How to Receive your Desires in Relationships, Dating + Love (+ a CRAZY story!!)

Hi lovely!

I heard a crazy story that may be oh-too-familiar to you too.

It was about a woman who, after a couple of dates with a man she thought was different, had then slept with him and, when he lost interest in her shortly after, was calling him a ‘player’ and was then using a fake social media account to get revenge!

Basically, she had become a crazy psycho.

It had only been about 2 weeks they’d known each other!!

Wasn’t it within this man’s rights to still be deciding whether he was into this woman or not?

But oh how we can be compulsive!!

A switch gets flicked and we become fixated.

I know!! Believe me I know!!

This is the unhealthy wounded feminine.

The healthy feminine knows how to feel that fear and those emotions and move through it to come back to her centre.

That does not mean we push our emotions down or become unemotional!!

The opposite.

We feel and we process and we inform and we express with integrity.

The other day we were driving and I felt a storm cloud come over me,

“I thought you could control your emotions,” he said.

“No, I don’t control them. I feel and process them and I don’t project them,” I responded.

This is the beautiful thing.

The Healthy Feminine is Powerful as Queen of her Emotions.

I think he is waiting to see if I will turn and become crazy bitch or nag or sulk.

And he has every right to.

Obviously he has experienced that before, as I’m sure most guys have.

It is really smart to be cautious at first rather than jump in heart first.

I’m doing it too!!

Of course, I did wonder before I realized it.

It did bring up the, “but don’t you like me?” feelings.

Aren’t you CRAZY about me?

Because that’s what I’m used to damn it!!

Wait and see.

The prolonged opening.

The slow dance.


Ah my beautiful friend Patience.

Wouldn’t we all love a visit from her?

I remember a friend once calling her recent ex-boyfriend 30 times because he wouldn’t pick up.


There is a point when you think, “Fuck it! I’m going all the way!”

Now my message to you in receiving your desires is to channel that “Fuck it Thelma, let’s drive off the cliff! There’s no way back!” energy into something beautiful.


In receiving your desires in relationships you have to know what you want and what you’re available for.

I know this because I made mistakes and spent a long time wondering, over-analyzing and then getting mad.

So ask.

Ask and you shall receive.





How To Receive your Desires in Relationships, Dating + Love

1. Get clear on your Feelings and Desires Alone

Feel your feelings.

Let go of the ego and what friends and family may be telling you about how you should interpret the situation.

Get clear for yourself.

2. Express what you Desire with Integrity

You want to see him 3 times a week and talk on the phone?

Say it with warmth, kindness and coolness.

Add something that gives him the option to choose what he wants to do too.

The fact is that the masculine desires freedom and your man also LOVES to make you happy.

It’s when they feel like they’re continually failing at making you happy that they get resentful, passive or just give up.

3. Negotiate + Discuss

Best relationship advice ever – Don’t argue. Always negotiate.

But baby, I sure wasn’t born this way!!

Just like you can learn to be a success in business, you can also learn to be a success in relationships.

4. If applicable, Walk Away

When you’re dating, you have to know that just because this person has given you attention or seems right in many ways, it doesn’t mean they are “the one”.

Don’t get lost in the stories in your head.

Be a woman about it.

A classy, sexy, emotional powerhouse Queen.

5. Let it Go

Don’t forget this step!

If you have received your desire or negotiated to receive what you are both happy with, don’t keep bringing it up.

Romance killer!

Remember, he wants to make you happy and when he does, SHOW IT.

It’s like anything in life – focus on the ABUNDANCE. Focus on what you are GRATEFUL for and you will receive more of it.

See the best in someone and they will rise to the occasion.

But KNOW yourself first. 

Would you love to be Healthy + Powerfully Feminine?

Imagine a life where you feel INTUITIVELY GUIDED, CALM and PRESENT.

You LOVE YOUR BODY and feel amazing in your skin.

You know how to GO WITHIN and receive WISDOM.


You use INTUITION to MAKE DECISIONS that feel right and follow through on them.

You ATTRACT positive experiences and men because you VALUE yourself enough to refuse what you don’t want.

You have TIME for YOU.

You LOVE the work you’re doing.

And your life feels beautiful and fulfilling, joyful and abundant!

From this place, I have found, you are able to receive the LOVE you deserve because you know your worth and you know who you ARE and you truly and deeply love yourself.

Love yourself and your own life first.

Are you ready for a change?
Would you love to feel your loving grounded feminine energy?
Do you desire to do life differently?

The coaching relationship is such a beautiful way to receive and to work on yourself and consciously create your authentic life.

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From my wild and powerful heart to yours,

Mireille xxx

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