From Furious To Curious : Which Emotions Should I Feel?

Last week I felt like I was going to kill someone. No, today I feel like that. Like, right now. Figuratively speaking.

Love Queen : The Making of a Master has been released finally!

My memoir from the years 2007 to 2017, aged 28 to 38, about transformation through relationships, dating disasters and breast cancer is out now on Amazon.

I am so happy with how Love Queen turned out in terms of the content and inner and outer design. I’m super proud to present it to you!

Things have not been perfect, however, with some of the backend stuff. Like, how it went live on Amazon worldwide, except the paperback could only be pre-ordered for delivery on December 12th-13th in Canada and Australia.

Elsewhere both versions are available for immediate delivery and in Australia and Canada you can either get the eBook or do the pre-order.

Now I see though how this has actually turned out to be a positive in Australia. Due to the floods on the east coast, it actually seems to be the fastest way to get Love Queen, with the pre-order. And you get free delivery too!

But I spent the two weeks prior to the launch in a lot of tension, due to this and some frustrating communication issues. On Wednesday, as I shared in my latest podcast episode on Living Deeply Stories, there was much crying and a tantrum.

After not crying much at all for about ten years, I now feel it is a good thing. A way to alchemise the trauma (stuck emotions) in the body. But on Wednesday evening I realised that not all crying episodes are actually a release like this.

When I was a kid and till my early thirties, not all the time but at certain moments, I had this belief that if things were not perfect, they were ruined.

Mostly it was when other people were involved and more specifically, those closest to me.

So I would cry, bawl,  over that or just be so mad that I didn’t know how to get out of it.

Through having breast cancer, though, and reading Carolyn Myss’s Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, I learned to not be a victim at all. I literally transformed overnight.

However, the last few weeks I saw a return of this old belief.


So what emotions should I feel?

There’s a balance between getting things done properly and things having to be perfect for sure.

But I realised what I was crying about mostly that day was not stuck emotions but :

  1. Future Tripping : My mind projecting into the future about things being ruined.
  2. Triggers : When the emotional response is much bigger than the event because of past experiences.


So I made a decision to get back into alignment and not waste any more time projecting into the future or the past.

I’m doing what I can and otherwise practising presence and my manifesting process.

And other than this, there is always the mind trying to drag us into states of being other than presence with thoughts that cause emotions or distractions.

Why does it do this? To keep us safe by being in the familiar patterns of behaviour and emotions. 

Also these emotions and thoughts I’m dealing with by practising presence.

On this week’s podcast episode I’ll be talking about how I went From Boredom To Bliss with one decision this past weekend. Do subscribe to hear more on that.

If you’d like help on how to feel emotions so you don’t have to distract yourself with eating, drinking, smoking, vaping, sexing, dating, bitching, gambling, scrolling etc, I have a free guide for you called EMPOWER.

But, most exciting, read all about what a pain in the arse I used to be in Love Queen : The Making of a Master.

The links to both digital and paperback versions for the different Amazon sites are here. If you don’t find your region amongst these links, just go to your region and search for ‘Love Queen Mireille Parker’.


And if you’ve already read it, if you’ve torn through it like several readers have, please remember to leave us a review! Either on Amazon, Goodreads or my Facebook page. Or all! Just a line or two is wonderful and if you’d like to write more, amazing! You can post the same review in any of those places. Reviews help exponentially. Thank you so much!!

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