Can We Manifest ANYTHING??

Recently, when Polly Alexandre interviewed me for The Feminine Millionaire Show, she asked excellent questions. One of them was whether I believe we can manifest ANYTHING. I would like to elaborate on my response today.

Reading Love Queen, my upcoming memoir, you can see that Life (Source, God, Infinite Intelligence..) guided me back to a certain path and, for all my plans, I really felt that Life was leading, not me.

Now, do I believe in manifesting and have I experienced the magic of it time and time again? ABSOLUTELY!

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So what factors are at play in what and how we manifest?

1. Sometimes we are not ready for what we want so we get the letting in process rather than what we want. This is an Abraham Hicks quote and teaching. To become the person who is able to receive our desire and to get where we are going, we may need a certain training that only Life can deliver.

2. It is easier to manifest things we are not so attached to. Abraham says it is as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button. But in reality, when we really want something, we are in the energy of not having it. How to deal with this? Be it. Lots of people have success without giving a thought to manifesting. They just do it. There is a lot of alignment in work. When we are being it, rather than thinking of it, we already are it. 

3. It’s easier to manifest things we have manifested before. As I wrote about recently, manifesting is about belief, not just surface thoughts. For me, it’s easier to manifest trips and now home improvements because yes I’m not so attached to them and also I have manifested them many times so I know I can.

4. It’s easier to manifest things we have been exposed to. Have you ever noticed how someone whose parents were in business, easily follows the same life path? This is not only because they have been exposed to the kind of thinking and know-how needed to succeed in that area, but also because they have the examples of it that imprints on the subconscious mind. Like I told Polly, when I wanted to become a writer at age twenty, I didn’t know anyone personally who could encourage me in that way or even believe that it was possible, until Life, through following my Intuition and my joy, guided me there.

Fear not though friend, if you have a desire that you haven’t been exposed to, you just need to fill up on the stories and education for success in that area. 

5. According to Human Design, we are either Specific or Non-Specific Manifestors. There are four arrows at the top of the chart and the bottom right one tells you if you are a specific or non-specific manifestor. If it’s pointing right, like mine, you’re non-specific. 

This makes so much sense to me because there have been times in my life when the specific goals and plans I had became laughable. But at other times when I was happy and going with the flow, I manifested amazing opportunities and people.  


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And to continue the conversation, enjoy my interview on Manifesting with Gratitude and Meditation with Lori Saitz here!

Lori Saitz is the CEO of Zen Rabbit, an award-winning writer, speaker, and broadcaster, and a nationally recognised expert in using gratitude and meditation to manifest goals faster. The most difficult thing she’s ever done is leave a 22-year marriage, that experience inspired her transformation. She’s now on a mission to guide Gen-Xers to a place of unprecedented passion, clarity, peace, and to rediscover their purpose so they can get back to a place of liking themselves and their lives again.

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Thank you for being here!

With so much love,

Mireille xx

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