Break-ups, Crisis & Daily Mishaps to FLOW & Happiness

Last year someone broke up with me for being too “spiritual”. I know what he meant and that’s perfectly fine. I was actually really thankful that he was so clear and honest with me. But still, for a while, and with the events of last year, it rocked my confidence. When I started seeing a psych in September, I expressed that I didn’t know what to believe anymore. But as life and our sessions progressed, I came to realise that I actually do have many beliefs and practices that are helpful to myself and to others.

So that’s why I’ve started sharing them more. Each time there is some mishap or some difficult person or situation to deal with, I use my practices even more and give them to those who need help. I know of people going through really tough situations right now, like a dad who’s not been able to see his two young sons for a year because his ex has made false claims about him. I would like people who are going through stuff like that to know that it’s entirely possible to turn your life around, but you have to believe you can affect the outcome.

One thing to know about the law of attraction is that the vibration of the problem is not the same as that of the solution. When you’re sitting there trying to figure stuff out, the solution is elusive, but when you go for a walk or go do something else, it comes. Last week I had a really strange thing happen. My car registration was due and had been paid but the money returned to the bank account. I got on the phone to pay or figure out what was going on and while I was waiting, I heard some useful information on the recorded message and knew that I needed to go to The Department of Transport.

So off I went. It was a Wednesday afternoon and Perth was in a semi-lockdown so  all the social distancing procedures were in effect. I was a little stressed by this situation because I didn’t know what was going on and by the time I got to the counter, I could tell this was not the right lady to get. She kept telling me to stand back when I moved from my spot and then told me I had to take my car to the pits because the number plates had been cancelled. When I told her I still had the number plates she was confused and went to get advice. Meanwhile I stood on my spot, masked up, till she came back and told me to return with my number plates.

In a panic, I thought to go home and get back there that day, but there was a lot going on, school-hour traffic, and so I decided to return in the morning when I was fresh. So that is what I did. The problem was resolved easily and effortlessly, with my new energy, and I didn’t have to wait long. The lady said that it had been an error and I accepted that, knowing everything happens for a reason, including this. I actually ended up with a few added bonuses, including money saved.

Thinking that “It shouldn’t have happened” or how annoying it was that I had to run around when it was their fault would have been a waste of time and energy. It should have happened because it did. But I know when you’re going through something big or small, it can be hard to get to this place of peace and flow. That’s why I’ve created a couple of guides to help. ELEVATE is a transformational mini-guide to help anyone wanting to turn their life around,  get out of a slump and start going in an upwards direction or for those who would love some High Vibe Conversation starters. The other is Empower : a free guide to help process emotions, change thoughts and return to peace and happiness.

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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