Channeling the Creative FLOW

I felt to write about creative flow today because that’s what’s flowing. Half an hour ago I didn’t know what I was going t write about and wondered if I should. But do you know what I did then?

I let go.

Life is always conspiring to help us, but sometimes we don’t hear the indications because we are hell bent on something happening a certain way (and now!).

Know what I mean?

But the vibration of the problem is not the same as that of the solution.

What this means is that when we are stuck in the problem, trying to get our computer to work over and over or whatever, we cannot receive the solution.

Receive the solution. Yes!!

We receive thought we don’t think it, according to our vibrational frequency.

(Gotta love Abraham, right?)

So when we step away, go for a walk, have a new conversation, distract ourselves, sleep and what not, our vibration can rise and we are able to be at the frequency to receive the solution.


I love how the mind works!! I love how creativity works!! I love how energy works!!

This week I was talking to an artist friend about creative flow and I told her I honestly have not felt blocked in the twelve years I’ve devoted to writing. But now that I think about it that’s not entirely true.

I was blocked for a year when I tried to write in a way that wasn’t me and I did experience the little blocks when I really wanted a certain result or put too much pressure on myself. Then I wouldn’t know what to write about until I took a nap and let go. Such was the feminine art of business. 

Anyways, today I just shut the laptop, got out my journal and asked God or Spirit or myself or whoever it is I write to there (all of the above) what to write about and it flowed.

Relaxation has a laxative effect. 

Mireille does the law of attraction 🙂

So it was with the course I’m putting together. I spent a day by the beach (a whole day!! So not Perth) and then the parts started coming together piece by piece.

I want to help people to be in a high vibrational state by clearing the obsessions and distractions that’s bringing them down (like the ex) (or that one guy you went on a date with and never called back) (those things are not worth your vibe). But how to clear them? Mind training.

I want to help others tell their story, now that I’m done with telling mine. Some said, oh must’ve been so cathartic and yes it was! It’s so clearing and so healing to make meaning of your life. 

Others said, oh I’d love to write my story but I’m not disciplined or I don’t have the time or I can’t write or I don’t have the confidence. Yes, I’ll address all this too as this is all something that can be developed.

I don’t believe you have to be born with talent. I have found it can definitely be developed and actually it’s often not the natural best ones that persevere to make it. They may slack off and not even reach their potential.

Discipline can definitely be developed and time is made, not given.

I’m excited to share more with you in the coming weeks!!

Till then, I wish you a powerfully magical week!

Do let me know if anything I shared made you ponder or wonder and if you have a story to tell me, write back and share it.

With so much love,

Mireille xxx

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