Completing this year and Celebrating YOU!


It’s such a special time of year right now with 2015 just around the corner. It’s a time, not just to raise a glass of champagne to the passing of another year, but to really reflect on and anchor into what you’ve done, learned and experienced and who you’ve become in the process.

I’d love to share with you the simple way I do this and also what’s been going on as it’s been a while since I last wrote here.

I pulled back from here while I was finishing my coaching practicum and I’m glad that I did it because it was an intense time and I needed the space and energy to focus solely on the coaching. I then left my hometown Perth, travelled to Miami for my graduation, returned to Switzerland and am now in Europe with my whole family. Meanwhile I have been in regular contact with my community (those who have subscribed to my site or the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine Interview Series), emailing weekly.



Another reason I pulled back was because I was reassessing and feeling into the direction I wanted to go in with my coaching and my message and how to do this.

I changed my niche many times in the last 6 months as I found my way back to where I started! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been reflecting on and what I stand for.

I’m for helping you make meaning of your life through words, pictures and this beautiful process of transformational coaching. I’m all for living deeply.

I’m for you creating the life and career you desire – because you have the power and I have tools to share.

I’m for your uniqueness and making decisions that are in alignment with your soul and where you want to go – no matter what others think is right or be best for you or what everyone else is doing.

I’m for living as conventionally or unconventionally as you desire and being in your power.

And I’m for being conscious to all our emotions and not simply reacting our way through life. I’m into gentle contentment, growth and letting yourself feel through the low as well as you co-create your desires.

The lows are guidance too and whoa can it be beautiful when you let yourself feel it. When you look back you’ll see who you’ve become in the process.

The end of the year is a time to be proud of who you’ve become and a chance to reflect on all you’ve done and learned and experienced this year. There are many ways to do this and many many posts on this right now, but what I do is to write a list of my top 100 experiences of the year – moments that are the best or worst, where I’ve learned the most, when I’ve experienced sadness, joy or fun or learned or done something new and different. Sometimes it’s about how I felt at a certain time or something amazing that I ate (of course).

And if you can’t or don’t have time to do 100, of course do 50… or 33.. or 19. No pressure! It’s about the moments that add up to create your life. It’s about appreciating. And making meaning.

I start out relying on memory and then move into using my schedule or photos to remember it all. It’s a really lovely way to mark the completion of one year and to honour your journey and celebrate. Then reflect on what beliefs or behaviour you are leaving in 2014 and what you are taking with you.

Enjoy this process, enjoy celebrating you and all you have become and I wish you the most wonderful transition into 2015!

IMG_0873There is much more to come from me in the new year and if you’d love to receive even more inspiration on and tools to create your beautiful life, subscribe to my site in the space at the top or bottom of the page. You’ll also receive access to the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine Interview Series – where 10 women share how they do it.

♥ Let me know in the comments below, what are you celebrating most at the close of 2014? Plus, whether you are using this process or share with us what you use to complete the year ♥

I’m celebrating…

Finding my way on my health journey… trusting my instincts and learning even more to listen to my intuition, enjoying radiation, celebrating through it all, meeting amazing healers (western/ conventional and otherwise), getting a clear MRI and NOT being a victim or gaining an identity from this experience!

Graduating as a Divine Living Certified Coach! My God it was not easy but it was totally worth it! I’m super proud of this and grateful to EVERYONE who helped me. I’m also really thankful for the work I have already done, the business I’ve created, the beautiful women I’ve coached, our connection and the very special coaching relationship.

IMG_2911-And lots of tiny beautiful moments… like eating cherry yoghurt gelatto and drinking espresso at a sidewalk café in Locarno… or Breaking Bad in Ascona…or sitting on the couch on a Monday afternoon with a chai tea watching Gina introduce a new coaching module…or going to the Art Basel exhibition and absorbing the people there as much as the art…or rediscovering my love for dancing and then walking home under a clear evening sky (when the ‘walking’ could be better described as dancing)… or being loved up by 2 cats when I was house-sitting…and learning to ski… and then skiing with my nephews. You get the picture. Now over to you!

♥ What are you celebrating most at the close of 2014? ♥

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