5 ways to have ENERGY this Christmas!


Energy. It’s more valuable than gold, right? Especially at this time of year.

I finished up my last Healthy + Powerfully Feminine workshop for the year and it got me thinking about this topic.

I often receive feedback or thanks in my workshops about my energy and it is something most women feel they would like more of. We feel so busy!

As a teacher, I had to learn how to protect and manage my energy and I also experienced in the first half of this year how one relationship totally drained all my energy. I had nothing left to give!

So six months ago, I set out to do my first workshop still recovering from this experience. To tell you the truth, I have a tendency to be impatient and once I am inspired to do something I want to do it straight away!

This pressure, as you can imagine, can really zonk my energy and I have been practising going slowly and watch it all come together beautifully and with ease.

That’s the way of the feminine after all.

There’s no need to rush. Everything is working out perfectly.

So for this Christmas season, I felt to make this whole month’s posts about energy – and keep them short and sweet.

Firstly, why am I qualified to talk about energy?

No not because I’ve been reading that book… because my business is my baby! I have a never-ending to-do list just like you!

How I managed my energy affected each one of the 8 workshops I did in the last 6 months. When I managed my energy well, y’all showed up.

Energy is so important in manifesting our desires. Our energy is our vibration and we can’t manifest from a place of lack. Have you noticed how the more fun you have and the happier you are, the more things fall into place?

Our energy is our presence too.

Would you love to be able to walk into a room and lift it?

What power!

Well, energy doesn’t lie.

Energy can’t put on a pretty dress, slap on some cold cucumber slices and paste on some make-up.

No sister, you can’t fake energy! People feel it.

So how can you have more energy?

By taking care of yourself first!


In today’s post I’m going to write about exquisite self-care practices for managing your energy.

Next week will be how to deal with negative people and energy vampires…

Then a practice I love to do at the end of the year to celebrate, reflect and cultivate rejuvenating positive energy for the new year and…

Lastly how to match your energy with your desires so that you really can have what you want and have it now.

Sound like just what you wanted for Christmas?


Exquisite Self-Care Practices for Managing your Energy

Schedule You In

The busier you get, the more important it is to schedule your pampering and relaxing in first. Don’t wait until you’re tired. Step into your Queenhood and prioritize yourself each and every week.

One of my achievements this year is having a massage almost every week the whole year. I made it a non-negotiable. It was as essential as paying the electricity bill and I was, in fact, investing in my own energy.


Delegate + Get Support

Are you the slave girl or the queen? Who said you have to clean your house just because your mother did or because everyone else seems to have it all handled. How do you know they don’t have cleaners too?!

If cleaning’s your thing, go for it! But what are the areas that are zapping your energy? And where did we get this idea we have to know how to do everything? You don’t know how to set up a website? Find someone who does! You’re also circulating energy (money) by doing this.

Either enjoy what you’re doing, trade with friends and family members or outsource your stress!  We don’t and shouldn’t do everything, just because we can.


Create Sacred Rituals

There are key transition times during the day that can have a big effect on your energy : when you wake up, end your work day/come home and at bedtime. Use these times to connect with yourself and see how you then have more energy for yourself and for others.

This is one area we work on in the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course and personally I use these times journal, meditate, say affirmations, read (the paper version), go for a walk, enjoy my coffee and reflect on life and the gift of being alive and healthy. Positive energy is cultivated in this way.

High-Vibe Your Diet

Nourish yourself with high-quality fresh food and drinks. Think in terms of vitamins and nutrients and feeding your body well and you will have not only energy, but a less obsessive way of loving food.

Being pre-occupied/obsessed eats into your energy too. Many years ago I had this revolutionary thought, “If I didn’t think about food, what would I have time to think about?” That was the beginning of my recovery and it opened up a vast gulf where creativity could flow in.

Feed yourself well and watch your soul flourish.


Cordon Yourself Off

Continuing with the Queen theme… You’re the Queen! Access is restricted! Guard that energy! Sometimes this means not answering texts and messages at one time but saving them to do in bulk and consciously. Sometimes it means restricting your own access from your phone so that you are not giving your feminine energy out every time you reach out for that screen.

I occasionally put an alarm on my phone to tell me when I can use social media if I feel I need it. Recently I even ventured out without my phone. What freedom!

Cordoning yourself off can also mean giving yourself the space to just be. Do things without a purpose. Let yourself sit at a cafe and feel sad if you need to. Eat ice-cream. Go to bed and lounge extravagantly. Let go of having to be perfect. No one cares if you don’t post on social media today (talking to myself). Sit in the car for ten minutes even and just day-dream. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Do It!

I know you are not one of those people who always talks about how tired they are, knows that they should take more time for themselves and get support, but does nothing about it. No way!

That’s too boring to be you.

You are a woman who takes full responsibility for her life and her energy.

So which of these exquisite self-care practices are you focusing on today? 

I’d love to hear from you my love.


Wishing you an exquisitely energizing weekend!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

p.s. Healthy + Powerfully Feminine is now available as a private coaching program that can be done from anywhere in the world.

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