The art of going down…




This has been a big week for many reasons.

I am excited, nervous, happy about that thing I want to tell you about and I spent today putting the final touches on it. I mean the final touches for now. I’m such an imperfectionist!

I had some emotional clearing to do as well this week but I’m proud of myself (relieved!) for going there.

We have been given the gift of our emotions, not to be overcome but to be felt.

I went down, really down.

But it felt right and necessary.

And as I shared, there was something beautiful to be found down there.


my sacred feminine essence

and a pit of loneliness, which I believe most people have down there.


The thing is that most people don’t go there.

Aren’t even aware of it.

So they eat to fill the hole.

So they throw relationships in there.

So they make themselves busy.

But it’s still there.

Some are perhaps aware but don’t know how to go there.

They fear being swallowed up by the gaping hole.

So distract. Distract.

Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Post an update.

Everything’s fine see I’m sharing my feelings.

But that’s not it either.

It’s still not there.

If it’s your feminine essence that you long to reconnect to it can only be found by going inwards to the depths of your body, to the depths of your feelings.

Burrowing inwards.

You find.

What you are looking for.


Your spirit.



We have been taught to value the mind over the body though.

Miracle creams and pills over inner wisdom.

Intelligence over intuition.

Religion even outlawed it.

We were burnt!

Our mothers deemed inferior.

The patriarchy.

The status quo.

This is nothing against men. I love men.

They have been trained too.


What we seek is not found in our heads.

Finding the feminine involves going down.


That’s what we’ve been feeling.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to go down?

How real you feel in the rawness of your emotions and how completely YOU you feel when you don’t give a fuck anymore.

Cry yourself a river of tears.

Go down.

Scream it out.

Dance to express.

We often stop ourselves from going down, afraid of what we might find there, believing the answer is in ‘keeping positive’ and reciting some affirmations.

There’s a time and place for affirmations.

Like there’s a time and place for brushing your teeth.

I believe we must have both – allowing ourselves to go down because we know how to come back up again.

Affirmations keep you out of negative loops of conditioned thinking and help you to change beliefs so that you can manifest your desires (rather than what you don’t desire).

But going down is different.

In going down you let go of your mind and let the emotions move through you.

There is the danger of trying to intellectualize it, write about it or talk about it, before you have felt it fully.

Stay with it.

There is also the danger of making it wrong.

Like, ‘What? There are so many people worse off than you! Focus on all you have! Some people don’t even have food or a home. You shouldn’t be feeling this…’

‘You shouldn’t be feeling this’ keeps us in the loop of negative thinking.

This is what people really fear.

That it won’t end.

Yes it won’t end if you don’t let it begin.

Your story about the feelings won’t end if you keep repeating it.

It won’t end if you keep it in your head and don’t let it be felt in your body.

Go down.

How to go down?

I have prepared a little video to show you…

This is a way to stop overeating, release weight easily, cut down on your social media habit, stop stalking your ex, stop spending on mindless purchases, reduce drinking…

Yes it is the miracle cure!

But it’s free.

It is also the essence of being Healthy + Powerfully Feminine….


Going down starts with having a loving and compassionate relationship with your body and really listening.

This will enable you to hear the voice of your intuition too.

The feminine that you seek, your magnetic, radiant self is there inside of you.

Would you like to learn more?

Would you love to be the goddess queen of your interior world so that you can create all the fulfillment and love that you desire and deserve on the outside?

The Healthy + Powerfully Feminine online group program is now open for registration. I’d love you to get the early-bird pricing if this is something you desire.


What will you learn?

DSC01350How to access your intuition and tune into your feminine essence, silence the inner critic and chatterbox, develop a loving relationship with yourself, release unhelpful habits and obsessions, tap into more creativity, heal the relationship with your body, eat sensually, lead a sacred life with daily rituals that support your evolution, receive guidance and be a pleasure-filled, succulent, fun, peaceful and purposeful Healthy + Powerfully Feminine goddess warrior queen…

It’s a 6-week course that can be done from anywhere in the world and you will receive preparation material as soon as you join.

During the course you will also participate in weekly online training where I talk about the week’s topic and then you can call in with questions or to receive coaching.

Can’t be on the call?

No worries! You will receive the recording to download and keep forever.

You also receive 3 downloadable guided meditations for releasing blocks to love and abundance and to connect with a higher power, inner strength and your grounded feminine essence.

PLUS notes and practices each week.

And be part of an international group of like-minded women in an online community that can be taken offline too.

Come take a look!!

(This is the exciting thing I wanted to tell you about)

Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Online Program (click here)

Let me know what you think! As always I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a beautiful week…

Sending so much love to you!

From my wild heart to yours,

Mi xxx

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