(We did not burn our bras) The Way of the Goddess Warrior at the Healthy & Powerfully Feminine Workshop

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Many of us have a desire to share our experiences, to teach and connect in a deep way. We long to bring what is inside of ourselves out into the world. We want to be used for something greater, to create peace, and we want to live our purpose.

If you have been keeping up to-date with your very important Facebook or Instagram feed, you may have noticed that I was beyond thrilled to have hosted my first Healthy and Powerfully Feminine workshop in Fremantle, Australia with 16 incredible women attending. Holding workshops and in-person courses has been a dream of mine for sometime.

This is why it’s been such a joy for me to host this workshop. I feel a renewed sense of purpose and connection to the bigger vision of helping others, teaching spiritual principals and spreading love.


I feel so grateful to the women who came – for their enthusiasm and open-hearts. Knowing that they left feeling inspired is one of the greatest pleasures I know.

“Wonderful! I had a number of “ah ha” moments. A lot of clarity that could be applied to my current situation. I leave happy and excited!” Katie C.

“The workshop was mind-opening and we went through some skills I hadn’t previously realized were important. It has been a really helpful experience.” Janelle L.

Perhaps you are wondering what being powerfully feminine actually means. Or the promise of ‘quietening your mind’ and ‘tuning into your intuition’ is calling you like sweet bird song, but you’d like to know more.

We did not burn our bras

Recently I was asked by a man if I was teaching feminism in the 1960s bra-burning kind of way. Being powerfully feminine is not that at all. It’s a re-balancing of the masculine qualities that we’ve been conditioned in as a way of life – like doing, logic and structure – with feminine essence qualities – like being, intuition and flow.

It is not about separation, but about more understanding, reverence and admiration. The dance between the masculine and feminine is beautiful. The masculine way is to give, do and pour outward, while the feminine is to be, attract and receive. The way a baby is conceived is the perfect example of this.

So being powerfully feminine means using your masculine essence but grounding it with your feminine. It’s about going within before going out in the world.

The women at the workshop expressed a real desire to SLOW DOWN, to stop the rage of to-do lists in their heads, to BE PRESENT and to learn how to PUSH LESS and ATTRACT MORE!

We can all learn the dance of the masculine and feminine and be both hard and soft, assertive and receptive, structured and in the flow. Preparing for the workshop gave me the perfect opportunity to do and be this.

We are all on a journey


To live the life of your deepest desires, you are going to have to slay some dragons along the way. First and foremost, the ones in your head : fear, self-judgement and guilt. What emerges from within you is the strength and determination of the Goddess Warrior.

a Powerfully Feminine woman is a Goddess Warrior

You have the focus, assertion and sense of purpose of the warrior and the intuition, playfulness and magnetism of the goddess.

If you would love to learn more about what it means to be Powerfully Feminine and gain knowledge, tools and techniques to add more ease, flow and joy to your life, click here to receive more information and to register.


There are new dates for the 8th and 11th of July in Applecross and Fremantle.


And more reflections on the workshop…

“I loved it! Really confirmed a lot of my beliefs and ideas. I know I need to cultivate a more spiritually healthy and connected approach to things in my life.” Leah G.

“I really enjoyed it! I feel relaxed and grounded. It was a good reset for me to take the time for my own development.” Carmen L.

“I am excited to be more positive and stop the negativity I drench myself in daily. I am going to start today! Mireille was confident, easy to listen to and everyone was very connected.” – Laura

“An excellent workshop with great strategies I can use at home.” – Nicola M.

“Wonderful! Mireille has a lovely calming presence. It was very useful to break down these processes in a step-by-step form in order to delve deeper within. I really think I have acquired tools to practice over the coming weeks and I feel inspired to take so more time for myself to journal, meditate and move within. Thank you!” Hannah C.

Click here to receive more information and to register for a Healthy & Powerfully Feminine Workshop.


 Unbecome all that you are not.

Let your light shine.


Love you,

Mi xxx


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