How to create your own miracles!


What would you love to create in your life? Time? Money? A new job or career? A home? Love? Health? A body you love?

Lately I’ve been telling you that you are a powerful creator and today I’m going to tell you how…

Did you know that with your thoughts and emotions you have already created the life you are living now?

When you think and feel you are creating.

In my world we call this ‘manifesting’ but it is really not so left of field and it is certainly not new-age hocus pocus. Many people would be familiar with the Law of Attraction and The Secret but there is more to it than that.

Manifesting is an ancient art and it’s also something used in the mainstream, otherwise known as sports psychology.

Sports psychologists use it to help their clients win and so why don’t we all use it to win at life?

Did you know you are always manifesting?

When you think and feel you are sending out directions for how your life should be.

Most people are doing this unconsciously and being conscious of it doesn’t mean we are doing it all the time either.

It’s easy to fall into negative thinking like…

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t have the money.”

For so many this is a mantra!

And guess what?

Yeah you don’t have enough time and you don’t have the money!

But it’s easy to fall into negative thinking because of the media and people around us.

People tell us “it’s hard!” (business, break ups, losing weight…) and we live out this reality.

It’s like trying to climb a mountain carrying a boulder.

The boulder (the beliefs) weighs us down and makes it impossible to climb.

Now there is an easier way to do life…

Let me tell you a story about how I manifested the opportunities in my life that led me to writing a novel in a very synchronistic way.

This was back in 2003 when I first discovered this concept of actively creating my life. I was using certain manifesting techniques that I had been learning when I went on a trip to India. I had planned to stay a month in India and then go back home and move to Melbourne.

Well, you know I read that book called Absolute Happiness, so then I ended up meeting an Indian sound guy at a laughter club I had gone to. An Australian film crew happened to be shooting a documentary on Happiness that day.

I ended up staying 3 months in India and through this guy I learned to use an SLR camera and went on a documentary shoot in a very remote part of East India that tourists hardly get to go to and doing the still photography for it. It was a cool experience!

But the best thing that happened was that one weekend he left me alone at his studio with the task of uploading old Hindhi records onto the computer.

You know what happened?

I got bored!

And then what happened was because of this I started writing a novel.

Boredom is great for creativity!

That led me to take a creative writing course at university, which led me to meeting my Swiss boyfriend, which led me to being in Switzerland without a work permit, which led me to writing the novel that I completed last year.

(Watch this space for the rest of that story!)

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There are many stories I could’ve told you but I wanted to share this one as it shows how everything starts shifting when you know how to consciously create your reality and practice it.

Your life becomes more of a magical adventure and less of a horror story of boredom in the burbs.

It is not that I could have planned all that happened!

But what happens when you manifest using not just the Law of Attraction but also the Law of Vibration is that your whole life starts improving.

Opportunities come to you and you start to see amazing synchronicity.

Change your energy, change your life!


It’s not only your thoughts that are all powerful but your energy.

You see like attracts like in the universe and when you are high vibe, you attract the coolest things into your life.

The problem is that people recite affirmations without getting into the energy of it.

We have those big old things called ‘life’ and ‘reality’ weighing us down.

Or you may have tried to manifest before and then because you don’t see results straight away, you forget or you get discouraged.

You probably won’t even recognize at first how you are being taken down.

Until you are down.

Like with sport though…

Training your mind and managing your energy takes consistent action and effort.

You have to maintain a certain energy which can only come from surrounding yourself with the right people, through diet, exercise and many more practices.

And I know this because I know what it’s like to go down and not realise it! I know how we can get knocked by the everyday occurrences and the big things that happen and I also know how to get back up. So…

Doors are now open for the Feb 2015 Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group coaching program in Fremantle + South perth. Click here for more info.

I will be teaching a step-by-step manifesting technique and a way to align your energy with your desire that I have used to create job opportunities, clients, money, love, get over a relationship and to help heal myself physically.




Just being in the high vibe space with like-minded souls can already be enough to set you off on a journey of attracting more love, joy, radiant health and abundance into your life!

Oh and please share this with your people. Thank you!

I wish you a day filled with synchronicity and miracles!

Sending so much love,

Mireille xxx

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