The Breakdown That Created My Best Mind!

‘Rule your mind or it will rule you.’

~ Horace

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock, you may not know that I had emergency brain surgery to remove a 6cm tumour in 2016, which turned out to be metastatic breast cancer. I should get the T-shirt printed. What you may not know though is how miserable and down I felt afterwards, which came as a complete shock.

Oh I was so happy to be having the surgery to put an end to the excruciating migraines – and quite high on the drugs for a bit. But afterwards, after the visitors had dried up and life went back to normal, I found myself so angry and sad. I was sad because life hadn’t turned out as planned – even though I’d tried so hard. And angry because everyone else was living their best life.

I tried to carry on as usual. Life had to play harder. I organised a Body Love workshop and that didn’t go so well. Then, one Saturday, on a day I’d promised myself I wouldn’t work, I decided to just do “one little thing”. I wanted to delete some YouTube videos I’d made and was checking them off. But when I looked up, they were all gone! All of them!!

I tried to get them back, joined chat groups and put out ads. But there was no getting them back. And I was so distraught that I just couldn’t think about it. So, finally, I gave up. 

First, for a month, I sat in bed thinking about all the errors I’d made, feeling like the biggest loser on the planet. But finally I had to pull myself together because being miserable was affecting everyone around me and I didn’t want to pull the house down.

So I started, bit by bit, and then it gained momentum. The thing was that I was grounded for the first time in my life. I couldn’t go anywhere. I just had to be here now.

Just. Be. Here. Now.

That’s what I started doing. I found ways to make myself happy in the present moment and what followed was truly the best year of my life. Because I was better.I was no longer associating with the split mind, the grass is greener mind, but making the most of my life today.

Then I discovered that what I was doing was actually the law of attraction (or art of allowing, as it’s also called). So when other people worried about having enough teaching work, I intentionally did not. When I wanted to go away again, I used these practices too

Since then it’s developed also. Now I’m sharing what I learnt in Master Your Mind : Create Peace Within. It’s a book for busy people!

It’s just 37 pages and consists of 30 daily 20-minute practices with one page of reading for each. That’s it! And there’s only one gratitude practice. I wanted to share how I tune into intuition and flow with life last year in the course (remember?). But I’m sharing it this way instead so I can 1. follow my intuition 2. Help more people and 3. so you can save $500!

Get the Master Your Mind : Create Peace Within book on Kindle.


Mireille xx

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