What I do when I feel angry.. like now! ( + FREE gift!)

This week I started writing a Master Your Mind book. While I was away I thought a lot about my direction and planned to write this book. Now because of COVID-19 and seeing how people are driving themselves crazy, I decided to put it out a.s.a.p. It will be ready next week!

Of course the Corona virus upsets me too, when I focus on it. I feel angry that what started with the consumption of wild and endangered animals has led to such a crisis around the world. Then I did my Release Your Feelings process and know that whatever’s happening is meant to be, just wait and see. 

Something better is coming.

It certainly has woken me up and made me step into my power, sharing what I know and what I do. Is it calling you too? At first, because of what I’ve gone through when my life fell apart after brain surgery for metastatic breast cancer and then came back together using tools for mind mastery, I felt prepared for this shift.

I also feel to lean even more into the metaphysical. So I’ve been tuning out of the news and conversation of doom and gloom and tuning into manifesting teachers, like Amanda Frances with her podcast, And She Rises. This definitely puts me in a high vibe state.

Money comes and money comes and money comes and money keeps on coming and I have so much money, avalanches and plethoras of money. 

When we are not in our survival (lymbic) (reptilian) brain, we can be in our rational mind and solutions emerge. When we are in survival mode, we are bizarrely hoarding toilet paper and fighting over cans of chickpeas.

So I choose to believe that things are working out for the best. I have everything I need and desire. This is over now. Life returns to normal now and even better than before!  Meanwhile, of course I’m isolating myself and taking precautions.

Are you maintaining a miracle mindset too?
Are you maintaining the frequency of what you desire to be a vibrational match to it?

I know it’s hard to “get there from there” as Abraham Hicks says. In order to come back to peace, we do need to feel our feelings and release them. Otherwise it’s like paving over a dead body.

That’s why I created the Release Your Feelings one-page guide. It’s a 5-minute process that you can even do in a toilet cubicle!

Download your FREE Release Your Feelings Guide Here!

Try it. Share it. Let me know if you do.

I wish you a wonderful restful week and look forward to letting you know about Master Your Mind next week.

Lots of love,

Mireille xx


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