Create (copy) while you’re sleeping


Who doesn’t want to sleep more, not stress out and be more productive?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can and I made this video for you on how you can use sleep to be more creative, productive and have less stress!

Yes yes I know… I’m the answer to your prayers right now.

How can I read your mind?

Because I’ve been there.

Not so long ago I was going into stress over my business but then a friend and colleague said to me,

You’ll never attract clients from this energy.

I realised that she was right straightaway and now I’m using my gifts and creativity to make producing content a fun, joyful and easy process.

Not kidding.

I used this method to write a novel and as a creative entrepreneur (writing mailers, newsletters, blog posts, Facebook posts and the rest) and now I’m sharing it with you.

Already this morning I’ve written a solo mailer and now this post and it’s not even 10am yet.

And this could be you too!

When you’re in the creative flow, everything gets pulled into the vortex and it really is a whole lot of FUN.

Words and ideas come to you when you’re getting dressed and you have to go running for a pen and paper to catch them all.

It can be inconvenient and it may take ages to get dressed BUT  you are lit by your creative fire, inspired and getting your message out there.

This is what it means to be Powerfully Feminine in Business.


Desk Inspo

You are the creative one – even if you know it yet!

Through working with Mireille I was able to get a clear idea of the direction I need to move in. She helped me come to my own answers rather than just feeding me her answers. That was very helpful and I’m now excited about writing more of my story into my bio and revealing myself more.

Leslie Johnson, Divine Feminine Marketing

It shouldn’t be a chore to create – that energy can be felt – don’t you think?

If you would love help on drawing your message out and coming from a creative, Divinely inspired place so that you are powerfully feminine in business and pleasure, I’m offering a special of US$150 for THREE hour-long sessions for the remainder of the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine Interview Series. Email to apply.

To be successful in business, you have to know the elements that make up good marketing, but you also have to let your spirit fly, let your soul speak and open up to receive those Divine downloads.

So without further ado, I present you with my method for creating (copy) while you sleep AND let me know in the comments below if this was helpful and if you would love more information on how to work with your creativity to add ease and flow to your life.

PLUS, there are some more tips appearing below the video.


If you would love to create (copy) while you sleep, make sure you start the creative process at least a day before you are planning to publish it so that you can fully harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Make it part of your schedule and mentally prepare for it. Then walk away and do other things – go for a walk, write in your journal or take a shower. Open up the space so that the ideas and words can find you.

It’s also important you have a place where you can write down ALL you receive without filtering.

It doesn’t take a lot to light your fire. Email me for more information ( or find out more about the full Powerfully Feminine in Business & Pleasure 90-day package by clicking here :

Powerfully Feminine in Business & Pleasure 90-day package

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