BODY LOVE + RADIANCE workshop THIS Sunday and Monday!


Hello my love!

Do you feel like you need to fix yourself?

How often do you find yourself feeling guilty over something you ate?

Or maybe even feeling guilty before you’ve started eating?

Do you hear yourself lamenting what you’ve eaten or saying ‘I shouldn’t have…’ and just ‘knowing’ that what you just ate will make you put on weight or means that you are now (God forbid!) ‘unhealthy’?

Do you set goals to ‘be alkaline’ or ‘only eat… raw/paleo/before 7pm’?

Do you find yourself saying ‘Tomorrow I’m totally giving up cheese or chocolate or bread or sugar!’ or proclaiming ‘I’m never eating … blah blah blah again!’

And how’s that working out for you?

I was like this too! Always trying to fix and restrict myself! Believing that if I lost 5kgs (and only ate healthily) I would be happy and beautiful…

But guess what?

Neither happiness nor beauty works like that!

You don’t have to be perfect!

You just have to truly know yourself and give up guilt to be radiant and healthy.

This is one area I truly feel I’ve mastered and I’d love to share it with you…

In the BODY LOVE + RADIANCE workshop you will learn + practice how to :

identify what you are hungry for + how to provide it
give up guilt + self criticism
work with your inner rebel
and eat for pleasure

So you can cultivate a loving relationship with your body,
become more in tune and intuitive
and GLOW from within!

Again it’s only $15 and being held at…

Sowilo Soul Centre
Sunday 20th September (this Sunday)

Yoga Shala
South Perth
Monday 21st September

To register please sign up and pay here :


Some of the feedback from the last workshop :

“Wonderful! Thank you Mireille! Some profound shifts in perspective and very helpful guidance and support both within the workshop itself and to implement at home.”

– Renae

“I feel really relaxed, happy and supported after the workshop.”

– Courtney

“Great (: It’s always good to get more focus and clarity and the motivation to be consistent with my practices. I am feeling super motivated now and excited.

– Leah


When I gave up trying to fix myself and broke the cycle of deprivation, binge eating, guilt and more rules (only made to be broken it seemed) that had been going on since I was 14 years old, I actually came to my ideal weight and stayed there without a fuss.

What I also found was that not having ‘food’ and ‘my body’ on my mind gave me so much more time to pursue my real passions and purpose!

Think of the time you’d save!

Think of how powerful we’d be as individual women and as a collective if we enjoyed our beauty without being enslaved by society’s ideals.

Think of the gift you’d be giving to your daughters and future generations to come too.

To register please sign up and pay here :



Now I eat to nourish my body most of the time, but I also sometimes eat things like Hungry Jacks and ice-cream too… and not always the raw activated cashew one made with coconut syrup!

Just yesterday I ate a rich corner-store bought ice-cream and do you know what I didn’t do?

I didn’t check the packet to see how many calories or fat or sugar or preservatives I’d be consuming.

There was a moment of hesitation when I thought to, but then I asked myself,

“Why do you want to take away from the pleasure of eating this ice-cream?”

So I ate the ice-cream and felt satisfied.

It was not the greatest eating experience I’d ever had.

Once upon a time that would have been reason to seek out more.

Alleluia! I didn’t.

I got on with my day.

This is how I know this is one area I’ve mastered.

I also know there is an epidemic of guilt amongst women in our society and this is stopping us from having a healthy, loving relationship with our bodies.

And keeping us from being empowered!

That’s why I’d love to share this with you…


Would you love to GIVE UP GUILT and cultivate more BODY LOVE and RADIANCE too?

Then I’d love to see you this Sunday or Monday…

If you would love to share this with the beautiful women in your life, I’d be most grateful!


Have a beautiful day radiant light beam!

Sending so much LOVE,

Mireille xxx

Healthy& Powerfully Feminine Body Love + Radiance

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