The Alignment of Healthy + Powerfully Feminine and My Human Design

“You dream of ruling the world from your couch because that’s what you’re meant to be.Be BRAVE enough not to play the game and show us a different game instead.”

~ Jena Zoe on Projectors

The reason I love human design is because I find it so true. This quote on projectors resonates with me, not because I dream of ruling the world but because I have been doing it my way since 2001.

It’s not only the energy type that I relate to but the whole damn chart.

For example, I’m a 3/6 Profile, which means that my life is lived in three parts. In the first 28 years, I was experiencing life and trying different things. From 28 to age 50, I observe (doing it) and then from age 50 I become a role model.

So that’s something to look forward to.

Projectors are those who are here to guide in a unique way and don’t have access to consistent energy but are laser focused and get more done in a few hours than some other types do in eight.

I concur.

From the time I was 29 and started writing Wonderlust, I started teaching only three days a week so that I could write on the other four days.

When I discovered that writers such as Hemingway only wrote for a few hours a day, I was ecstatic.

But on Friday as I was scrolling Instagram just after I decided I didn’t need any more tuition from online teachers as I know what to do to manifest and am doing it, I found myself purchasing one Irina Prokofieva’s masterclass on Human design and Niche.

It was very interesting and illuminating.

She taught that defined centres, where we have consistent energy and are our natural point of attraction, gifts and magnetism, are what we can teach and undefined centres, where we don’t have consistent energy and must learn to manage, are what we can coach on.

After she outlined what all the different centres are for, the conclusion I came to is that I am here to teach people  when to work and rest and how to listen to intuition and trust instincts.

Also, my centres indicate that I am here to coach people to heal addictions, which is what I used to do, whether that be to food or to romantic relationships.

Through the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course I did all of this. I included the power of pleasure and celebration.

That is what I am also doing through my transformational guides.

When I asked you what you wanted me to run a course on in 2019, you chose Ease-Intuition-Flow.

You were right!

All this also made me realise that this is exactly why I love the law of attraction and human design and share it.

Both of these are about finding a way to do it more easily. 

In the workbook that came with the masterclass there were questions about our niche and I saw that the reason I started my business is because I love to write.

And that is what I do.

Having a defined head chakra, I can also teach people how to ask questions and through my Love Queen memoir series that is a natural side-effect.

Not long ago I showed a friend who was having some personal issues the start of Love Queen, which is taken directly from my journal, and he started journalling because of it.

In my journal I talk to God and my Inner Being, posing questions and answering them.

But to be able to rest adequately, live by our design, and not go with the status quo, it does takes some guts.

And guts is what we have.

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