The Layers of Emotional Release With Karmayoga!

I’m excited! The effects of practising the art of non-doing and Karmayoga have been quite remarkable. So today I’ll tell you the layers that may be released from practising Karmayoga.

As you’ll recall, Karmayoga means truly focusing on what you’re doing as you do it. Have you tried it? It’s tricky!! About 18 months ago I started practising focusing on how it felt in my body as I took action, like feeling my muscles as I walked up the stairs, a la The Power of Now. I did that for a month or so and then forgot about it and went on a whole other journey.

What I love about the information in Absolute Happiness is that Domeyko-Rowland goes through the phases of emotional release in what Ekhart Tolle may refer to as the pain body.

From Absolute Happiness : If you apply Karmayoga to your actions, you will draw old negativities to the surface and, by retaining concentration, you will integrate them at a conscious level.

The Layers of Release are :

1. Personality

“The first response you’ll become aware of in your mind. Thinking about you “persona” Thought and  imagination processes; what is happening in your life, what you did today, your plans for tomorrow, the relationship, job involvements and so on. Each time you become aware of this, bring you attention back to your actions.”

2. Boredom

3. Anger

4. Sadness

5. Fear

6. Love

The emotions may arise in a different order. Basically, it’s important not to project he emotions onto outside situations or people but to keep feeling it and focusing on our actions. Higher intelligence will clear and integrate it all into consciousness.

What I’ve noticed so far is that I’m getting better at distiguishing ideas of the ego mind that are more trouble than they’re worth. Have had some very fun synchronicities. And though the narrator is ever-ready, I’ve felt emotions being released as I was walking round living my life and breathed through them and kept focusing.

The other thing is that I kept having memories of a certain person come up for several months. Then I wondered, is Psyche trying to show me something? Is my mind just bored? This week I wrote out fully what I thought and had experienced (for my eyes only) and I feel this was the key. Sometimes even when we think we have nothing to feel, it’s down there waiting for release.

I’ve also been doing panic healing on myself and see the emotions in different colours. But that’s another story. I may tell it next week. If you’d like to catch up on previous posts, you can do that here. Or you’d like to catch up on how I got to where I am now, feeling peace and harmony within, I created this easy book for you.

Wishing you a wonder-full week!

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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