Can We Manifest ANYTHING?? PART TWO!

I’m feeling excited. Last week I wrote to my lovely weekly Museletter readers that, after my Mum’s 80th birthday, Love Queen memoir and big dance performance at The Perth Convention Centre had now been completed, I was looking forward to cruising through till the end of the year. Famous last words, I said. And I was right!

I will not be cruising. I have some exciting news. But I’ll save it till next week.

It really demonstrates Divine Orchestration once again. There are things that happen in my life that seem like a big deal and not what I wanted. But the flow of how the pieces all come together, without me having to do much at all to organise it, makes me feel like this is exactly in alignment for me, the stepping stones on my path. 

We can’t see the bigger picture. But Source can.  So let’s relax into the arms of the Divine and be taken for a ride. 

Recently I mentioned that I’m having new treatment for metastatic breast cancer. The way it worked out was so perfect though. I had to have a mini-operation under general anaesthetic in September and then couldn’t lift my arm for a week. It just so happened to be on the week that we had a break from dancing. So I was able to recover before going back the following week!

How it happened was so easeful. I didn’t have to make one phone call. It was all organised for me. This is the power of alignment. Thanks too goes to the Australian medical system. I don’t want to say it was only the peace within, as I can’t say it’s the same wherever. But! It could be..

Even when I fractured my foot in August, I went to the public hospital and meditated in the waiting room. I was immediately called, as I tell the story of in my podcast about Transcending At The Hospital! After this first appointment, I would be called by the doctor and receive a text notifying me of any appointments. I did nothing but live my life and not focus on it.

At the hospital after two weeks, the doctor was like, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! Because I was healing so well and so quickly. He thought the accident happened six weeks ago. So I told him about daily meditation and recommended it.

When it came to the new treatment, my first question to the oncologist was about my dance performance. You can still do that! She said. As it worked out, I am having treatment every Friday for three weeks and then on the fourth week a break. The performance fell on the week’s break. This is alignment! 

Same goes for what I want to tell you asap. It just fits in. I couldn’t have planned it myself.

Anyway, enough about me.

If you remember, a few weeks back I gave you five factors at play in what and how we manifest and here are five more today.


So what other factors are at play in what and how we manifest?


1.Human Design Energy Type

I don’t know whether you’re into Human Design but I am. I’m a Projector and I observe that it’s often Projectors who find HD so life-changing. Because 70% of people are Generators and Manifesting Generators, who actually have the energy to work an eight-hour day. Projectors do not mostly and we often struggle with success as our strategy is to wait for the invitation. And what does this mean? I’m over here doing cool shit so come get me if you need me. I won’t go into it all now but just to say that to be powerful, we Projectors need to be well-rested.

And just briefly on the other types : Manifestors need to inform, Generators should follow their joy and respond, Manifesting Generators are here to be multi-passionate and built for efficiency and Reflectors I don’t know about. The HD chart is not just about energy type though, it’s completely unique to each of us and I’m not an expert, just an enthusiast. There is also one of the energy centres called the G-Centre that determines what makes us magnetic, depending on which gate is defined coming off it. Mine is gate 1, The Creative, here for creative self-expression. My two friends who are artists also have this one.

2. The Divine Plan

When I lived in Montpellier, France, at age 26, I really wanted a job at Zara and I studied for the interview like it was my final French exam. My friend had worked in Zara before and helped me, prepping me with questions and answers. On the day, I sat in the backroom with three young French women. The manager would ask each one of us the same question and, as she went down the line, I couldn’t understand what the other girls were saying. But when it came to me I recited my perfect answers. To my huge surprise, the next day the manager called to say I got the job!

Unfortunately, due to bureaucracy with the visa, I couldn’t take the job. And even some months later, the manager called to say she had another job for me, but again the paperwork crushed my manifestation. I was so sad and it made me decide to go back to Perth at the end of six months there. My French boyfriend came with me and so I got to become somewhat fluent in French, as had been my intention. The following year, when we broke up, I was ready to study creative writing at Murdoch uni. Then I met my Swiss boyfriend and moved to Lucerne, starting to write Wonderlust because I couldn’t work. So it all worked out perfectly!

3. Quantum Leaps Can Create A Wobble

Some manifesting teachers are all about the quantum leap, but Abraham teaches that they create a wobble. It is about the progression to that level. Take people who make it big in Hollywood and then turn to drugs to cope. Or lottery winners who go broke. Self-sabotage? Just not able to hold that vibrational frequency? In my manifesting guide, Magnetise, we begin with organising your life and go step by step into the daily techniques.

4. Ego Desires

When I moved to New York at 25 to go to hip hop dance school, I really wanted to be a dancer in a video clip. Because then I would feel beautiful!  No girl, you had some healing to do. My Bollywood dance desire, on the other hand, which had been born in Mumbai the year before, but which I forgot about pretty quickly, did manifest twice! First, in New York and then in Lucerne.

5. Trying Too Hard

There is a lot of alignment in work. But if we are trying too hard to make it work, perhaps we are actually paddling upstream. Perhaps it’s not our way. As Abraham teaches, just put yourself in the river and let yourself be carried downstream. When we are stressed, our view becomes very focused and we do not see all the possibilities that are available. There is the pressure that can be helpful and we feel the flow of being in the zone. But if things aren’t working, how about just letting go and seeing what happens then? Let go and let God.


I hope this has been helpful. I can’t say everything in one blog post so..

If you would love to learn how to MANIFEST, receive my Magnetise guide for loving yourself, your life and manifesting here!

With so much love,

Mireille xx

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