Wonderlust Rebirth!! Best Book 2021 Voted By YOU!!

Oh my God you guys!! Wonderlust is having a rebirth. A renaissance.

And I couldn’t be prouder.

Now don’t let the amateur cover deter you (note to self). Or the coldsore in this photo. It’s actually a brilliant book if I do say so myself. But I put the vote to my Instagram peeps and 100% said they LOVED it.

It’s got food. It’s got sex. What’s not to love?!

In the words of Shannah, “It’s just so real!”

I know. When I look around at books these days, I see so many preposterous situations. I’m not into that. I wanted to write a modern version of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, where the characters are walking round and thinking and having interesting conversation.

Oh but stuff still happens. I was inspired by my experiences as an English teacher, in share houses and moving overseas and I wanted to write about that experience. In case you don’t know, it’s about a travel agent from Perth but set in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2007.

Ranked at number 488 in Swiss travel guides on Amazon, it does go quite into Swiss culture and all the bars and cafes, bakeries and restaurants of Lucerne. I couldn’t have put it out any sooner than I did because it would have broken my heart to have to relive the Lucerne experience.

Also, many men have enjoyed reading it, like Shannah’s dad, my cousin Craig, Uncle Kippy, Christophe (who’s an actual Swiss German guy, hello!), Conor (fan of Murakami) and my boyfriend, who’s now back into reading because of it.

Actually, Craig was one of the reasons I saved it from languishing in my cupboard. One Easter, he said he’d pay me $10 to read it. I still hadn’t sent it to him six months later but then I saw him at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and had to give it to him. He was on holiday and read it in a week, saying that the characters are so relatable and he couldn’t put it down.

“Wonderlust is unapologetically true to life with all its highs and lows and funny bits in between. It’s immensely enjoyable and I absolutely loved it!” ~ Shannah

“Wow wow wow! Loooved it! I couldn’t put it down. Exactly my type of book. So many parts the beliefs and thoughts made me smile. I still can’t believe how i could see straight into Sarah’s mind with that ability to express her feelings. The emotions and dialogue are expressed so genuinely. It’s a smart, funny and articulate read – highly recommended!” ~ Leah

“I just finished reading Wonderlust and loved it! What a beautifully written book. I think it articulates perfectly the importance of embracing the mundanity of life and finding joy in it and not continually seeking the ‘eat, pray, love” moment’!      ~ Kavita 

Thank you guys! You have certainly sparked joy in me.

The good news is that Amazon now publishes in Australia and so when I checked, you could order a copy with only $4 delivery fee. The book is also available from the German, British, French, Indian, Italian, Canadian, USA and many more sites. The best way to get it would be to order from your nearest one. Or get the kindle version.

And if you’ve read it and would like to leave me a short review on Amazon (whichever country you bought it from) or Goodreads (and also tell everyone you know about it or buy it for all your friends).. (Baha! But seriously, a review even), I’ll be so thankful.

I love you,

Mireille xx

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