Transformational Coaching with Mireille

Hi I’m Mireille!

I had my spiritual awakening at age 24, following a breakup, and have been on this path claiming my greatness ever since. Devoting myself to writing from then, I published my novel Wonderlust in 2019 and Love Queen, my memoir, the first in a five-book series, will be out this year (2022).

At age 35, I became a transformational coach and spent two years running my business and Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course, with all the marketing and personal development that came with it. I stopped at age 37 due to a 6cm metastatic breast tumour in my head and emergency brain surgery.

Now 43, I experienced tumours in my lumbar spine in 2020, unable to walk or sit or stand without extreme pain and, with radiotherapy and medication, overcame it. I have also healed from metastatic liver and bone tumours and another brain tumour and surgery in 2018.

In the meantime, I wrote five books and did Three Brain Coaching training. This inspired me to come back to coaching. I experienced again what a transformative, powerful and magical process it is.

I would love to go on this journey with you if you so desire it. I am a 3/6 splenic projector in Human Design and am an enthusiast, so will definitely incorporate this awareness in the coaching.

Alternatively, you can receive a 4-session month-long (50-minute) mini package here. It’s US$1447 right now.