What Is Karmayoga? I’m Doing It!

That’s right. I’ve been practising something since Sunday which is a way to deepen into Consciousness that you can and should do while engaging in the most mundane activities. I’ll tell you what it is and what my experience so far has been.


Karmayoga, as Domeyko-Rowland explains, is the practice of  really focusing on whatever you are doing. Karma means action and yoga union or “to integrate with your highest essence.” What happens when we really focus on what we are doing is that the concentration it engages magnetises the emotions buried deeper in our psyches to come to the surface to be cleared by simply breathing and allowing them to be. 

Anything we experience as negative gets buried under the surface of our minds, deep in our bodies, but the chatterbox in our heads keeps us only at that surface level. However, it costs a lot of energy to keep all those emotions down there, like trying to hold beach balls under the water.

What I have experienced so far is that there is indeed a chatterbox in my head but I didn’t notice it much before because I was happy with what it was chattering about, narrating and creating. Sometimes it can be critical of course but once I gave it a task to do, it would happily get to it.

Now that I am really focusing as I wash the dishes and really feeling my feet as I walk, I am conscious of this narrator that is always trying to sneak in. I mean, it won’t let me experience fully before it starts reporting on what I’m experiencing!

So far I am not able to meditate super deeply for more than a few minutes but it has made such a difference to my morning journalling already. I can really focus on a subject and go deep into it, like I haven’t done for a while. I have also not been consuming media this week and I’m loving it.

What do I do instead? Meditate. Do yoga. Lie in bed listening to the wind and focus on my chest breathing. Take a bath. You’ll be surprised how fun it is. Yesterday after yoga I started singing and that continued after meditation today. But then I wondered, is this my mind distracting me? When I’m singing I don’t hear the narrator. I will keep focusing, keep practising

“[It is] a way to take you to far deeper and more profound states permanently. It is deceptively simple, but the essential core of it is that you are constantly focusing your attention on pure Consciousness and by doing this, you are automatically making yourself available for experiences of expanded states. Whatever you focus on you become.” 

~ Absolute Happiness

There were a series of inklings that led me to this, starting from last Wednesday when frustration at not being able to get the many reviews for Wonderlust up on Amazon led me to look for other routes. This culminated in yesterday coming across a competition for commercial fiction to find Australia’s next great story-teller. The funny thing is that because of Corona virus most of the list of 21 publishing houses that accept unsolicited manuscripts are currently not accepting. This competition I found via a link at number 20!

“Your mind will become very strong and you will become more intuitive, more in synchronicity, your creativity and self expression talents will increase and you will find yourself developing new self confidence. Success, in any venture, will become only a matter of applying yourself and enjoying the fruits of your actions.”  

~ Absolute Happiness

How fun!

On Tuesday I’ll tell you the 5 layers that will be cleared as a result of practising Karmayoga. Until then, I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love,

Mireille xx

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