Is It An Ego Or Soul Desire?

‘The ego pushes, the soul calls.’

~ Jess Lively

Oh I’m a bit confused. I’ll let you know what I’m wondering about.

Ok so last night I heard from Aubrey Marcus that part of the hero’s journey (a la Joseph Campbell) is “the call” and the soul will often resist the call, whereas the ego runs straight towards its desires.

Hmm. I have many thoughts on this.

I definitely feel and experience that the ego pushes while the soul calls.

The ego says, you have to do it now! While the should knows, all in good time.

Aubrey says though that often we resist the thing we actually should do.

I’ve tried to think about this in terms of my own life.

What have I resisted?

* Quitting my coaching business after the first brain surgery. Yes, it was the thing I needed to do.

* Being single here in Perth. It was the thing I needed to do.

* Learning Amazon ads and how to write copy. Certainly I hope this was the thing I needed to do because I’m doing it now.

* Starting my @mireilleparkerauthor instagram page so I can specialise. Just started that.

* Quitting my part-time teaching job. I feel it was what my soul was guiding me to do with all this metastasis, giving me a reason to truly allow myself.

These are just some of the things I can think of right now.

Then I also do believe that we need to be discerning (or I do), especially in this age when so much is on offer. That suits the ego desire theory; the shiny objects on our path.

But then again, those detours have often provided so much learning, so much experience and wisdom. And fun. 

Not everything is manifestation, as Lacy Phillips teaches, the universe also sends us tests to see if we are ready, if we really have the self-esteem to say no to what we don’t want. So true I find!!

Today I had this experience as I was walking before work and came across a local newspaper with the word ‘novel’ on the front page. The story was about how local bookshops are really thriving during this time of Corona.

I kept on walking but could feel a pit of fear in my stomach. What if I fail? That’s what it was saying. Do I have to go and contact this place now?

I just breathed through it.

Later I remembered how just yesterday I was telling a friend how there’s so many ways I could be getting my books out there but networking is really not my jam.

I’m an introvert!

I’d rather just write a post. Create a YouTube video even.

I think this was a test. I’d just said what I wasn’t available for and so was tested.

But should I do the thing I’m resisting?

You see the dilemma?

I’m just going to wait and see and keep on setting up my ads.

Already that’s a stretch. I’m itching to be working on my next books.

I’d love to know what you think about this. REPLY and let me know. Is there something you’ve resisted that turned out to be exactly what you needed to do?

Something to ponder at least.

Hope you are having a wonderful week my dear!

Till Thursday.. Join here to receive my release your feelings guide & next post.

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

P.S. Behold my new copy writing skills below.

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