Chaos Means You’re On The Right Track

As I start to write this my heart is beating fast.

Why am I even doing this?

Here comes the resistance.

But it’s a commitment.

Yesterday I wondered if the only reason my soul wanted to do this month long blogging challenge is so that I can feel the pain of being ignored and unread.

So I can manifest the big one.

This is how it works.

Power is both pleasure and pain.

Alpha Femme said this in her Avant-Garde masterclass, day four.

It was about how it’s not about being high vibe but about being big vibe.

It’s about not numbing the lower end of our emotions, which most people try to do, so we can feel the highest highs.

How can someone earn a million dollars in a day and spend half of it crying?

She said.

That was her experience.

A few months back there was a podcast by Manifestation Babe Kathrin Zenkina called Chaos Means You’re On The Right Track.  

Oh good! I thought.

When I heard Melanie (AF) talking about this in her masterclass it clicked into place.

We are being prepared.

Can you hold the floor?

This is what Life is testing and training in.

You need a strong foundation to be able to hold that amount of success. 

It clicked into place.

Last year, after I had recovered from the spinal tumours, I wondered why life wasn’t smooth sailing now.

I should be dancing and celebrating.

Not going through more shit.

But yes I was in training.

That’s the thing.

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