How To Turn Fear To Faith!

‘Feed Your faith and your fears will starve to death.’

~  Seen on Instagram

After having three major surgeries in the last seven years, two on the brain and one on the breast, and all the rest that comes with metastatic breast cancer, I know a thing or two about turning fear to faith.

In fact, you don’t turn fear to faith, like you don’t turn fat to muscle. You simply increase the faith (or the muscle) and the fear becomes drowned out. Ok clearly I don’t know so much about fat and muscle so let’s stick to the topic. How to turn fear to faith?

    1. Affirmations

When I was in the hospital that week following the first brain surgery, when the 6cm tumour and my whole brain sac was removed, the medication I was put on also had the side effect of causing anxiety and confusion. One day in particular when my mind really was slipping into the abyss, the thing I clung to was the repetition of this affirmation.

All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this only good will come. I am safe. 

I repeated it over and over. And over. What affirmations do is, as well as being a prayer and programming of the subconscious mind, they create new neural programming. Because when you’re having this thought, you’re not having another thought. In this way they put you into a higher vibe state so you actually can receive different thoughts, aka think positively.

2. Belief

If you believe that things are happening for you and not to you, if you really believe this and reflect on your life enough to actually know in your bones that it is so, then you trust. You have faith. Of course it can be hard to see this in the moment but if you believe in a higher power, higher self or creative force, then you don’t have to manage it all yourself.

Everything is always working out for us.

In everyday life, we must build this faith in whatever we want to believe. Find examples in real life or on the internet and program your subconscious mind to know it can be so. This is what I did via Chris Beat Cancer, Dr Gabor Mate of When The Body Says No and many others. Plus, I had a lot of practice with the mind and Life’s magic to know there’s more to it than what most of society believes.

3. Action

Taking action increases faith because you are actually doing something, not just thinking about it. For a while I practiced adopting my parents’ diet but that didn’t work out well. Then I went headlong into the keto diet and read books about the metabolic theory of cancer. While that was helpful in many ways, it wasn’t my path. Eventually, following intuition, I found the Nori protocol.

Whatever you’re doing is working. It all adds up. 

 I had also been practising the law of attraction and just being happy. That was also not my solution. When I was actually eating healthily and gave up alcohol, on the NORI protocol, I felt healthy also. I knew I was doing my part in the equation and the rest was not up to me. Action builds faith because well, not only are you doing something, but also it decreases the resistance of desiring without doing.

4. Neutrality

As I’ve shared, when I was 24, I first learned how to harness the power of my mind and, while I haven’t done it perfectly in the years since, daily practice, in the last five years especially, has enabled me to push the thoughts out of my head. Rather than trying to change my thoughts, these days I practice thinking nothing. How to think nothing? The more you practice meditation, the better you become at this. You can bring your attention to the chest and focus on this, as I share in Master Your Mind.

We are more than the mind. We are Life itself. 

When I become conscious of a thought I’m not interested in entertaining, I imagine a bulldozer pushing it out of my head, but mostly I just allow my mind to have its fun, giving it problems to solve, while I carry on. An important step when feeling anything though is to practise the technique I shared for moving emotion through the body and releasing it. Then you are naturally neutral, like a child after a tantrum or an animal after a fight.

5. Perspective

We cannot see the bigger picture from where we are, we cannot see how things are actually working out for the best. But looking back, this becomes obvious. When I look back on how I accidentally deleted all my YouTube videos that time in 2016 or how I got the breast cancer and then it metastasised, I can now clearly see the benefits.

Whatever’s happening is meant to be, just wait and see.

The law of attraction is also called the art of allowing. I got Allow tattooed to my right wrist with a lightning bolt because I believe in it so much. It was right there that the anaesthetist put the metal into my vein to monitor my pulse the second time I had brain surgery. Thank God for that!! While seeing the bigger picture, it’s important that we do feel our feelings. Sometimes I’ve also missed the opportunity for real transformation by not fully feeling the pain of what I was going through.

Learning to master my mind was the best thing that ever happened to me. If you’d like to tune into intuition/instinct and gain the clarity of your Life’s guidance while taming the beast of fear and chatter between the ears, I’m offering to do the practice with you so you can ask any questions and get help and clarification as we go. To join, you simply have to do the following.

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Mireille xx

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