Grounded Presence Is My Alignment

A few years ago, five now, I had an amazing discovery that everything is working out perfectly and for the best. Only it was coming in what felt like blocks of thought, as Abraham speaks of. I captured it all in a blog post and, without reading over it, hit publish.

That night I got a headache and it was the first since before the brain surgery and it worried me.

That’s when I realised that..

Mania is not my alignment.

I felt to clarify this today because when I write of my highest excitement, as I did recently, I do not mean being manic.

Grounded presence is my alignment.

From this place I consider my options, investigate, and then when I’m still feeling pulled by my body to do something, I check in with my Intuition (even saying ‘Hey Spleen..?’).

But in order to receive accurate information from the body we have to be in our bodies.

Not in the head.

I have written about practising this for several years.

I practice tuning into my intuition with my shopping or parking.

Checking in and asking “left or right?”.

Asking questions in my journal too.

Not everyone has Splenic intuition though and that’s why I’m such a fan or Human Design now.

If you have Solar Plexus authority, for example, you have to go on an emotional journey until you arrive at a definite decision.

Splenic and Sacral (gut) are more in the moment.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, do read my recent posts on Human Design.

This is what my chart looks like.

The (defined) brown triangle on the left is the splenic energy centre and the (defined) red triangle near the middle is the heart energy centre.

They are connected by gates 26 and 14 so I have a clear channel of communication between these two centres.

I definitely feel this.

When I experience my intuition it is as an impulse coming from the heart/spleen and a voice from the same place.

The Human Design de-conditioning process takes seven years. It was actually in 2013 that I started tuning into my intuition.

Sometimes I forgot.

It’s an experiment.

I’m glad I didn’t run that course I wanted to in 2019 called Heartfully Living. I thought that everyone experienced Intuition in the same way as me.

But then, later that year, I learned about Human Design and saw that it is not so.

It seems that, as always, everything is working out for the best.

I’ve also been writing about myself and not so much saying “You…” in the last five years because I don’t know what’s best for you.

Especially not with a little blog post.

Only you know.

So grounded presence is my alignment. 

If you are looking to tune into intuition though, I’d say to put focus on the body.

Sit in meditation every day for a minimum of ten minutes and put attention on the body.

It might take some time.

What’s your alignment?

I love you,

Mireille xx

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