inner, the Being, and the secondary is the outer, the doing.

A few Mondays ago it was the same situation, I was feeling so good, reading Tolle, practising Presence, and living my life. I had just come back from the gym and then the molasses, as I was about to bake our favourite cookies, squirted all over one of my new white sneakers. I quickly cleaned it off as best I could.

Then again, last Wednesday there seemed to have been an explosion of molasses in the pantry and it was all over the walls and a shelf.

Both of these incidents were chances to practice creating space between the action and the reaction and then responding to the situation. I ended up cleaning, tidying and decluttering my whole pantry and now it looks beautiful.

Shit happens. 

You know, having metastatic breast cancer for eight years, I’ve got much bigger issues than molasses but the remedy is the same as far as I can do myself.

As I say to anyone who will listen, meditation will change you in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

I have been doing 30 minutes daily for five years now.

It’s a cleansing of the mind, a lightening of the spirit, like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

And it’s similar to exercise in that you can’t just read about it.

You actually have to do it.

Even if you don’t do it perfectly, which is me most of the time, it’s still having an effect.

I know this because it enabled me to sleep despite the hot flashes.

All I do now, which is similar to vipassana and what Tolle teaches, is to feel the life-force (the sparking energy) inside my body or look at the blackness before my eyes.

I’ve started doing it as soon as I wake up again.

Because then it’s done for the day.

Even if you only have ten to twenty minutes, put the phone on flight mode, set your alarm and go.

How about you?

Do you meditate and what kind do you do?

Wishing you much Presence till next time!

I love you,

Mireille xx

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