I had brain surgery… and now I’m back!


That’s right I’m back!!

Have you missed me?

You may have been following me on social media and know where I’ve been for the past 3 months.

In case you haven’t, I’ll explain briefly.

I had brain surgery!!

Remember how I was having migraines?

Well I tried acupuncture, got glasses, visited several GPs and even wrote this article (entitled ‘I felt like I was dying’)

Basically what happened is that after 3 weeks of intense migraines I went to get an MRI on a friend’s recommendation and after visiting another GP to ask for it (I went to 3 GPs, 2 accupuncture sessions, one eye-test, one eye specialist and one occupational therapy session in those 3 weeks).

Half an hour later I was called back to the GP, went straight to the neurologist and found out I had a tumour the size of half a fist but luckily it was outside the brain and operable.

That night I was administered into the hospital and two days later underwent the 7-hour operation.

I really had no clue about what it would be like. I was simply very happy as you can see in the video I made an hour before my op. You can watch it here

Anyway, it was quite a shock to wake up and I didn’t even realize I wasn’t feeling completely myself until some weeks later.

So now it’s been three months and it feels strange but good to be back.

I’ll be going slowly (in terms of marketing especially, but am happy to take on clients). I’ve had lots of time to reflect and really simplify what I’d been doing in my business.

I’m excited to bring you more in the coming months on Body Love, Self-Love and Romance.

(yes with life, yes with yourself, maybe even with another).

And of course I have much more to share about these past 3 months. So many lessons, life-changing moments, magical happenings, emotional  break downs and break throughs, much to be grateful for, lots to navigate and come to terms with, a whole lot of TV and even a bit of romance. Seriously!!

Well, if you’re going to call yourself a Spiritual Goddess Warrior Queen, expect to be tested 🙂

If you would like to follow more of my journey, you can follow me on Instagram-where I share most intimately

or on Facebook – I made a video this week on how illness can be for our evolution (and some of the emotional causes for the tumour and breast cancer 3 years ago).

I’d love to connect with you too and have been so amazed at all the support and well wishes I’ve received from so many kind and loving souls.

Likely this is you too and so I thank you so much beautiful!!

From my wild and powerful heart to yours,
Mireille xxx

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