The Places Ego And I Have Been!

‘You are always on your path.’

~ Abraham Hicks

Oh I now have clarity! So awesome.

Well so I’ve still been pondering the questions posed in Tuesday’s post. But, as you know, it’s the moments when we let go that we receive our answers. Anyway, I’m a person with a lot of thoughts in my head (it’s even in my human design chart. Have you checked yours yet?) and that’s fine.

The trick is to remember that my intuition comes from my spleen and heart, not my head. According to human design, 70% of people’s intuition comes from their sacral chakra (gut area) btw.

So I was making a list of the places that my ego has taken me, that we’ve run in the direction of.

1. Joining the coaching academy when I was supposed to be recovering from breast cancer.
2. Setting up the Zen French Woman site.
3. Starting the Powerfully You Show.
4. Signing up for the course on running courses last year.
5. Setting up Wonderlust on Amazon.
6. Starting these 4 IG accounts.
7. Committing to doing a month of Master Your Mind videos.

Actually I resisted at first and thought a lot about some but they seemed like a good idea. Then turned out to not be my path. Except for 3 of the IG accounts, I’m still happy with that and just doing it because I enjoy it and not because it makes “sense”.

Though all of them I’ve gotten clarity on what I truly want to do through, experienced a huge amount of growth because of and enjoyed them immensely for a time. But see we often see the success stories and the finished products and think it’s easy and perhaps if that’s your path it will be worth it.

But all this has shown me that we are always on our paths anyway. Even the detours! It’s all taking us right here to this moment, which is perfect.

Hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying the full moon!

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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