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Hello Lovely!

Well, this has been an awesome week.

I’ve received so much… new friends with powerful collaborations to come, vivid dreams about past loves that are obviously being cleared from my psyche (that’s how it feels), a women’s ritual in a sweat lodge (dirt, sweat and chanting in pitch black with an aboriginal dreamtime story about a spider (symbol of the feminine too), inspiration for my business and what would excite you… and a male private coaching client (sooo looking forward to working with him).

What is so very lovely too is that I’ve received a new virtual assistant and it is helping me to get better at The Art of Planning and The Art of Not Everything Needs to be Done Immediately.

Most importantly, it is helping me to deepen into the Art of Receiving.

There is a part of me that goes, ‘Oh you could just set up that webpage yourself in 30 minutes’ but my higher self knows that the benefit of having a virtual assistant is not just time and support to create, plan and expand but also, and really essentially, my energy.

Did you know that it is your energy that actually enables you to manifest your desires and to live a life of more synchronicity, ease and flow?

If you don’t you haven’t been reading my articles!

Everything in this amazing universe is energy.

Everything has a frequency.

So in allowing yourself to receive more you are changing your energy.

When we sit and get frustrated with webpages it lowers our vibe.

When we complain it lowers our vibe.

When we struggle against life it definitely lowers our vibe.

How can you embody the energy of the queen you really are?

How can you receive more?
Recently I went to workshop on how to optimize our life according to our menstrual cycle. As well as learning some super useful stuff and being in the company of genuine and fun and soulful women, what was so lovely was that I got to receive.

I didn’t know what I would receive but I allowed myself to follow the facilitators flow. It was a chance to release control. This is one of the reasons that the coaching is so powerful too.

I also realised that experiencing the feminine energy and being in the energy of receiving is enabled purely by attending one of my Healthy + Powerfully Feminine sessions.


The masculine energy is in the giving while the feminine is in the receiving. It’s a dance.

And we have both energies within us.

Many women today though find themselves always taking the lead and end up dancing by themselves!!

They feel an imbalance. They feel burnt out.

Having to be at peak performance in a linear way rather than allowing the cyclical nature of our energy and emotions to guide us.

Giving too much.

We would love to learn to let go and allow ourselves to receive more.


How can you embody The Art of Receiving?

It may require investing in support…

Last year, as I started life on my own again, two of my non-negotiables were weekly massages and a cleaning lady. Yes I could clean myself but it is about my energy. Support is affordable and life expands according to our courage.

You don’t have to do everything just because you can. Do what you love. Find a way to love it or…Outsource the stress. In doing so you are also providing employment for someone else and keeping money in circulation. In receiving support you are giving too.

Another way is through investing in personal development books, workshops and private coaching. I have invested personally in a 3-month coaching program that was way past my comfort zone. I put it on my credit card and almost immediately that amount came in through an unexpected insurance check. Money is energy.

Recently I have seen again how important it is to allow clients to invest in themselves. That is the gift in itself. I’m grateful that I’ve overcome the feelings of guilt. I am proud of the investments in myself I’ve made. They raised my vibration, enabled transformation and have made me the woman I am today.

It may require setting boundaries…

It can sometimes feel like everyone wants a piece of you. It is up to you to set your boundaries. Sometimes this may mean saying ‘no’ to what you are not available for or to directing someone to where they can find the information they seek.

Receiving requires us to embody the energy of the queen and not the servant girl.
Know what I mean?

We all require boundaries on our time too – whether it is making your leisure time a non-negotiable or setting out a block of time when you really need to focus and turning off all distractions (your phone).

It takes focus to get connected to the creative mind and receive divine inspiration and TIME to get in the flow. So each time you answer a message you are taking yourself out of the flow.

Receiving may also require tuning into your body rather than your mind…

My mind really likes to sit at my desk and hammer it out. My mind doesn’t mind being in the struggle. But my body hurts! And my body seems to know when it is time to get up and receive from the outside world. My body wants to go for a walk and when I listen I am rewarded by receiving so much beauty (raising my vibration), movement (raising my vibration) and inspiration.

You know that intuitive voice too, the often quiet one whispering ‘Go outside’, ‘Call him back’, ‘Take that trip’, ‘Turn here’, ‘You need a nap’. Make it happen. Allow it to happen. Follow your desires. Open yourself up to receiving. This is one more way of receiving so much guidance and support.

Would you love to go deeper on the Art of Receiving?

At the Art of Receiving session next Wednesday in Fremantle we will be doing practices for activating your feminine energy and becoming a magnetically attractive woman with your receiving channels open.

Are you available for that?

The Ease-Flow-Intuition Online Program is now happening. Join us at

I have received so much through creating and running this course and so have the women who have invested in it. Soon you’ll be able to share this too!

Have a wonderful weekend practising the Art of Receiving!

Sending so much love to you…

From my wild heart to yours,

Mi xxx

 p.s. If you require support and would like to receive a complimentary discovery session to find out what coaching with me would be like, click here to apply.

Would you love to truly feel your power as a magnetic radiant being?
Would you love to receive more support, guidance and resources?

And experience a life of more synchronicity, ease and flow?

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