The 5kg I Tried To Lose For 14 Years!

“I’d much rather understand myself than try to fix myself.. Whatever is fully understood, forgiven and no longer needed will fall away of its own accord.”

~ Bentinho Massaro

I’m feeling really excited because the Body Love & Radiance transformational guide is now available from my store! But when I read this quote on the weekend, I felt it was the truest thing I had read. Because I feel that way about cancer. When I understood it and lived in alignment with my purpose, it fell away. It was a seven-year journey with many mishaps and metastasis. But now it seems to be completely gone thanks to the medication and my belief in it.

The same goes for my body and food obsession.

For 14 years I was trying to lose 5kg!

This manifested as extreme interest in cookbooks and health food stores, reading Shape magazine, being interested in diets + bodies in every other magazine, eating low carb, trying to not eat between meals, counting calories, binging, stuffing my feelings down with food, reading countless weight loss books, sweet cravings, excessive exercising, feeling uncomfortable staying with someone and not knowing when the next meal way coming, feeling less than if I ate more than other women and was not as slim as them…and more!

When I understood what it was truly about, it fell away. 

Now I am sharing how to do this through my Body Love & Radiance guide. Previously it was only available through the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course so I’m very excited to be able to bring it to you in this format and for the amazing price that is on right now!

I have been working on my memoir and it stood out so much how this preoccupation with food and my body affected my relationships, my mood and my looks. So why should I sit on this material which has already helped so many?  Others may be suffering too, in small or big ways. If you’re curious, check it out for more info. All prices are in Australian dollars (what a bargain) but will convert to whatever currency.

Get Body Love & Radiance here!

I love you,

Mireille xx

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