Relax. Breathe. Be… Experiencing your Divine Feminine nature (and not just wearing a pretty dress)


How do you know if you are experiencing your feminine energy and not just putting on a pretty dress and wearing make-up?

For a long time I knew about the feminine intellectually but didn’t know how to experience it in my daily life.

I was pushing.



And sometimes wearing a nice dress!

This week I attended a workshop with with Devashi Shakti, the founder and creator of Tigress Yoga, and she was talking about how, with the rise of all this interest in the feminine, there is a field of competitive energy operating, which is actually the masculine paradigm.

The feminine is about the collective while the masculine is about the individual.

I didn’t really relate to it at first because I feel supportive women all around me.

But then I remembered this soul-sucking comparison that comes from within me.

Can you relate?

Comparing ourselves to others and feeling that we should be further along our path.

A spiritual superstar.

Why is it not happening for me yet?

It looks so easy for everyone else!

Maybe I just don’t have it within me!

Yes! Yes you do have it within you but not if you keep depleting your yin energy by reaching outside yourself, as Devashi said.

You give your energy away each time you reach for that screen.

The feminine energy is cultivated and contained within.

It is a feeling of fullness that we can enjoy all by ourselves.

The masculine seeks to feel empty.

Yet how easy is it for us to feel depleted and empty?
This photo is from 18 months ago when I was in the middle of the Divine Living business and coaching certification program. It was a wonderful course and I am so happy I did it, plus the friendships I made and the women I got to know on the course are just so lovely.

But you know what I was doing?

I was pushing myself to keep up.

I was comparing myself to others who were already coaches and wondering how they could be having $50K months while I couldn’t sell a package!

Where was my $5K month?

Where was my $10K week?

There must be something wrong with me.

And I was spending so much time online sitting behind a computer and on Facebook.

All my energy was going outside.

When I met up with my friend and Feminine Leadership coach, Fatma Zaidi, visiting Lucerne, she took one look at me (felt my energy) and said,

“You’re stressed!”

(Put on make-up and a pretty dress but energy doesn’t lie)

Then over the course of the afternoon having lunch proceeded to give me 5 years of my life back.

That probably started my journey into exploring the feminine more deeply, plus realising I was so used to operating in my masculine in my relationship.

I wanted an easier way of being.

I desired abundance and as Fatma told me, you’ll never attract abundance from this place of depletion and lack.

So I’ve been on a journey of releasing comparison and discovering what I truly desire.

It’s been a softening.

Bit by bit.

Experiencing the feminine energy that is already within me. Allowing it to rise like a spring from deep inside and enjoy it for my own pleasure.

Usually it involves listening within.


Sometimes it looks like walking away from this Museletter and lying down or taking a nap because I have so much I want to write but don’t know how to find congruency.

I lie down trusting that when I quieten my mind the subconscious will easily find the answer.

Other times it’s feeling my energy needs to be off social media for the day.

Last night, after receiving an incredible tarot and ruin reading from Paula at Sowilo Soul Centre, it was listening to what my body wanted and going for a really long walk to the wild and wind swept sea, leaving my phone at home.

Walking without purpose. Being guided by feelings, intuition and beauty.

Sometimes it’s about recognizing when I’ve been giving too much of myself and am ready to receive more.

And always always it’s about seeing the signs and deeper meaning.

If you start to look at your life like everything means something, you will become more intuitive and experience awesome synchronicity.

It’s about training yourself to think differently and to actually feel and communicate with your body.

It makes my heart burst to see how the women on the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine group program are also experiencing the feminine and not just knowing it on an intellectual level.

All the exercises, teaching and coaching is focused on removing the blocks to success and peace and cultivating a new way of being.


They are experiencing increased intuition and feeling guided and in the flow of life. Saying things like…

“This situation is extremely challenging but I know it must be perfect in some way because I can see the perfection in everything else in my life and how there is a shift going on.”

Experiencing the pleasure of and transforming their relationship to food by learning how to truly feel their feelings, saying…

“I could eat just one cookie and be satisfied.”

“I am not eating my feelings anymore and am treating my body like a sacred temple.”

Attracting golden opportunities for gigs by putting themselves in the game but not pushing or asserting – feeling the opportunities are coming with ease.

Feeling more sensual and beautiful and able to turn on their light (and not dull it because someone else is having a bad week… as intimidating and ingrained as this may be).

Able to respond to the challenging situations they are in with ease and grace and really identify how they want to be (loving and kind rather than angry) and having the emotional strength to carry this through.

Plus receiving abundance and healing their relationship with money.

And being so aware that they can actually see it happening as its happening. Amazing!

I love too that we are on this journey together and held and supported energetically and in the physical by the group (the collective) as we celebrate each others’ growth, realizations and wins and help see the beauty and way out of the challenging times.

This means everything to me!
This is the powerful feminine energy that resides with you.



Drink in life.

Be full.


Enjoy the process.

Be in nature.

Support and celebrate each other.

Prioritize pleasure.




Magic. Wonder. Awe. Love. Beauty. Celebration. Collaboration. Miracles.

You have the power to create it.

Go within.

Wishing you an exquisite weekend my love!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

p.s. The Feminine Presence workshop is this Saturday November 28th in Fremantle from 1pm to 3pm. You can still join and find out all the details here :

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