Fuck The Metaverse! Real Life is Too Brilliant!

Friendita, again I come to the page not knowing what I am about to receive to flow through me to you.

There are many things I have experienced since last week.

Exciting things. 

Yesterday I handed in the inspiration for the cover of my memoir Love Queen to the graphic design team.


On the weekend I drank the most delicious prosecco at Shadow Bar in Northbridge.

It was deep and full-bodied.

I loved holding the champagne glass by its stem.

I wore this green dress with the black puffer jacket and little handbag on the chair besides me.

We ate roasted peppers with buffalo mozarella, it seemed.

And later as we had Indian at Sauma, I drank a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic and him a Heineken from the bottle.

Bombay Sapphire.

What a wonderful name, I was thinking.

He told me about the Metaverse and  how someone paid $150,000 for a plot of land next to Snoop Dog.

“Madonna’s joined,” he said.

“Yes I know she has an avatar in it.

And also looks like her avatar already,”

I said.

“It’s a way of making money”, he replied.

Yes, but is it ethical?

I thought.

He showed me the image he’d paid a thousand dollars for and I thought it looked like a character out of Candy Crush.

Not that I have ever played that.

Or any other video games.

No judgement!

“I prefer the real world!” I said.

“While you’re making your millions in the Metaverse, I’ll be staring at a tree in my house.”

The next day I thought about Second Life.

It is a virtual reality world that I watched a documentary on a plane on 10-15 years ago.

In Second Life you can be who you want to be.

It was mostly for the socially inept, it seemed.

So in the future, we’re all supposed to be outcasts?

Fuck that. 

Manifesting is so fun.

Life is so fun!

Just focus on the good and more will come.

That’s the law of attraction.

And if it doesn’t come straight away, you will at least be led to the next step, the next level.

In this game called Life.

At the moment I have been doing a Three Brains Coaching Training.

It is about aligning the subconscious (gut and heart brains) with the head.

And it is soooo interesting!!

I LOVE being able to learn and talk about the mind and inner-intelligence with people who are intrigued and passionate about it too.

It’s also fun to meet the 10 others on the Zoom call from around the world.

We have members from Kazakstan, Holland, Shanghai, Vienna, New York, an American in France, The Czech Republic, Britain and me and two male vets from Perth.

To be honest, I didn’t feel sorry for people in lockdown.

Because I transformed the most and came to the best place in my life when I was most limited in 2016.

Which is what Love Queen is about.

And, as I shared on this podcast episode, the secret to being happy is absolutely free.

I have been the girl without a job, just happy to be pushing a donut cart at the beach in France.

So when I see an immigrant here who is a cleaner, I feel glad for them.

At least they can get a job!

In France, I would have been happy for any job.

But the reality of the universe is that like attracts like.

Being in the energy of abundance is a vibration we can all access right now.

By being thankful for all the abundance we already have.

For the sky, the air, the sun and the trees.

Try it for a month if you don’t already.

And see just how amazing life can be.

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