Goals with Feminine Ease + FLOW


Hello my love!

Do you find it easy to set goals and reach your target?

It’s ok if you don’t!

This is one of the reasons I came to this feminine essence work (the other reason was so I’d loosen my grip in my relationship).

What happened was that I was in the coaching academy with all these fabulous women from around the globe, many of whom were already successful coaches.

So what was I doing?

Comparing myself.

Wondering why it looked so easy for them and not for me.

Pushing to keep up!!

I felt frazzled and my energy was so tensed up, only I didn’t know it until a fellow coach came to visit me one day and sensed it immediately.

Energy doesn’t lie.

If you’re feeling stuck, look at your energy.

When we want something really badly, we often go after it and get fixated on the goal. I don’t know about you, but when I’m like this I tend to strangle the desire.

Do you ever feel like that? Suffocating? Tight?

I had to learn to do it differently.

To let go a bit. To enJOY. While working on my mindset and uncovering the subconscious blocks that were preventing me from truly believing in myself.

What you seek is seeking you.

But perhaps trying so hard is making you feel stressed and burnt out!

Being in your feminine essence means working on an energetic level and coming from your body and your heart. To relax and let go. Loosen. Soften.




We often find our problem is that we are too much in our heads. Right?

But as women, we are so powerful in our hearts, able to love so unbelievably and unconditionally and the heart is much more truth and powerful when we tune into it.

Drop into that powerful heart and send your desires out from there.

Your desires can come from and be sent out and absorbed into the heart.

Then it should also be in alignment with your womb and sexual organs.

It must be a YES all round!

(I’m showing you an easy tool to do this in the video below)

Lots of women come to me with the desire to live in alignment and make decisions that are in alignment with their body. I’ve shared before what a big impact this had on me!

Remember in Sunday’s Museletter I invited you to join a new webinar with me. I had the epiphany on Monday that I didn’t really want to do this right now as I am preparing for the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Program and that would take a lot of energy away.

I felt that I could provide in a deeper way for you if I stayed focused on my desire to help women to find their peace and power in body, mind and spirit, and to connect to the Divine Feminine within so that she can feel it and bring this out into the world.

By feeling beautiful, radiant and powerful, the women I help can in turn do their good work in the world and show up confidently as their most authentic selves.

Whatever you’re doing right now, know that it is of high service, that you are touching lives and healing with your beauty, your wildness, your emotions and your loving presence.

So I course corrected.

And it felt so fricking good.

I went off to my yin yoga class with such a sense of joy spreading through my whole body.

A magical moment of ease and grace.

The Feminine Way is to go within before going out into the world.

Get fully in your body by walking, doing yoga, Qi Gong, dancing or self-pleasuring (so powerful), feel juicy and then sit in meditation.

Ask and allow your next step to come to you.

And then take the next step.

Go out and have fun.

This is really important!

Let go. Let go. Let go.

Let go of the voices from outside telling you what you should do.

Believe that you are worthy.

I am worthy of greatness.

My work is of high value and I am massively compensated.

I am open and ready to receive.

Take the next step.

Surrender and trust.

But surrendering doesn’t mean “giving up”.

Surrendering means opening up to the Divine plan for you and knowing always that it’s this or something better.

What you seek is seeking you.

How beautiful does that feel?

Let it in.

Feel what an energetically powerful creature you are.

We always connect to this in my Healthy + Powerfully Feminine sessions.

It’s an energy you feel. It’s a vibrancy in your cells.

I’ll post a video at the bottom of this mailer to help you to connect to your Powerful Feminine Energy.

I am proud to say that the women who’ve joined Healthy + Powerfully Feminine have experienced being in the flow, attuned with their beautiful feminine energy and more peaceful, even through life’s challenges.

They’ve also experienced amazing results, with thousands of dollars being manifested, job opportunities, more work and money flowing into their business and an influx of creativity… being in their feminine energy, allowing ease and grace. You can read their beautiful stories here

Do you desire this too?

Would you like to learn more about how to tune into and amplify your feminine energy and do it consistently?

Would you love to feel your peace and power in body, mind and spirit?

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do each day, pushing to achieve and keep up and struggling to have enough time for both your responsibilities and your dreams…

I invite you to learn more about your Feminine Essence.

If you’re experiencing financial struggle or a lack of abundance and ease to your bank account and bills, having the thoughts that you “don’t have enough time/money/the energy” but when you do you will be able to do what you really want/take that trip/quit the job/start the exercise program….

I invite you to learn how to use the power of your mind and uncover subconscious blocks.

If you are feeling disconnected from your joy and slightly unfulfilled and annoyed at wasting time, eating junk, drinking too much or overspending…

I invite you to learn to tune into your body and work with your energy.

All this we do and embody in the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine Program.

The online group program is starting very soon and I would love you to join if you desire this too. Click here to find out more and get started.

If you have any questions, just email admin@mireilleparker.com or message on Facebook or in the comments below.

If you would like to set up a call to see if this program is right for you. I’m available this Saturday to speak to you. No pushy sales conversations, just you telling me what you require right now and answering your questions.

And here’s the video to tune into your Feminine Energy…


Wishing you much love and much fun and abundance!

I’m off to enjoy an evening at the Sky Garden. I’ve requested some magical happenings and wild-hearted adventures to share with you 🙂

(Oh and please do forward this along to the women in your life. You just never know who needs this! I’d also really appreciate it. Mwah!)

Sending so much love,

Mireille xxx

p.s. If you are lucky enough to be in Perth on May 14th, you can join The Art of Queening workshop with me (click here for details).

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