The Beauty of Bali + Completing 2015 with a Sacred Ritual


This sure has been a year of learning to enjoy my ‘aloneness’!

Luckily, Bali is an amazing place to take a holiday ‘for one’.

Full of self-romancing and much receiving of beauty + pleasure.


No lap top.

Doing exactly as I pleased in every moment.

Connecting to my wild + adventurous spirit.

The time to simply sit and let my mind wander.



The space to receive so much inspiration.

A massage – every. single. day.

Beauty rituals to explore, such as the lular scrub and flower bath.

Gorgeous food filled with health and beautifully presented.

The beauty and care of the Balinese people – the Frangipanis tucked behind the ear, flower + incense offerings and the little touches everywhere.

Massive beds to sleep in – taking up all that place just for me.



The time + space to be creative for no one else but myself.

(Though I do have a journal full of realisations + inspiration that I’ll be happily sharing with you over the next few months)

Beautiful high vibe hotels with incredible gardens.


Being surrounded by so much green!

Walks in nature.

Reconnecting with inspiring and fun friends and feeling expanded – with the space to truly connect with my desires and most beautiful vision for the coming year.

Sleeping as much as + when I desired.

Doing what I wanted when I wanted!

(Did I already mention that?)

Bali was a pleasure + beauty filled week. I experienced my feminine essence in a profound way.

The effects are resonating in my life and work beautifully.

I can reconnect with the presence I experienced at any moment and I wish this for every person reading this.

So I would love to share with you a sacred ritual of mine for closing out the year and celebrating all that you have achieved and been through.

It is simply this… I write a list of all the ‘firsts’ that happened over the year.

These are ‘firsts’ that include the greatest and the tiniest.

I’ll share with you some of mine…

1. Submitted a divorce.
2. Held a workshop. Held 7 more.
3. Ran + enjoyed the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course + created all the content.
4. Did acro yoga.


5. Went on an epic 20-hour date.
6. Saved an abandoned kitten.
7. Was easy-going on my birthday (Yes at the age of 36 I achieved it!)
8. Paid all my bills and mortgage while growing my business.
9. Saw a live snake crossing my path (in Bali).
10. Had a four-handed Ayurevedic massage that was TO DIE FOR!
(you can read about it here)
11. Learned what ’emotionally unavailable’ means.
12. Slept badly consistently – waking up at 4am every day.
13. Sang Kundalini chants at 4am.
14. Held the energy of 8 women at one time going through emotional transformation.
15. Felt psychic seeing the same images as one of my clients in a coaching session.
16. Fell in love with frangipani flowers.


17. Visited Versailles.
18. Played on monkey bars on a date.
19. Received the inspiration and motivation for writing my second-novel… based on a true story! (:
20. Learned about men with high-cortisol dumpings from Why Women Talk and Men Walk. Understood everything.
21. Went to a club that you have to give a secret password to get into and is themed after the prohibition era in the U.S.A.
22. Understood the meaning of ‘what you resist persists’. Stopped resisting a certain situation. Found peace within.

These are just some of the 66 ‘firsts’ I have written so far… you get the idea… some of the others I have already shared with you and there are quite a few, I am happy to say, that are a too wild to share publicly.

Thank the goddess within for that!



This 2015 completion ritual will help you to see how far you’ve come, to find the beauty in every moment – great + small – and to celebrate your essential self – the wild + free, curious parts as well as the sensible, rational, evolving side of you.

Finding the beauty in every moment is one of my greatest growth points in 2015 and again in Bali when…

It rained and I sat on my porch creating artful musings and napping or went swimming!



I found I’d lost my bank card and was able to see how amazingly I was supported by other people and how everything worked out quite easily.

And many more happenings like this.


Trust in the Divine Timing of your life.


Whatever’s happening is meant to be happening. Find the beauty in it. Seek out the lessons. Accept, enjoy, progress.

This ritual helps you to see the ‘bad’ moments as part of your evolution.

Hopefully there will also be many moments you smile at and think, ‘I’m pretty cool’.

And it may inspire reflection on what the coming year is about for you.


What is 2016 about for you?


As always I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you peace, joy + LOVE as you complete this year…

with beauty, presence + pleasure EmojiEmoji


Sending so much love!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

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