Why your Divine Feminine needs your Healthy Masculine (+ my frustrating first webinar!)


Whoa what a week!

In case you didn’t notice, I had my webinar and I got to totally practice what I preach!!

Silencing the inner critic!

Well, firstly, exactly 455 less people showed up on the live call than I wanted.

(p.s. am I too honest to be good at business?)

But then I got to remember a spiritual truth…

We get what we can handle.

The universe was doing me a major favour!!

Because if those other 455 people had showed up, that would’ve meant even more people to see the 80 visuals my virtual assistant and I had worked tirelessly on not even working.

And me not even realising till afterwards when my mum said “Well we only saw that one picture of you in the red dress but hopefully everyone else saw the rest.”

Um hello?


I could only laugh about it at the time because it seemed like a huge cosmic joke. I was too tired to care anyway, having worked on from 7am that morning till 10pm.

I wasn’t laughing so much the next day during the other 5 attempts to get the visuals to work.

(Did I mention my power point is in German?)

But finally, finally with persistence I did it!! And I am happy to report it is now available to watch if this is what you desire (it is not a webinar on how to use technology thankfully). Click here to receive it. I promise it’s good!!

It is on how to Silence the Inner Critic (check), Release the Blocks to what’s keeping you from your desires (check) and tune into your Feminine Energy (could go a lot deeper right now).

If you would like to experience what this whole feminine energy thing is (and not just read about it), then I invite you to dive in (or dip your toe in) with the webinar.

Now about your masculine energy…

I know that you may be drawn to this work on being Powerfully Feminine because you feel you are too much in your masculine.

My clients adore feeling deep in their feminine energy, softening, going within, being in the flow, surrendering… all this juiciness.

But did you realise that your Divine Feminine needs your Healthy Masculine to bloom?

The masculine is not to be gotten rid of but to be healthy.

This is what the unhealthy versions of each look like…

Unhealthy Feminine is needy, clingy, feeling abandoned, playing the victim, taking words, isolating and twisting them, sulking, manipulative, looking outwards for validation, blaming and criticising herself.

The feminine wound is fear of abandonment.

Unhealthy Masculine is controlling and dominating, criticising others, fuelled by competition, not taking responsibility for his actions or blaming others for his actions, jealous, not able to connect through the heart, resentful of the unhealthy feminine.

The masculine wound is fear of loss of freedom.

Both the Unhealthy Feminine and Unhealthy Masculine exists in men and women.

Which do you relate to more?

What about your partner or ex-partners?

We often don’t get along in relationships because we are both doing the dance of our wounded unhealthy selves.

I’ve been in a relationship where I was more in my unhealthy masculine and he was more in his unhealthy feminine. So we clashed!

I used to be of the tendency to go ‘Well I don’t care I’ll just leave’ any time there was a conflict (masculine wound), which was obviously extremely de-stabalising for the relationship.

That’s how I found my way to this work.

Recently I’ve been going deeper into my own practice and self-exploration, learning from Tantra teacher and healer, Dakini Chantelle (I’m such a fan). Some of what I’m writing here today stems from this.

Remember last year when I discovered that I’d been avoiding loneliness and trying to not look back and miss Switzerland and my ex through relationships?

And how it meant I was finding myself in relationships that still had me feeling lonely?

We always get what we need!

Ever since I have been on a journey of loving my aloneness.

And when I say ‘loving’ I don’t mean ‘yeah I love it it’s awesome!’

Love encompasses both pleasure and pain.

Life encompasses both pleasure and pain.

We have to feel it without resisting and then be able to come back to centre.

Without the story.


This is where your Healthy Masculine comes in…

Being your Healthy Masculine requires you to BE what you are looking for in a mate.

Present. Accepting. Committed.

Not hyper critical. Not pushing you to be different. Not constantly judging and saying you’re not good enough.

How you talk to yourself is key.

(I share more about this in the webinar)

That hyper critical voice in your head is your unhealthy masculine. When this voice is operating, your divine feminine self does not have the presence and acceptance to flow and expand.

That’s why your Divine Feminine needs the balance of your Divine Masculine.

“The Divine Feminine energy is an intelligent and loving energy that contains the quality of intuition, compassion, emotion, creativity, empathy, collaboration, spirituality, holistic thought, and right brain thinking.”

“The Divine Masculine energy is an intelligent energy that possesses the quality of analytic and rational thinking, competition, determination, linear thinking, logical thought, action, and left brain thinking.”

(from www.energyfanatics.com)
When we embody both these energies within ourselves, then we are free to be in relationships that complement us rather than complete us.

Of course you may fall back into old unhealthy ways at times but you are more conscious to it and quicker to catch it.

Forgive, release and grow.

The Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Goddess Warrior Queen.

The Queen is the balance of the Healthy Masculine and Feminine.

This is a really powerful energy to embody.

Oh and I share more about this too in the video I made this week on How To get Over Your Ex.


Why did I make this video?

Because sooo many women come to me to work through issues and subconscious conditioning and step into their power after feeling disempowered due to relationship drama and break-ups.

Many women also get over-attached to the wrong guy or to the guy who hasn’t got attached to us (although it first seemed like it with all their amazing attention and compliments). So if this is you, this video is for you too.

Step into your power Queen!

And one last thing… I’ll be in Bali this week 🙂

I’ll be sharing more wild-hearted adventures with you and inspiration on deepening into the Divine Feminine from there so if you would like to hear more just jump on the Museletter list with the subscribe box above or below. It’s a working holiday!

Oh and the early bird special for the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine program is only on till this Friday, so if this is something that interests you, click here to learn more.

Sending so much love to you!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mi xxx


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