How to Make Big Decisions with Confidence

13260252_10154045360101885_3364595138282377883_nHi my love!!

How do you make decisions with confidence?

This is a question one of the lovely women in this community just asked me in an email.

Yes I made the decision to leave the safety and comfort (and fun) of my marriage and move from Switzerland back to Australia.

I made the decision not to have chemotherapy, even though almost every doctor I went to see told me that’s what I should be doing. Though I found out my intuition was correct!

I even decided to leave a well-paying job at a Swiss hotel school with some savings but not other prospects on the horizon – a decision which led to me becoming a coach.

Signing up to become a coach was another decision I made requiring a leap of faith and a substantial financial investment and it was when I was just out of the hospital after my breast cancer operation. I’m really proud of that!!

In private coaching I help clients make decisions all the time. Last week it was such an amazing intuitively guided process with a client, deciding whether to stay in Australia or move back to her home country.

This process took me two years to make (mine involved leaving my marriage too). Within half an hour, she had a clear decision she was happy to follow through on. She decided to stay!!

It doesn’t haven’t to be so drastic like leaving your relationship or job right now. There are endless ways to transform a situation. That is a most powerful decision as well!!

So how to make decisions with confidence?

They have to be aligned decisions : decisions that are in alignment with body, mind and spirit.

Get clear on what you desire and then using intuition and feeling for the energy of each option, you will know.

This is what I’ve learned through all the times I didn’t listen to my intuition! But on my healing journey after having breast cancer, I really learned how to tune in and listen.

It is a challenge to break free of what others expect of you.

But making a decision that has mind, boy and spirit aligned makes it much easier to follow through with power and confidence.

That’s how I am able to follow through with these big life changes that are not ‘easy’. They feel right. That’s how I know.

This is what it means to be Healthy + Powerfully Feminine and there are just over 24 hours before the doors close on the program!!

(Click here to join or continue reading)

I’m super excited to get started with the women!!

You will learn how to tune into your feelings and your energy so that you can access your intuition and make decisions with confidence…

Because the worst place to get stuck in is the indecision. Right?

You will also learn how to…

*Cultivate love for yourself with daily practices that support you so that your boundaries are more firm and you have more belief in yourself, your talents and abilities.

*Eat for pleasure so that you can release any body or diet obsessions, say adieu to restrictions and be your naturally radiant and healthy self with ease.

(Seriously the biggest game changer for me!! People who spend time with me are amazed at what a ‘normal’ eater I am. This has been such a transformation!!)

*Use the power of your mind to ease overwhelm, anxiety and stress and to cultivate happiness and manifest your desires.

*Tune into and amp up your feminine essence so that you can be your most magnetically powerful self – whether it’s with men or simply living your life feeling your most sensual beautiful self.

Would you love to be your most magnetically powerful self?

Would you love to tune into the wisdom of your body to make decisions that you follow through on?

My mentor often said to create a program you’d want to take and this is it!!

It’s not only deep but it’s fun and feminine.

You receive a video and audio for each module so you can go back and listen to it again during the week or as many times as you like even after the Program finishes.

You will also receive notes and practices to do each week to go really deep on the teachings.

Plus, 3 guided meditations to release subconscious blocks and tune into your power within.

And 10 interviews with health coaches and specialists (including on endometriosis, adrenal fatigue, gut health, weight-loss with pleasure and breast cancer), and successful female entrepreneurs on how they create abundance and manifest so they can do work they love without burning out.

Plus!!! Be part of the private members Facebook group to share inspiration, keep on track ad ask me any questions, as well as being able to have any of your questions answered and receive coaching on the live calls.

Seriously awesome.

If you are considering joining, don’t wait as I’m not sure it will be repeated later in the year as a live group with my full support.

If you’re thinking now may not be the perfect time, I can assure you it never will be. Let your enthusiasm and intuition lead and jump in.

Start before you’re ready.

That’s what I’ve found to be the key to my success anyway!

So come on my lovely!!

The time is now.




This course is closed for 2016!!

To receive private coaching, you can apply here to have a discovery call and discuss what big decisions you’d like to make and how I could help you be Healthy + Powerfully Feminine.

If you have any questions feel free to message me at or on Facebook. Can’t wait!!


From my wild and powerful heart to yours,

Mireille xxx


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