Duality & The Law of Attraction

The year if 2006, I am 27 and have discovered Tony Robbins with his book Awaken The Giant Within. Therefore, I am getting up at 6am every morning for a green juice and exercise before going to my job teaching English as a Second Language in the city. After work I come home, have a coffee and then do my homework. I am studying creative writing at Murdoch University this year too and loving it. I do the daily prompts from Tony’s book to create a positive mindset,  monitor my language when I speak and then I go to sleep at 11pm to begin again in the morning.

It may sound boring but it wasn’t.

There were many things I was manifesting then but the main one was love.

My friends G and Z were off on a trip around Europe before they moved to London and I was going on part of this trip too. We started off in London, then went to Croatia, before I travelled to visit my friends in Montpellier, France, for two weeks, before we went to Istanbul together, and I went back to London.

In the five weeks I barely opened my journal, drank almost every day and did not think of Tony Robbins once.

Back in Perth, I got back into work and my studies and was enjoying it again so much.

Then I met him.

The one who would become my husband.

“Duality is the principal of polarity. There is black in the white and white in the black. Positive in the negative and negative in the positive.”

M was from Switzerland and even in the beginning we kind of knew we were doomed.

I’d rather fly high now and crash later, he said.

So that’s what we did.

I started thinking about Tony Robbins when I decided to write about duality because there is a practice in the book where you make your language less. So rather than saying “I feel angry” you say “I feel irritated”, for example.

When it comes to communicating with others, I get this.

But when it comes to feeling our emotions, I don’t find this to be a healthy or helpful practice.

“If you try to numb the lower end of the spectrum, you are also numbing the high.” 

~ Melanie Ann Layer (Alpha Femme)

Those who are most successful are those who can hold failure as well as they can hold success.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

This is what Melanie teaches.

Those who have been at their lowest in one area, seem to be the ones who excel in exactly that way down the track.

Kimberly Wenya is another manifestation teacher who goes into the law of duality.

When you experience success, you also experience the responsibilities that come with it.

The work is in being able to manage this.

To show up as yourself online or in person, you also have to be able to manage the feelings and fears that come with that and not let the mind rule you. 

If you want to be in a relationship, you also have to manage the feelings and develop the skills to love a sovereign being.

It is easier to be single.

But in the singledom there is also negatives.

What do you choose?

To use the law of duality in manifesting, we must know that shit happens and it is through our ability to feel our emotions fully and create solutions  that we can get back into alignment and be master manifestors.


What my example also teaches about the law of attraction is that you..

  1. Experience what you don’t want so you know what you do want.
  2. Do the manifesting practices to get your mind and your energy right.
  3. Take inspired action.
  4. Go off to have fun and forget about it.
  5. When you least expect it, your desire manifests.


The Universe loves to surprise. 

How about that?!

How willing and able are you to feel your emotions?

Let me know in the comments below.

I love you,

Mireille xx

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