I Failed French Women Don’t Get Fat (In New York)!

The year is 2004 and I am living in New York going to hip hop dance school and working in a cafe in Soho. I am upset about something (okay yes it’s about a guy) and moping round Barnes & Noble bookstore in Union Square. Except I am not exactly moping but calling him like a crazy person.

I am 25 and have been trying to lose 5kg for 11 years. Sometimes I am able to do it. But, because I haven’t healed the underlying issue as to why I’m obsessed and why I binge, it doesn’t stick. The weight creeps back on. But on this particular day I think I have found the answer to my prayers in a book that is more me than even I can be. French Women Don’t Get Fat appears in that Barnes & Noble, ground floor, like a dream.

I buy it and devour it. Yes yes yes! Oh my god yes! I’m like Sally in that diner with Harry. I can’t wait to do the leek detox weekend and diligently buy them leeks and cook em up, carrying Tupperware boxes filled with the soup to the cafe where I’m working. Hour one passes and I’m feeling MO.TI.VA.TED!

But by hour ten I’ve got my head in the ice-cream having “just one more scoop” and am slicing off “just one more slice” of the  delectable pecan pie. And I hate myself. I’m shit. I’ve got no will-power. Why can’t I do this?!

Well, that didn’t stop me. I continued to try the way of the French Women, I did low carb in NYC and South Beach in the South of France. But nothing worked. Nothing stuck.

Fast forward to 2015. When my French housemate says I have the most normal eating habits of anyone she has ever met I feel like the success story of the century. By then I had actually healed my issues with food by finding out what I was actually hungry for and giving it to myself.

Then I could do diets. To be honest, being in an induced menopause the past five years, I felt it was more difficult at times to be my best and so I have successfully done the five and two and you know, I also did the NORI and also keto, looking for a solution to the metastatic breast cancer. But now I just eat normally. And don’t think about it. That’s the best bit.

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I love you,

Mireille xx

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