What if going slowly is the way?

Friend, the year is 2011 and I am working three days a week as an English as a second language teacher, teaching the Cambridge Advanced Exam course. On my four days off, including the weekends, I am getting up by 7am to write for 2-3 hours, working on Wonderlust. And apart from this I’m being a domestic goddess, taking care of the house, making some art to hang up, taking a class, learning German (or learning French when I’m supposed to be learning German), hanging out with my husband and riding my bike around town. I have read Slow and I am living it.

Life is good. Life is meant to be good. Last week I had a realisation that I had been filling my time too much and not allowing it to be easy again. I had been busy and keeping myself out of alignment with this. So I slowed down again, did the minimum, remembered what was absolutely essential and did only this. Other than that I didn’t schedule my time and I enjoyed it.

What if life is meant to be easy? What if going slowly is the way? What if we remember this? And allow Life to fill in the rest. What if that is the secret? I have been reading Amanda Frances’s Rich As Fuck and applying it, doing the inner work, being here now. Feeling good. Following intuition. Last week I didn’t know what to write about for you today but I followed an inkling, a hunch, to go look up a few people on Instagram and then the idea to write about going slowly came. Allowing the water to clear, moving with presence, having fun. What if that is the way?


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Thank you!

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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Hanoi in Winter… with Corona Virus!

The worst time to go to Hanoi is in winter, during the lunar New Year, with the Corona Virus. That’s when I was there.

I’d wanted to go to Hanoi ever since I had the brain surgery four years ago. Maybe I read about it on Andrea Balt’s Instagram. Definitely I did. So, as I was in the area in early February, after spending a month in Thailand and nine days in Laos, I decided I simply had to.

Actually no, I was going with the flow. I had planned to be away for five weeks at least and was booking my trip as I went. I wanted to feel the point at which I wanted to go home. Then the couple I’d rented my room to asked if they could stay longer, so I decided to definitely go to Hanoi and Hoi An.

The funny thing is that when I was in Chiang Mai, there was a TV in my room so I was watching the news and keeping updated with the virus situation.For the ten days in Laos, however, I had not seen any news and had deleted the social media apps off my phone. Perhaps if I had, I wouldn’t have gone. 

In any case, I’m glad I did. Even though I did not LOVE it. I feel like one of those people who say “I’ve done Hanoi! I’ve done Hoi An.” I never understood those people. How can you do a place? Now I am one of them.

The first day my mission was to a) eat vegan Vietnamese food and b) find the train station and book the night train to Hoi An. I didn’t have a map but I had the rough outline on Google maps. I like to travel without the internet on my phone. It feels more fun to me. Instead, I’ll look it up and screenshot where I need to go while on wifi and hope my phone battery doesn’t die before I make it there. Often it does because I take so many photos. On this day it did. 

I’ve thought too about buying a portable charger, but I quite like the adventure of being without phone and the presence it brings. I just ask people. So to find the train station, I’d find young people and ask as I went, then had the genius idea to go into a hotel to ask for a map. The lady wrote the name of the station down for me to show as I went. People would point me in the direction and indicate. I felt accomplished making it there and buying the ticket.

Since I feel I have a good sense of direction, I didn’t think getting back across the city to my hotel would be a problem. Instead I ended up at a cafe. In fact, as it turned out, I was just opposite the Temple of Literature. After an early grey tea and carrot cake, I headed across the street but was met with a sign that said, as of 3pm, when I’d asked the Irish couple leaving the cafe where I was and what the time was, that the site was closed.

As I’d soon find out, all the attractions had been closed just then, due to COVID-19. Vietnam had had ten or so cases at that point and while I was there five more, but managed to contain the spread by taking such measures and keeping schools closed for a further two weeks.

Unlike back home, the lunar new year is not a time of dragon parades through the streets, but when people go home to be with their families. Because of this, the regular walking tours run by university students were not on either. So what did I do during my four days there?

1. I walked around.

The architecture in Hanoi is so varied and interesting, from the French colonial style of the grand boulevards to the skinny buildings piled side by side and on top of each other. It is also a very green city with lots of trees.

2. I ate vegan food.

I put vegan into my google maps and off I went. Often the adventure was in finding the places, walking there, and what I discovered on the way.

3. I learnt about the history

I went on the hop on hop off bus tour but didn’t get off. It was so cold, raining and the sites were closed anyway. Still, I enjoyed just sitting there. Then I came home and googled Ho Chi Minh.

4. I yelled “Goooood morning Vietnam!” out my window first thing every day

Before touching down in Hanoi, I didn’t even realise they had a winter, and I felt a bit down in the rain. But this morning ritual made me feel happy. I’d picked up “Spiritual Journey of the Peaceful Warrior” at a restaurant in Laos and took the advice to “get up and get moving” every day. It really does work like a charm.

5. I tried to find cosy cafes to sit at

The thing about the cafes in Hanoi is that they are made for summer, with wide open windows. And the tables and chairs are so small with no place for the knees. They are not made for writing at. I’d tried to go to a Starbucks on my second last day, but it seemed too cramped and moist in there and I was avoiding such excellent conditions for virus transmission. Instead, I walked around.

6. I walked around the lake

The lake was so very beautiful, the heart of Hanoi, especially in the drizzle. It was funny to see sites such as the slow procession of a whole tour group of white haired westerners being driven individually by nimble Vietnamese men on those bicycle rickshaws. And once I’d gotten my bearings, I could happily navigate the streets.

7. I avoided getting run over in the old town

Yeah, that place can be crazy, with motorbikes coming at you from every angle. Once I’d figured out that my hotel was just around the corner from it, a trip out became an obstacle course and test of my reflexes.

8. I took some cool pictures!

How picturesque those fruit sellers were set against the green and grey of the city, frozen in time. If you would like to see some more, head over to my Instagram. Or Facebook!

9. I climbed the six flights of stairs to my room

I’d been having problems with my right leg, glute and hip pretty much my whole trip, but climbing the stairs seemed to help and made me feel strong as well. It definitely got the endorphins going and it helped me feel like more of my zen French self.

10. I did Bikram Yoga!

I’d wanted to do some yin yoga while in Hanoi, but never made it due to distance and timing. Instead, on the last day I had a brainwave (received this idea) to go to Bikram yoga and be warm.  That day, after being with my hip and describing how it really felt in my journal, the problem went away temporarily and I was able to enjoy the heat, perspiration, stretching and poses with full use of my body. It was amaaaazing!!

May we accept the things we cannot change,
Change the things we can
And have the wisdom to know the difference. 

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Love, Sex + Miracles : a week in the life of a Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Spiritual Goddess Warrior Queen

Hello beautiful!!

How are you?

I am feeling much better but am going slowly.

I have to.

But I have so many ideas and lots I still want to share with you about relationships and being Queen of your Love Life, plus exciting new projects for later this year on Body Love + Radiance.

All of this is part of being Healthy + Powerfully Feminine.

Being Healthy + Powerfully Feminine means feeling empowered in your relationship to your body, your beauty and men.

It’s feeling beautiful and valuable, inside and out.

It’s knowing that the person you’re with is lucky to be with you – if they’re the right one for you.

This is the non-diva queenly approach to relationships that I go deeper on in my e-book : How To Be Queen of Your Love Life.

This week I got a message from one of the women in this community to say that after a month of being unwell, she feels so much closer to her body.


Your body is speaking to you all the time, but sometimes she has to scream when you don’t listen.

Having a great relationship with your body means making aligned decisions (decisions that feel right in body, mind and spirit) and listening in to your intuition – your teachings from within.

And then listening out to the signs and messages you receive from the world around you.

You only have to ask and then pay attention.

Having cluster headaches (apparently this is what I have) is certainly challenging me to go within and do what is absolutely necessary.

While I’ve been unwell, I’ve been learning so much and having so many realizations.

(notice I say ‘unwell’. This is an example of conscious language as I’m still saying ‘well’).

One thing I realized is that I really really missed connecting with you on social media!!

At times I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Facebook in particular.

But I love being able to see what you are doing and feeling and sharing  from my own life and mind too.

That’s what I missed!!


The positive side is that I’ve been calling and visiting people a lot more and I’ve started using Facebook Live videos!! Oh that’s fun.

Sometimes though, when I couldn’t go online, I’d sit in my bed in the morning and connect with you energetically, sending love to individuals from my heart.

I know so many of you in this community because of my workshops, friendships from around the world and because of social media.

If you haven’t connected with me yet, come join me on Facebook (friend request me on my private page) or on my business page or on Instagram.

I love sharing coaching tips, realizations (sometimes my life feels like one realization after the other, which is amazing!!). Also personal stories there and what I’m inspired by – because I do believe we can live a fulfilling life where we are. We can create it.

There is so much beauty in the every day (when we look through the lens of beauty) and I love to be authentic on social media because I don’t want to contribute to our tendency for glamorizing perfection.

I find reality so much more beautiful!!

While I was unwell, I listened to a podcast on Being Intentional.


Being conscious, present and intentional is really what I have craved my whole life.

It would create such inner turmoil when I wasn’t doing that – when I binge ate or overate or drank too much or consumed crap in other forms, like with trash magaznes or youtube (how does one find oneself watching the diet of a body-builder on a Saturday night?)

This became a theme of my novel and the novel was my way of clearing the crap and turning the mundane into something artistic, something with meaning, something beautiful.

I loved the way Anais Nin, the French writer, experienced her life so sensually and with the eye of the artist.

This week G said to me, “We’re not in an SBS film!”, as we were lying in bed talking about something deep this week.

(SBS for those overseas is a station that is known for broadcasting art-house and foreign films)

But baby we are!!

Deep conversation makes me feel truly alive and that’s why I love connecting with you through coaching, workshops and online.

That’s how I connect with people every day, in the cafe, at the acupuncturist…

My new accupuncturist this week was telling me about his ex-girlfriends and how before he balanced his own masculine/yang and feminine/yin energies with Thai Chi, he attracted women who had more masculine/yang energy.

I shared how so many women crave to be more in their feminine energy, especially in relationships, and desire the man to be more masculine, but don’t know how to.

That’s one of the things I help people with through coaching.

This is what Healthy + Powerfully Feminine means. We’re not Powerfully Masculine. Feminineand you have the power to transform it.

Being in a relationship where you can relax in your feminine energy and him in his masculine, creates strong sexual polarity too. 

And that’s really fun.

We all deserve great sex (if that’s what you desire).

For this, I believe, you need to love your body and own your beauty.

Juicy in life, juicy in the bedroom, as Kim Aname says.

If you would love me to assist you to feel like the delicious and sensual woman that you are by releasing all that is holding you back (all those habits and ways of thinking that are making you hate on yourself), I have my unique methods that I also tailor specifically for you.

If you would like to discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t and find out how my methods are different (with ease and pleasure, massive realizations and abundance rather than restriction or ‘willpower’) and you are ready to invest in yourself, click here to book your complimentary discovery call.

If you are ready to do it differently, I would love to work with you.

Oh this week I was also deeply saddened by the senseless act that went on in Nice. It makes me sad that there is so much hostility in the world, everywhere, but the South of France is one of my favourite places in the world too.

I not only love the environment, the culture and the language, but most importantly the people.

When I lived in Montpellier, I had friends of all backgrounds, Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian… and French. And still do.

I have also been robbed more times in France that anywhere else (I actually have never been robbed anywhere else), but I also understand that people are a product of their upbringing and experiences.

Everyone believes they are right. The governments included (perhaps).

I will not stand from my privileged position, with my education and upbringing in this country, in my family, and judge people.

What I know is that there are loving people everywhere.

That’s why I feel at home in the world, at home when I travel.

Sometimes, especially this week, I sit in my bed in the morning and feel so connected and I naturally send love to you from my powerful heart.

Your heart is extremely powerful.

Did you know?

I know when I’ve written this before, one of my past clients and now friends said she actually felt a shift in her at that moment I sent my love.

I’d love to share this Loving Kindness Meditation with you that I posted on my FB page yesterday.

It is so powerful!!

Click here to access it.

When I’ve done this before with the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine women, they’ve not only loved it, but also have reported back amazing shifts.

Like receiving flowers and a card from someone one lovely lady had been experiencing conflict with.

Seriously, it’s powerful.

Do you believe it? Try it!!

Then let me know.

So I’ve covered Love and Sex, now about those miracles…

The miracle is the shift in perfection from fear to love.

In sending love to people we dislike, we’re sending love to ourselves.

We ask not that the other person change but that we change.

We ask that whatever is bothering us doesn’t anymore and we are able to return to a state of love, releasing the fears that bind us and keep us in a perpetual state of conflict and inner turmoil.

In getting over an ex, you ask not that the person loves you again, but that it doesn’t matter to you anymore.

You ask to be released from the egoic mind’s tightness and open into the expansiveness of a loving mind.

That’s how you will be able to release the past and keep your heart open to love again.

Come do the meditation with me here : (click the image to access it)

Then write and let me know what’s happening in your life and how you’re feeling or if you have noticed any subtle (or grand) shifts through doing this meditation.

Wishing you so much presence and power this week!

Enjoyyy my love.

From my wild and powerful heart to yours,
Mireille xxx

p.s.  Access your free copy of How to be Queen of your Love Life here, connect with me on Instagram here or on my FB personal page or business page here…. and book in for your coaching discovery session if you would love my help and guidance to be Healthy + Powerfully Feminine by clicking here.  So much abundance!!


Would you love to be Healthy + Powerfully Feminine?
Imagine a life where you feel INTUITIVELY GUIDED, CALM and PRESENT.

You LOVE YOUR BODY and feel amazing in your skin.

You know how to GO WITHIN and receive WISDOM.


You use INTUITION to MAKE DECISIONS that feel right and follow through on them.

You ATTRACT positive experiences and men because you VALUE yourself enough to refuse what you don’t want.

You have TIME for YOU.

You LOVE the work you’re doing.

And your life feels beautiful and fulfilling, joyful and abundant!

From this place, I have found, you are able to receive the LOVE you deserve because you know your worth and you know who you ARE and you truly and deeply love yourself.

Love yourself and your own life first.

The coaching relationship is such a beautiful way to receive and to work on yourself and consciously create your authentic life.

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Hi I’m Mireille! I’m a Divine Living certified coach. I help women to not only create a life they love, but also to release unhelpful habits and compulsions, remove the blocks to success and be the woman capable of receiving her desires.

Many of the women drawn to work with me have been through a major transition – like motherhood, loss of a parent or a relationship break up – and are tired of struggling, feeling overwhelmed, drowning under to-do lists and responsibilities and lacking real joy and satisfaction.

My Healthy and Powerfully Feminine in-person course and online private coaching program assists women to know their authentic power and gives them the tools and techniques to create real and lasting change.

I am so passionate about helping women to create a life they’re wild about because I know the effect it can have on our spirit and health when we keep ignoring our true desires.

The coaching relationship is a sacred space to be open and explore what’s possible, while being supported, guided and held accountable. It’s an amazing way to transform all areas of your life and create emotional, spiritual and financial fulfillment.

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5 Surprising Things I Enjoyed This Week


Hello beautiful!

This has been a very interesting week in so many different ways. There are a couple of articles I wanted to write, but only this one feels right.

Today I feel like allowing what is coming to be without forcing anything. Not that I always or usually force. But today this feels right. Meandering.

Journey with me if you like.

I went to the cafe this morning to write this and, though I mostly work really efficiently there, today I sat in conversation with a Yin Yoga teacher I know.

I told her of my 2 ideas for this post – one on How to Feel like An Abundant Queen and the second on How to be Queen of your Love Life.

We spoke about the second.

Something she said I really liked. She’d done a yoga class for kids and noticed that the most disruptive one respond the best to gentle touch and attention.

Just like how women nag when they want attention, I said.

Just like everyone wants presence.

We do.

* This week I have really enjoyed being present with myself.

I have lain on my bed for an hour feeling my heart and my womb and allowing my desires to come and to be.

I have struggled with resistance to my growth and then I have settled and watched it and accepted it.

I have allowed the unexpressed parts of myself to be seen.

*I have enjoyed receiving my first male client.

Yayy. I feel LIFE opening to me in this way.

I LOVE men. I get along really really well with them.

I like to study the masculine too. I am fascinated by our differences.

I like to apply everything I learn. Sometimes this feels like a lot of information I’m carrying around.

Solution? Connect back to my truth in every moment. Release the drama and the stories (especially the ones other people tell you about how it should be) and all the teachings and just express openly, honestly.

Ask rather than assume.

*I have enjoyed tuning into the energy of abundance.

I really love working with energy. I also really enjoy remembering that I am here to help others and that in order to do so, it is part of my job to get into the space where I can hold my clients in a higher vibration.

I loved talking about Abundance for the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program this week. Actually a good part of the talk was about how to get back into your power after feeling weak. I felt Fluent. Divine. Natural. Led.

*I have enjoyed being my spiritual soulful self

Marianne Williamson said that when you’re spiritual it’s like you’re part of an underground movement and you don’t have to go around telling or trying to convert others.

True. Very true.

But I feel fine to be openly spiritual now and that book (A Return to Love) was written quite some time ago. I feel it’s not so fringe anymore. It depends on the world you’re living in really and how far on the journey you are I suppose.

Some people are more willing to show the light that shines inside and burns to be released and to be seen and to be true.

It really depends on how far we’ve been squashed into the box.

Doesn’t it?

How far our spirits have been pushed down.

But this is our work, I believe.

To allow ourselves to be seen and to be true.

To set our spirits free.

To find our truth.

* I have enjoyed being the real me, intimately.

Expressing my desires and allowing the other the freedom to work out what he wants to do. Letting go of attachment to a certain answer. Knowing who I am.

Trusting that everything is happening exactly as it should be.

How freeing that is.

I feel super fucking proud of that.

I have also enjoyed having red nails and dark hair.

And eating the wonder that is romanesco.

How about you lovely? How have you grown this week? What have you realised? Did you push past your comfort zone showing up as more authentically YOU?

I’d love to know.

Would you love to feel in your power and in your feminine energy as a Spiritual Goddess Warrior Queen? Do you require help transforming some habits to be the best version of YOU? Are you ready to release all that’s been holding you back and create your most beautiful life?

My new coaching packages are here.

To book your complimentary discovery call to find out what coaching with me would be like click here.

Wishing you a beautiful week my friend!

From my wild and powerful abundantly loving heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

p.s. Have you watched this video on how to communicate as a Queen (or King) in relationships? It’s super short!! And I’ve received great feedback from it. Plus it kind of went viral.

It didn’t really but it has twice the views of the video I clicked on in an email where the coach said the same. What is going viral really? Maybe it did go viral!

Hi I’m Mireille! I’m a Divine Living certified coach. I help women to not only create a life they love, but also to release unhelpful habits and compulsions, remove the blocks to success and be the woman capable of receiving her desires.

Many of the women drawn to work with me have been through a major transition – like motherhood, loss of a parent or a relationship break up – and are tired of struggling, feeling overwhelmed, drowning under to-do lists and responsibilities and lacking real joy and satisfaction.

My Healthy and Powerfully Feminine in-person course and online private coaching program assists women to know their authentic power and gives them the tools and techniques to create real and lasting change.

I am so passionate about helping women to create a life they’re wild about because I know the effect it can have on our spirit and health when we keep ignoring our true desires.

The coaching relationship is a sacred space to be open and explore what’s possible, while being supported, guided and held accountable. It’s an amazing way to transform all areas of your life and create emotional, spiritual and financial fulfillment.

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The Art of Living with Pleasure + Beauty


Yesterday I went to the Crown Lobby Lounge to do some work on the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Program and the Queening workshop this Saturday and enjoyed sipping a cappuccino as I absorbed the ambience.

I love being in high vibe hotel lobbies. In Switzerland I would regularly do my work at The Palace Hotel along the lake and I realized this was something I was missing in my life.

Another practice I’ve been incorporating this week is embodying my French woman.

The French woman is an archetype I’ve been drawn to since I was 12 years old and nowadays it’s a feeling and energy I embody to return to a state of presence, pleasure and attention to beauty and style, just as I embody the Queen’s energy to get over any attachments to past loves and attract abundance.

Since I was a teenager too, I longed to live an interesting and creative life, with elegance and grace, bringing attention and presence to everything I do.

So, when I would find myself watching the e-entertainment channel, reading celebrity magazines, drinking and eating too much and too fast, wasting hours and days of my life, it would cause a lot of inner turmoil and I’d really beat myself up over it.

Then when I discovered how I could transform these habits that were holding me back and actually be the person I really desired to be, I wanted to share this. So I created the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Program – which can now be taken from anywhere in the world!

We start the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Online Group Program with Self-Love and Sacred Rituals, because how we live our days is how we live our lives.

We bring attention and intention to our days and cultivate a life of beauty and presence.

Week Two is The Art of Radiance and Body Love, where we practice eating sensually and for pleasure and do the deep work to release any obsessions or preoccupations so that we can be our most peaceful and beautiful self.

Week Three is The Art of Desires and Energy, where we’ll open ourselves fully to our desires and learn to attune our energy to receive with more ease.

Week Four is The Art of Abundance, where we’ll uncover and release any subconscious limiting money beliefs and learn practices to create more flow so that we can be doing work we love and be paid well for it.

Week Five is The Art of Feminine Presence and Intuition, learning to lean back and release control so that we can be our most irresistible self. When we feel this inner beauty and glow, it really doesn’t matter what else is happening on the outside.

The final week is The Art of Receiving, from all the work we have been doing, we go deeper into our feminine energy and out of pushing and struggling to a state of receptivity.

Many women find that in relationships they are controlling and forcing things along, not feeling their most attractive self. The Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Online Group Program will help you be in pleasure, beauty and ease.



The Program starts On May 18th (next Wednesday) so if this is for you, I’d love you to join and that’s why I’ve made it completely accessible.

You will receive…

Preparation material as soon as you join.

6 live and downloadable training calls with me (plus time for questions and coaching).

6 modules with notes and practices.

3 extra guided meditations for releasing blocks and old beliefs and connecting to your power.

Membership to the online community to keep inspired, motivated, make friends and ask questions.

♥ A group of 3 to be your accountability girlfriends.


The investment for your most beautiful, powerful, feminine self is…

Best Value : AU$444 = US$326 = £225

Most Flexible : 3 monthly payments of AU$164 = US$120 = £83

Click the images below to join (currency conversions will be done for you) ….




I used to be forever craving a life somewhere else, but now the pleasure + beauty I longed for is right here at home. It’s in the air that I breathe and in the way that I am.

Would you love to bring presence, pleasure and beauty to your daily life?

Would you love to feel peaceful and powerful in body, mind and spirit?

Then give yourself what you desire my love.

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx


Love, Romance + Sweet Pleasure in Bali


Hello my love!

Are you enjoying enough romance?

I sure am!

I’m feeling lovely. Today started with a bit of stress, but by 7am that was handled and what followed was a journey back to slowness and pleasure.

A beautiful yin yoga class, where the postures are long and deep and you intuitively go as far as your body desires or requires. There were tennis balls involved too.

Then a manicure and pedicure, followed by a massage with this amazing woman who makes me feel like I’m slowly being trampled by an elephant, in such a good way. I am now her devotee.

This really is a fine romance!

Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting some juicy hook up tales. Today I’m going to talk about pleasuuuure.

I’m here in Bali romancing my soul, getting loved up with my lap top, making sweet love to my business, Queening to my heart’s content and practising the fine Art of Being Alone.

It really is an art.

I feel like I’m teaching people here that it’s okay to be alone.

People that I meet keep saying “Ooh must be hard” type of things.

‘Babies?’ They say.

‘No, not yet’ I answer.



It all sounds so Eat, Pray, Love.

Even that Bintang smuggler I wrote about on this week’s blog post on How I Don’t Drink (in a culture that very much does) chimed in with a ‘I feel lonely sometimes being here with these 2 couples.’

Of course you do dear you’re distracting yourself.

I didn’t really say that. I said,

‘Yes sometimes you can feel more lonely in a group than alone.’

The truth is I’m not lonely.

It’s not hard here.

I’m enjoying myself!!

Is this hard for you to believe too??

I’ve been way lonelier in relationships when I was trying not to be lonely.

Have you felt that too?

Perhaps you’ve gone for the wrong guy or girl just because they’re there, or if in relationship, getting all needy and naggy.

Because we want attention!!

But what if we gave ourselves the attention we so desired?

What would happen if we stopped waiting and crowned ourselves the Queen of our Pleasure?

That would be a whole lot of fun…

Or would you feel guilty?

It would be interesting to reflect on what this brings up in you.

Do you think, “Geez I’d love even a day on my own!” or do you think “Hmm nice but would be better with the love of my life…”? (cue violins)

Only kidding, it’s good to feel the pain of being alone.

Better than distraction.

Pain motivates us to move.

Distraction keeps people spinning in circles.

Or settling.

I have felt the pain of being alone.

I wrote about it.

There is the pain and then there is the beauty in the pain.

The treasure.

And in being alone there is also so much pleasure.

I really really enjoy sprawling out across a big bed and sitting at breakfast by myself, drinking black coffee, observing the others, staring into the void (because how often do we have that luxury?) and writing whatever comes to mind.

Creativity keeps me company.


Lie down under a frangipani tree and don’t do anything.

Your creativity will start flowing like a glorious river.

(It doesn’t have to be a frangipani tree even).

Nurture it. Nourish it.

Your mind can be a most entertaining companion.

Pleasure is cultivated.

Being Healthy + Powerfully Feminine means being Queen of your Pleasure.

Pleasure keeps you slim and satisfied.

Are you receiving enough pleasure?

By expanding your pleasure portfolio, you will not seek pleasure in any one form.

Most people though, don’t allow themselves to explore this.

We are too embarrassed to bring coloured pencils on holiday or swing on the swings or hang from the monkey bars or dine alone.

And I feel like it’s a great shame!

Lack of pleasure is an epidemic.

It makes people fat!

And unhappy.

Lacking that ‘Je ne sais quoi’, that ‘Joie de Vivre’.

Let’s not pretend we’re only grown ups!

We’re pleasure seeking creatures after all and if your body doesn’t receive enough pleasure, she will seek it out in the most convenient form.

Whatever that is for you.

If you don’t know what brings you pleasure it’s okay it’s normal.

Go exploring.

Today as I sat at the Yoga Barn’s Cafe enjoying that post yoga stillness and nourishing myself with a fresh coconut and a beet, carrot and lime juice, I started to write about what brings me pleasure…The pleasure of relishing in the world of health.

The pleasure of making connections between words and their meaning.

The pleasure of watching the ink form words and shapes across the page as my hand moves and creates.

The pleasure of lying under a pink frangipani tree as the morning slips by.

The pleasure of waking from a nap in the fresh air to see the sky.

The pleasure of spicy food.

The pleasure of sitting and not having to go anywhere.

The pleasure of observing people.

The pleasure of watching Australians greet the Balinese staff as old friends.

The pleasure of taking self-pleasure breaks.

(Are you getting enough of that?)

The pleasure of standing in an immigration queue and repeating “Thank you! I am grateful!” the whole time.

The pleasure of sharing a smile with a stranger.

The pleasure of tropical heat.

The pleasure of eating rice done well.

The pleasure of finishing work you set out to do.

The pleasure of having only a small bag of belongings and keeping everything so neat.

The pleasure of walking in the early morning.

The pleasure of rubbing flowers into my feet.

Have I given you enough pleasure?

Ruminate on these. How do they make you feel?

What brings you pleasure?

I’d love to know!

Just sit with pen and paper and write, ‘The pleasure of…’ and wait.

Let it come.

Let it flow.

Let it move through you.


Drink it in.

Connoisseur of your own romance.

Queen of your Pleasure.

Let’s rule this world x

Wishing you a pleasure-filled week!

Sending so much love,

Mireille xxx

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Would you like to embody the energy of a Queen and get into your power around men, money and health?

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Your body is talking… are you listening? (+ some crazy stories from my body obsession days)


How are you beautiful?

Oh I’m really happy at the moment!

It feels like for no reason, but I guess there are reasons.

I’ve reprogrammed my brain to be so.

I’ve felt the really deep feelings that needed to be felt.

(as I shared with you in the last few posts)

I’m really happy in my work and am looking forward to my first webinar and the online program.

I’ve been expressing my creativity more.

I have been attracting friendships with really awesome people.

I made the decision a few weeks back that NO ONE messes with my vibe.

(yeah I felt like some John Wayne character)

And it’s the weekend!!

(I’m taking this one off)

That’s what my body told me this week.

She said loud and clear, “Mireille you have been working too hard!”

I’m going to tell you how I heard this sacred message.

But can I just say that at the last Healthy + Powerfully Feminine a young woman said something that made me soooo happy.

She said that she was celebrating now seeing her body as a friend and from then on she was going to treat and speak to her body.

Like taking her body for walks as a way of caring for it (her) and enjoying the beauty in the world around her.

Oh my God!!

Do you know how proud I felt in that moment?!

I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this and a fire in my heart.

It’s made me feel even more like a woman on a mission!!

Because I know this area, our bodies, is such a preoccupation for so many women in my tribe, let alone in the larger community where images of the ‘perfect’ woman’s body bombards us day and night.

Even if you are eating healthily, it doesn’t mean you are doing it out of love rather than fear.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one we have.

So are you speaking to yourself with kindness?

Or criticism?

And can you hear what you body is saying to you?

I have made a video on how I heard what my body told me this week and how I am running my business according to my menstrual cycle.

I’ll post the link at the end of this email. But first…

Being empowered means having a great relationship with our bodies and ourselves.

If we are using up brain space feeling bad about ourselves or consuming precious thoughts attacking ourselves, we cannot fully connect into the Divine creative mind and truly step out and find our passions and live our purpose.

That’s what I’ve experienced anyway.

Once upon a time, when I was in my 20s, I wondered, ‘What would I think about if I wasn’t thinking about this?’

And by this I meant my body, my fat, losing weight, my breasts, pimples, grey hairs, my mustache, my crooked teeth, the hair in awkward places and that disproportionate fat that gathered at the top of my thighs since I was about 15.

Oh I had shed many tears over those lumps of fat!

Tantrums even.

(sorry mum!)

Last night at yoga as I did pigeon pose those lumps of fat stood out like never before.

No, I didn’t find it the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.

But I sent my body love and got on with the practice.

Afterwards I went to Thai with my gorgeous friend.

She mentioned something about how hot the female instructor was and she envisioned herself having that body.

I realised at that moment that, although I had thought how toned our yoga teacher’s body was, I hadn’t for one second wished it for myself or thought worse about myself.

I didn’t want her body.

Not because I thought ‘Oh but she’d have to work so hard for it’ or ‘Oh but her breasts were fake.’

That kind of thinking feels bitter and disempowering to me.

I very much admired her breasts, fake or not.

I just didn’t want her body because I didn’t think about it.

Oh wow how far I’ve come.

I’m not trying to say I’m now ‘perfect’ or totally immune. What gets to me a bit are those Fitinspo IG accounts.

I dated guys who followed accounts like that and it made me wonder what they thought of me if this was their ideal.

But it also makes me sad that so many women are so obsessed with having an arse that looks like a peach and so many people worship these arses.

Like, hello, there are real things happening in the world. Though who am I to judge? Some people might think the same about me.

When I was obsessed with losing weight, immediately in any newspaper or magazine I’d turn to the ‘diet and exercise’ section.

Later it became a real interest in health and I’m grateful because this has led me to know a lot about nutrition and with all my experimenting, what works psychologically too.

Nowadays, I eat for my health, but it’s coming from a place of love, not fear.

And I’m not obsessed.

One of my darling Healthy + Powerfully Feminine students (for want of a better word) said that she just wishes she didn’t think about her body at all.

So it wouldn’t stop her from going to the beach or living an awesome life.


That’s how she wants to feel.

And if this is how you’re feeling too, wherever you are on the scale, I am living proof that it’s possible!!

I am someone who put on weight when I was dancing 6 days a week in New York and despite imbibing French Women Don’t Get Fat more times than I can remember, I did get fat in France!!

French women might not get fat, but Australian women in France do!

Or I did, once upon a time.

But my message to you is not about weight-loss.

It’s that when you love yourself and explore your passions, you will naturally be your healthy and radiant self, without the preoccupation with food or body.

I’m sharing my story though, in case you can relate to any of it.

It wasn’t the putting on weight or not that was the real struggle, it was the obsession with my next meal and the self-loathing.

This is what I discovered in my healing…

If I can always eat what I wanted without guilt, then I don’t want it as much.

If I focus on health and feeding my body well because I love her, then it will be a lot easier to be healthy.

That was a dream for me when I was obsessed with losing weight, binge eating, binge exercising, calorie counting, low carb dieting, peeling the batter off fish to eat the flacid flesh within… so much non-sense!

These days I eat a full-fat everything diet (that reduced fat milk is not helping) and I share some more stories from my health journey in this video. Plus, a photo from back then to show you the difference.

How I went from body obsessed to … not even thinking about it.


Having a great relationship with your body is essential to being Healthy and Powerfully Feminine because our bodies talk to us.

We often hear our intuition in the form of feelings from our body.

This is your Divine gift!!

The more you cut the noise in your head, the more you can hear this wise self within.

I have also helped women to overcome their own obsessions – one client quit bulimia after her 20 year habit, another I helped to cut down on sugar and start eating normally.

I’m feeding my body with love and helping other beautiful souls to do the same.

Do you desire this too?

The Body Love module from the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program can now be purchased for $27 from the shop at my new Zen French Woman’s site. Click here to discover more.

And if you’re a fan of Body Love already and would like to share this with your loved ones, please do. I definitely think I went through that craziness over the 14 years so that I could help others to make it easy too.

Everything is happening exactly as it should be in perfect timing.

If you feel and know you’d like to learn how to Love your Body Beautiful and practise this way of being, the module is designed to teach and facilitate this process. You will also be able to ask me any questions about it as you go.

And if you know anyone who would enjoy or benefit from hearing this message or may be interested, please do share this and tell your friends and loved ones.

I’d love it so much if my message reached more women of every age! It’s never too late to begin again or too soon to become wiser.  Thanks so much!


Sending so much love to you!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mi xxx




Chocolate Mon Amour… 4 Pleasurable Ways to Cut Down without Missing Out


Women and chocolate.

It’s not a relationship you want to try and mess with.

It’s personal.

With such eye-rolling back pleasure some of the women at the Body Love + Radiance workshop spoke of their beloved nightly ritual, those moments to themselves when they could do whatever they wanted and just be happy, eating chocolate.

At the same time they wanted to be their healthiest and not need the chocolate.

So I’m going to tell you my philosophy and some easy and enjoyable ways to cut down without missing out.

Because I’m all about the pleasure!

We are pleasure-seeking creatures by nature.

It actually goes against our nature to be motivated by pain rather than pleasure.

That’s why most diets fail.

And those plans to go jogging when you don’t love it?


That’s why I only advocate doing what you enjoy or finding a way to enjoy it.

Let’s talk about Cacao

Cacao was used in ancient Latin America and the Latin word for it translates to  “Food of the Gods”. It was used in betrothal and marriage ceremonies, as medicine and as currency – highly valued and celebrated.

And why not?

Cacao is actually a superfood!!

It’s rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, zinc and potassium, oleic acid (a heart-healthy essential monounsaturated fat), fiber and vitamins E, B2, B1, B5, B3 and B9.

So when you are craving chocolate, especially around menstrual time, your body is probably craving some of these nutrients.Listen to your body!

She knows.

You can buy raw cacao from Health Stores. My favourite place to get it in Perth is to buy it loose from Kakulas (in fremantle or Northbridge).

Add it to a smoothie, sprinkle over coffee, raw balls or make your own chocolate quite easily.

By giving your body the purest form of what she desires (nutrients), you will find you don’t crave the low vibe alternatives as much.

That’s the first way of cutting down without missing out.

Let’s talk about High Vibe Food

As I’ve said many times before, everything is energy.

When you are low in energy, things don’t flow so easily in your life.

Have you ever noticed that?


Change your energy and change your life.


This is why I believe that everything I purchase is an investment in myself.

When I get my weekly massage or make having a cleaner a non-negotiable or pay for a yoga class, a self-development program or book, I am investing in my energy.


When our energy is flowing, our life flows.


To have your energy flowing you need to be receiving and not just giving out your energy all the time.

So everything you buy is an investment in yourself – even the chocolate you buy!

How much do you value yourself?

Do you gift yourself with high quality chocolate?

Imagine you are your own best lover (you are), what kind of chocolate would you gift yourself?

Not satisfied?


Personally what I look for when I buy chocolate is how natural it is – those without soy added or milk (if it’s dark) and with cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter as the first ingredients. If it’s milk chocolate sugar will come higher up on the ingredient list.

I love Lindt 70% and 85%, the Woolworth’s Select Brand 70% and Green and Black’s Organic (Milk, White and Dark), The Alter Eco range and Luvju (made with coconut nectar and raw cacao) – found in health food stores.

Some of these cost more but remember it’s an investment in yourself.

And what happens when you value something?

You savour it.


Imagine that every time you looked at your chocolate, good feelings came up and you felt like you really valued yourself.What would happen then?

You’d affect your energy.

You’d be high vibe!!

And when you are high vibe, you attract high vibe people and opportunities into your life.

When you feel guilty and shit about yourself, you attract that too.

On the Emotional Guidance Scale (by Abraham Hicks)… Joy, Love and Appreciation are of the highest frequency.

Guilt and Unworthiness are at number 21 out of 22.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and…


Like attracts like.


Have you ever noticed?

Eat high vibe and feel good, attract more of the good into your life.

That’s the second way to cut down easily without missing out.

Let’s talk about Sacred Rituals

I looooove that the women at the workshop expressed how important this daily ritual was for them.

Keep that part!

Make it even more sacred.

Take the time to honour yourself each day.

Because you do deserve it and you are worth it!


People often talk about ‘guilty pleasures’ but no pleasure should be guilt-inducing.

In fact, the only thing to remove from your diet is guilt!

If you remove guilt, you will be your naturally healthy and radiant self.

Trust me, I spent years making rules for myself around food, breaking them, feeling guilty, overeating or binge eating because of this feeling of guilt and then hating myself and making up more rules – only to repeat the cycle again.

Guilt, remember, is extremely low vibe.

It pains me greatly that this is not spoken about more in society! We are fed so many rules and ‘new findings’ that we don’t listen to our body’s own wisdom.

What happens when you feel guilt and in fear?

You buy things! Quick fixes. Solutions.

Have you ever noticed how, when you read a magazine and feel shit about yourself, you then want to a) eat and b) buy things?

How convenient that the magazine is half full of advertising!

All this is why the diet, health and fitness industries are worth billions of dollars and we as a society are only getting fatter and more unhappy.

So let’s step outside the matrix and return to our natural state of pleasure.

Let’s make life a sacred ritual.

And revere chocolate for the super amazing food it is.

If you love watching TV and eating chocolate at the same time, I’d suggest you cut this connection and clear all space for your chocolate-loving ritual.

If this feels hard to do at first, how about only eating the chocolate in the commercial break so you can focus a bit more.

It doesn’t have to be hard or unpleasant!

Little steps and easy and enjoyable changes… This is how I help myself and my clients to make giant leaps!

And that’s the third way to cut down easily without missing out.

Let’s talk lastly about Diversifying Pleasure

When you don’t have enough pleasure in your life, you seek it in its most convenient form.


Or social media, for example.

Because what you really crave is excitement and connection perhaps.

So seek greater and more satisfying forms of pleasure.

The secret of pleasure is cultivation.

You don’t know what you enjoy that much?

Go looking… explore.

Explore life with all your senses.

Then you won’t even crave the chocolate, the social media or the cheese as much.

That’s the final way to cut down easily without missing out.


Writing about chocolate has encompassed many of my beliefs and practices for life and transformation!

Maybe you do life like me – you take what works for you and you evolve through it.

This is what the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course is made up of – what I have found to work in the area of personal transformation.

It’s now available for you to attend on a week-by-week basis, called Wild Soul Wednesday Sessions.

We cover Abundance, Health, Self-Love, Manifesting, High Vibe Living and being in your Feminine Energy so that you can Receive more, Flow in life and Surrender control and Trust.

Weekly we work on your Faith and keeping your Vibe and Energy high so that your whole life is spiraling upward.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, we start this week!

The first week is on Self-Love + Sacred Rituals

I’d love to connect with you in-person and share this journey with you if this is what you really desire too AND YOU’RE IN PERTH OR FREMANTLE.

You can go here to join and find out more.


In any case, I’d love to hear from you. Have you eliminated guilt from your diet? Are there any of these suggestions that you’re taking on? Or any more that work for you?

With a whole lot of love and passion…

From my wild heart to yours,

Mi xxx

The Beauty of Bali + Completing 2015 with a Sacred Ritual


This sure has been a year of learning to enjoy my ‘aloneness’!

Luckily, Bali is an amazing place to take a holiday ‘for one’.

Full of self-romancing and much receiving of beauty + pleasure.


No lap top.

Doing exactly as I pleased in every moment.

Connecting to my wild + adventurous spirit.

The time to simply sit and let my mind wander.



The space to receive so much inspiration.

A massage – every. single. day.

Beauty rituals to explore, such as the lular scrub and flower bath.

Gorgeous food filled with health and beautifully presented.

The beauty and care of the Balinese people – the Frangipanis tucked behind the ear, flower + incense offerings and the little touches everywhere.

Massive beds to sleep in – taking up all that place just for me.



The time + space to be creative for no one else but myself.

(Though I do have a journal full of realisations + inspiration that I’ll be happily sharing with you over the next few months)

Beautiful high vibe hotels with incredible gardens.


Being surrounded by so much green!

Walks in nature.

Reconnecting with inspiring and fun friends and feeling expanded – with the space to truly connect with my desires and most beautiful vision for the coming year.

Sleeping as much as + when I desired.

Doing what I wanted when I wanted!

(Did I already mention that?)

Bali was a pleasure + beauty filled week. I experienced my feminine essence in a profound way.

The effects are resonating in my life and work beautifully.

I can reconnect with the presence I experienced at any moment and I wish this for every person reading this.

So I would love to share with you a sacred ritual of mine for closing out the year and celebrating all that you have achieved and been through.

It is simply this… I write a list of all the ‘firsts’ that happened over the year.

These are ‘firsts’ that include the greatest and the tiniest.

I’ll share with you some of mine…

1. Submitted a divorce.
2. Held a workshop. Held 7 more.
3. Ran + enjoyed the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course + created all the content.
4. Did acro yoga.


5. Went on an epic 20-hour date.
6. Saved an abandoned kitten.
7. Was easy-going on my birthday (Yes at the age of 36 I achieved it!)
8. Paid all my bills and mortgage while growing my business.
9. Saw a live snake crossing my path (in Bali).
10. Had a four-handed Ayurevedic massage that was TO DIE FOR!
(you can read about it here)
11. Learned what ’emotionally unavailable’ means.
12. Slept badly consistently – waking up at 4am every day.
13. Sang Kundalini chants at 4am.
14. Held the energy of 8 women at one time going through emotional transformation.
15. Felt psychic seeing the same images as one of my clients in a coaching session.
16. Fell in love with frangipani flowers.


17. Visited Versailles.
18. Played on monkey bars on a date.
19. Received the inspiration and motivation for writing my second-novel… based on a true story! (:
20. Learned about men with high-cortisol dumpings from Why Women Talk and Men Walk. Understood everything.
21. Went to a club that you have to give a secret password to get into and is themed after the prohibition era in the U.S.A.
22. Understood the meaning of ‘what you resist persists’. Stopped resisting a certain situation. Found peace within.

These are just some of the 66 ‘firsts’ I have written so far… you get the idea… some of the others I have already shared with you and there are quite a few, I am happy to say, that are a too wild to share publicly.

Thank the goddess within for that!



This 2015 completion ritual will help you to see how far you’ve come, to find the beauty in every moment – great + small – and to celebrate your essential self – the wild + free, curious parts as well as the sensible, rational, evolving side of you.

Finding the beauty in every moment is one of my greatest growth points in 2015 and again in Bali when…

It rained and I sat on my porch creating artful musings and napping or went swimming!



I found I’d lost my bank card and was able to see how amazingly I was supported by other people and how everything worked out quite easily.

And many more happenings like this.


Trust in the Divine Timing of your life.


Whatever’s happening is meant to be happening. Find the beauty in it. Seek out the lessons. Accept, enjoy, progress.

This ritual helps you to see the ‘bad’ moments as part of your evolution.

Hopefully there will also be many moments you smile at and think, ‘I’m pretty cool’.

And it may inspire reflection on what the coming year is about for you.


What is 2016 about for you?


As always I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you peace, joy + LOVE as you complete this year…

with beauty, presence + pleasure EmojiEmoji


Sending so much love!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

p.s. I’m holding in person Healthy + Powerfully Feminine workshops in South Perth + Fremantle in January. Ready to Tune Into Your Desires + Create Your Best Year Yet? Ready to learn The Art of Feminine Presence + receive more support + be your magnetically attractive self? Ready to cultivate Body Love + Radiance so that you can eat with pleasure + easily be + feel your most beautiful?

For all the details click here : www.healthyandpowerfullyfeminine.com/workshop

p.p.s. I’ve shared many more Bali musings, self-romancing and wild-hearted adventures and will continue to do so on Instagram. Click here and follow me if you’d like to share the journey.

Femininity + Beauty in St Tropez


Hello lovely!

How are you?

With the sad events in the world this week I was inspired by this quote…

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

There are still many many beautiful humans on this planet and much beauty. Still, if you have been angered and hurt by this or touched in any way, I send my love to you.

Today I am writing about romancing the soul…

Jacaranda Tree Perth

November is the season when the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom here and this morning I am off to soak up the lilac beauty at a festival in their honour and then to cleanse and activate this feminine body at a Tigress yoga afternoon with its founder and creator, Devashi Shakti.

It feels like a day devoted to femininity and beauty.

Do you allow yourself this?

One of my clients in the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program recently thanked me for making it ok to enjoy beauty because she has grown up being taught that it was unnecessary and frivolous.

Why do we need beauty?

Exposing ourselves to beauty on a daily basis helps maintain good mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Beauty brings consolation in sorrow, affirmation in joy and the sense that life is worth living.

Beauty also helps us to feel good and anything that makes us feel good, raises our vibration and enables us to manifest our desires more easily as well.


This week I have been thinking quite a bit about the beauty of St Tropez. Two years ago I spent a month of summer in one of my favourite locations, the South of France. I’d been staying in St Maxime and decided to take the boat across to St Tropez for the day.

I didn’t know what to expect besides the rich and beautiful people and the fake tans that had been named after the place. When I arrived I’d felt muddled and out of the flow. I wrote…

“Feeling out of the flow is confusing. I can’t make decisions. I have so much to say but I don’t know where to start. Things feel difficult. I numb out. I waste time in front of the mirror. I try to pull the gel off my toenails. Hypnotised. Suspended. I eat things I don’t want to eat. I wonder what I am doing – now, today, ever.”

I followed my intuition and found a landscape filled with natural beauty. Then the energy of the place started to take over…

Screenshot 2015-11-20 15.00.34

“I walk towards the cemetery along the shore. I stop to take photos of the flowers – the big bright pink bush with the backdrop of blue sea and the quiet white and purple growing out of the cracks in the pavement.

I continue along the sandy sometimes shaded path – with the water lapping and crashing at the edges below. Sublime nature. Silenced by awe, I walk and walk until the sun is ready to set and I turn back.

In town, I climb a hill and arrive in time to take a couple’s sunset picture. I see a tourist painting the landscape in his book. I give directions to a husband & wife driving with a baby in the back and I realise they are deaf and reading my lips and hands.”

Everything feels like something.

A barking dog and a bougainvillea.

The quiet courtyard behind the restaurants where the waiters are smoking.

A teacher dancing to the street musicians with abandon while her adolescent students look on.

The cool boutiques and the quiet cemetery by the sea.

Vibrant piles of ice-cream and the crispy cold rosé.

The smooth cobbled streets and the peeling pastel buildings.


Everything feels like something.

I come back to watch the big boats and the people in the port. The boats have a view of the setting sun and the people watch the boats.

When I arrive at the upstairs bar, I am told the free table I have seen on the balcony is reserved for a guest of the hotel. Okay. I go to the bathroom and when I come out the waitress comes to tell me a table has just been freed.

So I sit on the balcony with a view of the setting sun feeling like lady luck and making a meal out of the complimentary bar snacks. I watch a party on a yacht and investigate the details. I write in colour.

Bar Snacks.mvc Yauchts.mvc

Just as I am about to catch the boat back across to Saint Maxime, I see Mr Gangnam Style fanning himself on a yacht and take a photo that turns out clearly. It’s the little things. I smile all the way home.

Everything feels like something.


Getting in the flow, delighting in the unexpected.

This is the way I choose to breathe.

Feeling in the flow I am open. I am seeing & receiving. I am quiet but looking out. I see the signs and I follow them. I know. I am sure – not always but it is okay. There is time to think.

There is oneness in my encounters. I have conversations with strangers – sometimes meaningful, sometimes just happy ones with shop assistants telling me about their products, which still means a lot.

I am attracted and repelled. I observe. I use a little or a lot but it is enough. There is pleasure in the little things. Things start to make sense. It is all for a reason.

Everything feels like something.

Beauty on a cellular level.

Romancing the soul in St Tropez.

Present, peaceful and free.

Surrendered and serendipitous.

This is available for all of us at any moment – right here in Perth or wherever you are in the world.


Everything means something.

St Tropez 1.mvc

If you would love to experience life through the lens of beauty and devote an afternoon to your feminine energy, I would love you to join me on Saturday November 28th in Fremantle at the Feminine Essence workshop from 1pm to 3pm.

Being in your Feminine Energy will allow you to RECEIVE more GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, ABUNDANCE + SYNCHRONICITY.

If you desire to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD….

And you would like to RECONNECT to your SPIRIT and FEEL CENTRED, GROUNDED and UPLIFTED…

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Otherwise, I’d love to hear from you as always… How are you devoting yourself to beauty and experiencing your feminine energy today?

Have a beautiful weekend!

Sending lots of love to you…

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx